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Ethical Questions in Name Authority Control by Jane Sandberg | Goodreads
My brief GoodReads review of "Ethical Questions in Name Authority Control", by Jane Sandberg
tweetit  comment  review  GoodReads  AuthorityControl 
june 2019 by pigsonthewing
The worst morale boosting gesture I’ve experienced – Terence Eden’s Blog
I commented on "The worst morale boosting gesture I’ve experienced" by @EdenT
tweetit  comment  edent 
june 2019 by pigsonthewing
⚓ T222382 Offer different time limits when blocking a user and their IP address
I made a MediaWiki improvement request: "Offer different time limits when blocking a user and their IP address"
tweetit  comment  mediawiki  phabricator  phabricator:ticket=T222382  T222382 
may 2019 by pigsonthewing
Display Wikidata labels · Issue #262 · taginfo/taginfo
I raised ticket #262 for OpenStreetMap's TagInfo tool, to "Display Wikidata labels"
tweetit  comment  TagInfo  taginfo:issue=262  Wikidata  OpenStreetMap  262 
april 2019 by pigsonthewing
⚓ T216601 Allow download of Wikidata query results in GPS-friendly format(s)
I created a feature request: "Allow download of @Wikidata query results in GPS-friendly format(s)"
phabricator  phabricator:issue=T216601  T216601  Wikidata  WQS  tweetit  comment 
february 2019 by pigsonthewing
⚓ T214300 Square brackets not allowed in URLs on Wikidata
I created Phabricator issue T214300: "Square brackets not allowed in URLs on @Wikidata"
tweetit  comment  phabricator  Wikidata  URLs 
january 2019 by pigsonthewing
One year, 300,000 images, ten questions – DigiPaul – Medium
I commented (about digital copies of copyright-expired originals) on "One year, 300,000 images, ten questions"
tweetit  comment  digitisaton  archives 
january 2019 by pigsonthewing
⚓ T213903 Add code to display information on page sections to the "&action=info" view
I created a #Phabricator ticket for MediaWiki, to "Add code to display information on page sections to the '&action=info' view"
tweetit  comment  MediaWiki  phabricator  phabricator:ticket=T213903  T213903 
january 2019 by pigsonthewing
OpenBenches – some stats – Terence Eden's Blog
I commented on OpenBenches – some stats by @OpenBenches co-founder @EdenT
tweetit  comment  edent  OpenBenches 
november 2018 by pigsonthewing
⚓ T207705 Implement the Extended Date/Time Format Specification
I created a Wikidata/ Phabricator ticket: "Implement the Extended Date/Time Format Specification"
phabricator:issue=T207705  tweetit  comment 
october 2018 by pigsonthewing
[BB-262] Allow ORCID iDs - MetaBrainz JIRA
I created @BookBrainz ticket 'BB-262' to "Allow ORCID iDs" for authors.
tweetit  comment  BookBrainz  BookBrainz:ticket=BB-262  ORCID 
august 2018 by pigsonthewing
Interactive maps, now in your language – Wikimedia Blog
Another major step forward for Wikipedia and its sister projects: "Interactive maps, now in your language"
Wikipedia  Wikidata  OpenStreetMap  mention  language  comment 
june 2018 by pigsonthewing
#wikimedia-office log
2018-06-26 - Structured Data on Commons - IRC Office Hour
WikimediaCommons  Wikidata  mention  comment  OfficeHours 
june 2018 by pigsonthewing
OpenBenches - by @edent & @summerbeth
I photographed this bench in Milan, and added it to @OpenBenches during a layover at Schiphol Airport on my way home.
tweetit  comment  OpenBenches  Milan 
june 2018 by pigsonthewing
Check for duplicated external identifiers (e.g. Scopus Author IDs) – Feedback & support for ORCID
I raised an @ORCID_org support ticket: "Check for duplicated external identifiers (e.g. Scopus Author IDs)"
tweetit  comment  ORCID 
june 2018 by pigsonthewing
Decentralised Food Safety Reviews – Terence Eden's Blog
I commented on "Decentralised Food Safety Reviews" by @EdenT
tweetit  comment  safety  politics 
june 2018 by pigsonthewing
Using the Hive Mind: WikiData Integration and Artist Pages
I commented on "Using the Hive Mind: WikiData Integration and Artist Pages" by @tl_gould for National Galleries Scotland
tweetit  comment  Wikidata  sameAs  schemaorg  metadata 
may 2018 by pigsonthewing
#16276 (Pre-set for clocks does not prompt for number of faces) – JOSM
I created JOSM feature request ticket 16276, "Pre-set for clocks does not prompt for number of faces" #OpenStreetMap
JOSM  comment  JOSM:ticket=16276  tweetit  OpenStreetMap 
may 2018 by pigsonthewing
OpenStreetMap Interview: Andy Mabbett, Wikidata and OSM
RT @OpenCageData: Great interview on our blog with @pigsonthewing about OSM/Wikidata relationship
mention  OpenStreetMap  Wikidata  comment  geotagging 
march 2018 by pigsonthewing
Wikidata:Project chat - Wikidata
I've started a discussion on improving how we document and describe (as opposed to using) PIDs on @Wikidata. #PIDapalooza18 folk please join in!
tweetit  PIDapalooza  PIDapalooza18  PIDs  Wikidata  comment 
january 2018 by pigsonthewing
magnusmanske / Reasonator / issues / #43 - Add OpenGraph & Twitter Card markup — Bitbucket
I raised a ticket to enhance the Reasonator interface for @Wikidata: "Add OpenGraph & Twitter Card markup"
tweetit  comment  Wikidata  Reasonator  MagnusManske  Reasonator:ticket=43 
january 2018 by pigsonthewing
Notepad++ regex to find/ replace at end of line - Stack Overflow
I asked on StackOverflow for a "Notepad++ regex to find/ replace at end of line" - maybe you can help me?
tweetit  regex  howto  tutorial  comment  StackOverflow  Notepad++ 
january 2018 by pigsonthewing
Swype remembers private text
I reported an issue with @Swype: "Swype remembers private text"
tweetit  comment  Swype  bug  privacy 
december 2017 by pigsonthewing
Capitalisation after single quote marks
I reported a bug in @Swype: "Capitalisation after single quote marks"
bug  Swype  comment  tweetit 
december 2017 by pigsonthewing
Open Camera / Discussion / General Discussion:Permanant Indicator of focus mode
I raised a feature request for OpenCamera, for a "Permanent Indicator of Focus Mode"
comment  OpenCamera  FeatureRequest 
december 2017 by pigsonthewing
Method for generating identifiers - a Freedom of Information request to Land Registry - WhatDoTheyKnow
I just used @WhatDoTheyKnow to make an FoI request to @HMLandRegistry, asking what their "Title Number" IDs mean #WhoOwnsBrum
tweetit  FoI  comment  HMLandRegistry  WhoOwnsBrum  WhatDoTheyKnow 
december 2017 by pigsonthewing
6 pieces of content from #ourday I liked | The Dan Slee Blog
I commented on "6 pieces of content from #ourday I liked" by @DanSlee
tweetit  comment  DanSlee  dogs  ourday 
november 2017 by pigsonthewing
The companies & corporate bodies who own a third of England & Wales – Who owns England?
I commented on "The companies & corporate bodies who own a third of England & Wales – Who owns England?" by @darkgreener
tweetit  comment  darkgreener 
november 2017 by pigsonthewing
⚓ T180876 Provdie Short URL link for "embdedded" Wikidata queries
I raised @Wikidata query service ticket T180876 "Provide Short URL link for "embdedded" Wikidata queries"
tweetit  comment  wikidata  phabricator:issue=T180876 
november 2017 by pigsonthewing
OpenBenches - by @edent & @summerbeth
I created @OpenBenches entry #2800, for a bench at Thornham, Norfolk
tweetit  comment  OpenBenches  OpenBenches:id=2800  Norfolk  2800 
november 2017 by pigsonthewing
<input type=”country” /> – Terence Eden's Blog
I commented on '<input type=”country” />' by @EdenT, mentioning @DanBri
tweetit  comment  W3C  HTML  Edent  DanBri 
november 2017 by pigsonthewing
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