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What are the step to move all your dotfiles into XDG directories? - Super User
The XDG Base Directory Specification provide a set of directory one may used to store data that used to go in so called dot files/directory in the user folder. This post aims to help users who desi...
unix  commandline 
july 2018 by pietvanzoen
Enhanced file path completion in bash (like in zsh)
Zsh offers a lot of significant improvements over traditional shell experience. Some of those can also be implemented in bash, but...
july 2018 by pietvanzoen
How to send data to local clipboard from a remote SSH session - Stack Overflow
Borderline ServerFault question, but I'm programming some shell scripts, so I'm trying here first :)

Most *nixes have a command that will let you pipe/redirect output to the local clipboard/pasteb...
commandline  ssh 
july 2018 by pietvanzoen
A 50 year-old Teletype Powered by a Raspberry Pi | sudobob.com
I’ve been a nerd for a very long time; As a teenager in the 1970’s I drove up to the Western Union office in my hometown of Buffalo, New York and asked if they had any old teletypes they’d like to get rid of; The next thing I knew I was driving my VW bus away, full of Teletype Gear.
raspberrypi  commandline 
july 2018 by pietvanzoen
cspeterson/splatmoji: Quickly look up and input emoji and/or emoticons/kaomoji on your GNU/Linux desktop via pop-up menu.
splatmoji - Quickly look up and input emoji and/or emoticons/kaomoji on your GNU/Linux desktop via pop-up menu.
june 2018 by pietvanzoen
cd is Wasting Your Time
Thoughts on Ruby, Rails, open source software, programming, and life from Olivier Lacan
productivity  share  commandline 
march 2018 by pietvanzoen
Understanding the Top command on Linux | Linuxaria
Article by AlexioBash published on his website about ArchLinux in italian. Know what is happening in "real time" on your systems is in my opinion the basis
unix  linux  commandline 
august 2017 by pietvanzoen
tmux shortcuts & cheatsheet
tmux shortcuts & cheatsheet - Gist is a simple way to share snippets of text and code with others.
cli  commandline 
september 2014 by pietvanzoen
Command-line utilities with Node.js
An overview of command-line interfaces and using node.js to create command-line utilities.
javascript  node  commandline 
june 2014 by pietvanzoen

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