Wikimedia Tunisie/GLAM/Archives - Meta
RT @hamed_gamaoun: Premier Visite à l'Archive National Tunisien dans le cadre du projet #GLAM #Tunisie. @WikimediaTN…  Tunisie  GLAM  Wikipedia 
10 hours ago
Malline:Auktoriteettitieto - Wikipedia
It is now possible to use @ORCID_org iDs (& other authority control) in the Finnish Wikipedia
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11 hours ago
What does classic art look like without the gluten? - BBC News
"What does classic art look like without the gluten?" / CC @LizzyJongma #YellowMilkmaid
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14 hours ago
Cory Doctorow: Ofcom: muppets
RT : UK telco regulators are insane jobsworths
from twitter
1156091 - Fails when spell-checking abbreviations (in English)
I raised Firefox bug 1156091: Fails when spell-checking abbreviations (in English).
Bug:1156091  bugzila  comment  tweetit 
Joe Anderson (boxer) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
I wrote a Wikipedia bio of boxer Joe Anderson, recently featured on Antiques Roadshow Detectives
mywpcreation  biography  boxing  AntiquesRoadshow  tweetit 
Category:Saxifraga 'Touran Scarlet' - Wikimedia Commons
One way gardeners can help Wikipedia - take & upload, to @WikiCommons, pics of named cultivars etc.
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Proposal for the Improvement of the Semantics of ORCIDs
Great proposals from @philarcher1 of @W3C, to improve @ORCID_org's RDF output
tweetit  philarcher1  W3C  ORCID  RDF 
CSV on the Web: Seeking comments and implementations | W3C Data Activity
RT @philarcher1: Feature complete and implementable draft @w3c standards for that most common of formats, CSV. See … 
The People’s Map: Meet The Most Comprehensive Map Of The Planet | HP
RT @hpgov: .@OpenStreetMap is quietly mapping the planet—with help from 2 million people. Check it out:… 
2 days ago
Untitled (
RT : "The information on the [passport] chip is stored securely and protected by encryption"
from twitter
2 days ago
An Analysis of Foursquare's Popularity After Removing Check-Ins — Junkyard Sam
RT @technicalfault: "Today Foursquare is barely more popular than when it launched." (by @JunkyardSam)… 
2 days ago
Where does Wikipedia's information come from?
RT @geoplace: Where does information in Wikipedia come from? See our new paper on localness in Wikipedia: http://t.c… 
2 days ago
Can Smarter City technology measure and improve our quality of life? | The Urban Technologist
RT : How data & science can help us understand & improve quality of life - if we respect their limitations
SmartCities  from twitter
2 days ago
Dinosaur Feathers Discovered in Canadian Amber
RT @damiengwalter: It occurs to me that chickens are living with the karmic consequences of all the mammals their dinosaur ancestors ate ht… 
2 days ago
In memory of... | Dedications from Memorial Benches
Been updating @MemorialBench blog; send us any benches you find this wknd (plaque and view)
– GeorgeJulian (GeorgeJulian)
2 days ago
Creating Category:Warwickshire cricketers voice recordings - Wikimedia Commons
Thanks to 11 @CricketingBears players who let me record their vocies for Wikipedia today #WikiVIP
tweetit  WikiVIP  WarwickshireCC  Cricket 
3 days ago
Tunis Marine - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Wrote Wikipedia article on Tunisia's 'Tunis Marine' rail station. Needs ar/fr translation #WikiArabia
tweetit  mywpcreation  WikiArabia  Tunisia  railways 
4 days ago
Museum Collections Centre - 25 Dollman Street - an album on Flickr
@pigsonthewing @thinktankmuseum prob won't go but you can upload relevant photos from here that aren't on commons
– Elliott Brown (ellrbrown)
twitterreply  from:ellrbrown 
4 days ago
FREE money, the secret to eternal youth and how to be successful at everything… my first post | Bridget Aherne
RT @comms2point0: Well I never.
Fab Head of Comms @bridgetaherne now has her own blog site - take a look here: 
4 days ago
Category:Badges of World War II - Wikimedia Commons
New @WikiCommons category: "Badges of World War II" Currently all from @thinktankmuseum! 
4 days ago
Radio Tunis Chaîne Internationale - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
I wrote a Wikipedia article on Radio Tunis Chaîne Internationale / #WikiArabia
tweetit  mywpcreation  Tunisia  WikiArabia  radio 
5 days ago
Bab el Bhar - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
I wrote a Wikipedia article about Bab el Bhar, a city-gate in Tunis / #WikiArabia
tweetit  mywpcreation  Tunisia  WikiArabia  architecture 
5 days ago
Tunis Gare Centrale - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Wrote a Wikipedia article about Tunis Gare Centrale - needs Ar,Fr translation! #WikiArabia
tweetit  mywpcreation  Tunisia  WikiArabia 
5 days ago
Durham Mining Museum
@pigsonthewing I would try the Durham mining museum;, brilliant resource, I use it a lot
– Mrs Trellis (theonlywayisup)
twitterreply  from:theonlywayisup 
5 days ago
BBC - Your Paintings - Industrial Scene
The location of this 1833 industrial scene (probably in England) is unknown. Any ideas?
5 days ago
Citizenship Foundation: mySociety lesson plans
RT : Teachers: use tools to help pupils understand how to participate in UK democratic government
GE2015  from twitter
5 days ago
How Viral History Accounts Are Hurting the Past They Purport to Celebrate
RT : How Viral History Accounts Are Hurting the Past They Purport to Celebrate
from twitter
6 days ago
User:Magnus Manske/GLAM ID matching - Wikidata
RT @MagnusManske: Importing >14K matches of @NPGLondon people from mix'n'match into @wikidata
Please read before s… 
6 days ago
Angry of Bradford on Twitter: "This is my #Bradford. Galloway's divide & rule has no place here. I'm #BDnotGG #BradfordDeservesBetter"
RT @keneastwood: This is my #Bradford - Galloway's divisive, deceitful, disgusting politics have no place here #bradforddeservesbetter http…  bradforddeservesbetter  Bradford 
6 days ago
Blue plaque № 39365 in Tunis
Blue plaque in Tunis, in English, now on @OpenPlaques, @OpenStreetMap & @WikiCommons. #WikiArabia
tweetit  myWMCommons  myOpenPlaques  WikiArabia  Tunis  BluePlaques 
6 days ago
How I caught my council using dodgy stats and why local open data is so important
RT @owenboswarva: How I caught my council using dodgy stats and why local #opendata is so important | @MurrayData | …  opendata  FOI  localgov 
6 days ago
PEN Outraged by Confinement of South African Writer Who Expressed Admiration for Rushdie | PEN American Center
RT : South African Muslim female writer beaten with brick, held at knifepoint after positive comments about
from twitter
6 days ago
E120 - Cochineal
@geoplace Have you seen this: May relate to your product wiki 
6 days ago
ORCID-CASRAI Joint Conference & Codefest, May 2015- Eventbrite
I'm going to "ORCID-CASRAI Joint Conference & Codefest, Barcelona, 18/19 May 2015". See you there? 
6 days ago
Flickr now offers Public Domain and CC0 designations | Flickr Blog
At long last, Flickr now offers Public Domain and CC0 designations: *applause* 
6 days ago
Cookies must be enabled. | The Australian
RT : National action on ORCID in Australia announced at Implementation Workshop in Canberra
orcidtrt2015  ORCID  from twitter
6 days ago
The US government should release these 7,584 fruit paintings - parker higgins dot net
RT @john_overholt: (3/3) USDA's profit from selling these public works is a whopping $150 a year. by @xor http://t.c… 
7 days ago
John Overholt on Twitter: "(2/2) USDA keeps high-res images locked up so it can sell them back to those who paid for them in the first place."
RT @john_overholt: (2/2) USDA keeps high-res images locked up so it can sell them back to those who paid for them in the first place. http:… 
7 days ago
John Overholt on Twitter: "(1/3) USDA holds 7500 beautiful, scientifically important paintings of fruit, all digitized thanks to a grant. BUT"
RT @john_overholt: (1/3) USDA holds 7500 beautiful, scientifically important paintings of fruit, all digitized thanks to a grant. BUT http:… 
7 days ago
[Wmfcc-l] press release wikipedia for world heritage
@pigsonthewing Lots of interactions (e.g. ), nothing formal. Just a few 100m to @WikimediaDE though.
– Dⓐniel Mietchen (EvoMRI)
twitterreply  from:EvoMRI 
7 days ago
Wikidata:WikiProject Open Access - Wikidata
RT @wikidata: Interested in Open Access? We now have a wiki project for you: 
7 days ago
Watch: Officer Tells Unarmed Man Accidentally Shot by Cop, ‘F--k Your Breath’ - The Root
RT : Police 'accidentally' shoot unarmed black man and then tell him, 'F-ck your breath'
from twitter
7 days ago
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