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Becoming a SRE without previous experience | Lobsters
Excellent advice on moving into SRE from a software engineer background.
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january 2018 by pietvanzoen
Can we please do useful things with software?
If you need a job, you need a job, and as long as you’re not doing something you consider unethical or immoral you do what you need to to get by. But if you have the opportunity, why not also do something useful, something that makes the world better?
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august 2017 by pietvanzoen
Technical interview performance is kind of arbitrary. Here’s the data. – interviewing.io blog
Note: Though I wrote most of the words in this post, there are a few people outside of interviewing.io whose work made it possible. Ian Johnson, creator of d3 Building Blocks, created the graph entitled Standard Dev vs. via Pocket
march 2016 by pietvanzoen
How Stack Overflow Does Technical Interviews – Stack Overflow Blog – A destination for all things related to development at Stack Overflow
Here’s a webinar I did recently (with our friends at Greenhouse) about the Stack Overflow developer interviewing process. Give it a listen! Technical interviewing is hard. The best companies in the world haven’t cracked this nut. via Pocket
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march 2016 by pietvanzoen
Put Up or Shut Up: An Open Letter to Companies Seeking Diverse Teams // Speaker Deck
The bad news: everything is terrible. Companies large and small are overwhelmingly dominated by white men. via Pocket
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september 2015 by pietvanzoen
The Hiring Post — Quarrelsome
The software developer job interview doesn’t work. Companies should stop relying on them. The savviest teams will outcompete their peers by devising alternative hiring schemes. via Pocket
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march 2015 by pietvanzoen

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