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Fiscal Crises
"This paper presents a new database of fiscal crises covering different country groups, including low-income developing countries (LIDCs) that have been mostly ignored in the past. Countries faced on average two crises since 1970, with the highest frequency in LIDCs and lowest in advanced economies."

@via Data Is Plural newsletter, by Jeremy Singer-Vine
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Peeling back the curtain – The Economist
"Years ago, “data” generally meant a table in Excel, or possibly even a line or bar chart to trace in a graphics program. Today, data often take the form of large CSV files, and we frequently do analysis, transformation, and plotting in R or Python to produce our stories. We assemble more data ourselves, by compiling publicly available datasets or scraping data from websites, than we used to. We are also making more use of statistical modelling. All this means we have a lot more data that we can share — and a lot more data worth sharing."
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october 2018 by phnk
Supplementary Materials | Keith Head
Includes a “square” gravity dataset for all world pairs of countries, 1948-2006, plus Stata code (see also similar data at CEPII). More generally, good example for reproducibility.
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february 2018 by phnk
Maddison Project Database 2018 | Releases | Maddison Historical Statistics | Historical Development | University of Groningen
"The Maddison Project Database provides information on comparative economic growth and income levels over the very long run. The 2018 version of this database covers 169 countries and the period up to 2016."
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january 2018 by phnk
QuantGov: A New Home for Open Source Policy Analytics
"QuantGov is an effort to expand the frontiers of economic and legal research by providing an open-source framework to uncover the latent data in legal text. QuantGov grew out of the RegData project, which seeks to solve the longstanding problem of the quantification of federal regulation for use in economic analysis."
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july 2017 by phnk
Economic History Papers | pseudoerasmus
Tons of interesting stuff, tons of stuff for my Political Sociology tutorials. If I could read one section in its entirety, that would be 'The political economy of imperialism'.
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Trade Research - Temporary Trade Barriers Database
"The Temporary Trade Barriers Database (TTBD) website hosts newly collected, freely available, and detailed data on more than thirty different national governments’ use of policies such as antidumping (AD), global safeguards (SG), China-specific transitional safeguard (CSG) measures, and countervailing duties (CVD). The information provided in this detailed data base will cover over 95% of the global use of these particular import-restricting trade remedy instruments."

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"Reproducible and programmatic access to OECD data" -- now on CRAN.
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> Replication in Economics!
> 2,181 articles
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L’avenir des Sciences Economiques à l’Université en France | Olivier Bouba-Olga
"Les étudiants doivent apprendre à maîtriser la construction et l’analyse critique des bases de données et indicateurs statistiques, être en mesure de comprendre et utiliser les différentes approches au sein de la discipline, et se confronter aux autres disciplines pour prendre conscience des limites des approches économiques."
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Noahpinion: The death of theory?
"Macro has been slower to embrace the change, because macro data is so uninformative that often all you can do is spin one theory after another. But macro also seems to feel the pressure. "We don't really need more macro theorists," a prominent macroeconomist once told me. "What we need are macro empiricists.""
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august 2013 by phnk
Stata - Quandl
They also have a very decent API and R function.
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may 2013 by phnk
Achieving Shared Growth - Installation of Stata ado files
"You can install the Stata ado files for the (i) growth-inequality decomposition, (ii) sectoral decomposition, (iii) growth incidence curve and rate of pro-poor growth, and (iv) Foster-Greer-Thorbecke poverty indicators with robust standard errors, from within Stata, by copying the following lines separately to Stata’s command line:"
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