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Why Isn’t Agile Working? – Hacker Noon
I was visiting a relative a couple years ago. My poor cousin (the CEO of an insurance company) had been sold the Agile Silver Bullet ™ and was pissed. He said something like: I forget how I responded…
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november 2017 by pinterb
Low-risk Monolith to Microservice Evolution Part I – Software Blog
As part of a two-day microservices workshop I’m putting together, I’ve been thinking a lot about how to explain monolith-application decomposition and what a transition to microservices might look like. This is a small subset of that material, but I want to share with you to get feedback (in the workshop we go into more detail about whether you should even break up your monolith!). This is based on my own tried and true real-life experience as well as my work with the many Red Hat cu...
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september 2017 by pinterb
Minimum Viable Product - #leanstartup - YouTube
Presentation for the inaugural Lean Startup Meetup in San Francisco by Eric Ries
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december 2014 by pinterb

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