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The (Switch)-Case for State Machines in User Interfaces ◆ 24 ways
Describing all the possible user flows and business logic of an application can become tricky. Ironically, user stories might not tell the whole story – they often leave out potential edge-cases or small yet important bits of information.

However, one important (and very old) mathematical model of computation can be used for describing the behavior and all possible states of a user interface: the finite state machine.
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5 weeks ago by pietvanzoen
Reluctant Gatekeeping: The Problem With Full Stack | HeydonWorks
The role of the Full Stack Developer (which is, in practice, a computer scientist who also writes HTML and CSS), one takes responsibility for all the code, in spite of its radical variance in syntax and purpose, and becomes the gatekeeper of at least some kinds of code one simply doesn’t care about writing well.
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6 weeks ago by pietvanzoen
Shopify Cheat Sheet - Liquid variables
A cheat sheet with all the variables, filters, and templates you can use on your Shopify theme.
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february 2015 by pietvanzoen

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