ULTIMATE VERSUS (2004) - Ryuhei Kitamura - YouTube
Movie recommended by Anime New Order. Apparently a gory zombie film?
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7 weeks ago
Watch Ben-To Episodes Sub & Dub | Comedy, Fan Service Anime | Funimation
Show where people fight in the supermarket over discounted food.
anime  shonen 
7 weeks ago
House of Five Leaves - Wikipedia
Recommended by Anime New World Order. Not easily available.
9 weeks ago
Return of the Otaking pg.10
Wayback Machine article that proves (?) that Anno did not know what the ending of the show would be. Linked in a Polygon piece- so I assume it is legit?
Neon_Genesis_Evangelion  Anno  anime 
july 2019
Anime Manga Studies - Everything you need in anime & manga research
A site with extensive bibliographies of manga and anime by year
anime  manga  bibliography 
july 2019
Old FFVII Article- Details of the budget
The Wiki claims this as a source about the development
FFVII  videogames 
june 2019
Craft beer I tried at the bar I liked
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june 2019
Quote about deplatforming
What these critiques misunderstand is why milkshaking is so potent against Farage and his brethren: It humiliates them. Nothing animates the far right or shapes its worldview quite so much as the desire to humiliate others—and the fear of being humiliated themselves. It’s why alt-right trolls, projecting their own sexual insecurities, enjoy calling their opponents “cucks.” It’s why they rally around blustery authoritarian figures like Donald Trump who cast themselves as beyond embarrassment, shame, or ridicule. They brandish humiliation like a weapon while craving release from it.
alt-right  Trump  deplatforming  fascism  resist 
june 2019
Play Now - Granblue Fantasy
Instructions for playing Granblue Fantasy in English
videogames  JRPG 
march 2019
Twitter Likes are Florps
Tweet with the likes are now florps
march 2019
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