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Thinking of the next developer
Over the last year, I've ended up on four projects that were started prior to my arrival. This isn't uncommon; more often than not throughout any career in development, you'll find that you're spending a lot of time trying to understand someone else's code. It may have been written a few days ago, and it may have been written years ago. The original author may still be on-hand to talk you through it, or they may have moved on. But regardless of the circumstances, you will often find yourself spending time figuring out what a codebase you're looking at is doing, and why.
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march 2017 by pietvanzoen
Hype Driven Development
Software development teams often make decisions about software architecture or technological stack based on inaccurate opinions, social media, and in general on what is considered to be “hot”, rather than solid research and any serious consideration of expected impact on their projects. I call this trend Hype Driven Development, perceive it harmful and advocate for a more professional approach I call “Solid Software Engineering”. Learn more about how it works and find out what you can do instead.
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march 2017 by pietvanzoen
The five programming books that meant most to me – Signal v. Noise
There are so many programming books out there, but most focus on specific technologies and their half-life is incredibly short. Others focus on process or culture. Very few focus on the timeless principles of writing good code, period. The following five books had the biggest influence on my programming style and development:
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february 2017 by pietvanzoen
Hyper Text Coffee Pot Control Protocol (HTCPCP/1.0)
This memo provides information for the Internet community. It does
not specify an Internet standard of any kind. Distribution of this
memo is unlimited.
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february 2017 by pietvanzoen
Getting to 10x (Results): What Any Developer Can Learn from the Best
What if I told you that you can be 10x better than average? Not twice as good. 10 times better: An order of magnitude. You will really stand out. You’ll have access to better jobs, higher pay, and increased job satisfaction.
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january 2017 by pietvanzoen
Microsoft Visual Studio Code: a mini-review after 7 days – Ben Frain
340 days since this post was last revised. Specific details have probably changed. I like to try new text editors as they come out. People ask me why I bother, I ask them why they don’t.
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september 2016 by pietvanzoen
Paul Ford: What Is Code? | Bloomberg
Software has been around since the 1940s. Which means that people have been faking their way through meetings about software, and the code that builds it, for generations.
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september 2015 by pietvanzoen
The Guerrilla Guide to Interviewing (version 3.0) - Joel on Software
A motley gang of anarchists, free-love advocates, and banana-rights agitators have hijacked The Love Boat out of Puerto Vallarta and are threatening to sink it in 7 days with all 616 passengers and 327 crew members unless their demands are met.
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august 2015 by pietvanzoen
The Hitchhiker's Guide to Modern JavaScript Tooling - React Kung Fu
A lot of developers coming to JavaScript world attracted by React.js are confused with the tooling used to produce modern JavaScript code.
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august 2015 by pietvanzoen
Reconsidering Functional Programming
Key bits and pieces from the functional programming world have, perhaps surprisingly, been assimilated into the everyday whole of development: single-assignment "variables," closures, maps and folds, immutable strings, the cavalier creation and immediate disregarding of complex structures.
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may 2015 by pietvanzoen
Design is Expensive
The result may at first glance seem a trifle, but I have a notebook filled with the genesis and evolution of the iPhone game DaisyPop. All those small, painstaking choices that now get "of course it should be like that" reactions...that's where the bulk of the development time went.
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march 2015 by pietvanzoen
Applying NASA coding standards to JavaScript | Pixels Commander
Jet Propulsion Laboratory – scientific institution making a lot of research and development for NASA. JPL have been developing software for most of unmanned missions in the field of deep space and other planets exploaration.
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march 2015 by pietvanzoen
You Can't Sit on the Sidelines and Become a Philosopher
At some point every competent developer has that flash of insight when he or she realizes everything is fundamentally broken: the tools, the languages, the methodologies. The brokenness--and who could argue with it--is not the important part.
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march 2015 by pietvanzoen

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