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Peeling back the curtain – The Economist
"Years ago, “data” generally meant a table in Excel, or possibly even a line or bar chart to trace in a graphics program. Today, data often take the form of large CSV files, and we frequently do analysis, transformation, and plotting in R or Python to produce our stories. We assemble more data ourselves, by compiling publicly available datasets or scraping data from websites, than we used to. We are also making more use of statistical modelling. All this means we have a lot more data that we can share — and a lot more data worth sharing."
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october 2018 by phnk
Datasette: instantly create and publish an API for your SQLite databases
Given how easy it is to turn a CSV into a SQL db, this is basically a universal API builder.
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january 2018 by phnk
« On choisit un autre métier si on ne veut pas d'ennuis » - Vacarme
Entretien avec les deux archivistes ayant accepté de témoigner au procès Papon-Einaudi.
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january 2018 by phnk
CRAN - Package ess
"Download data from the European Social Survey directly from their website <>. There are two family of functions that allow you to download and interactively check all countries and rounds available."
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december 2017 by phnk
research – DATACTIVE
"Data activism: The politics of big data according to civil society is a research project based at the Department of Media Studies of the University of Amsterdam. It is funded by a Starting Grant of the European Research Council (StG-2014_639379 DATACTIVE), with Stefania Milan as Principal Investigator."
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november 2017 by phnk
Steve Ballmer believes that facts about government spending can anchor public debate. Here’s how. - The Washington Post
"If a business is going to do things sensibly, it has to reconcile its data. The SEC [Securities and Exchange Commission] requires that businesses reconcile their data. Auditors insist that businesses reconcile their data. Our government should reconcile its data."
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august 2017 by phnk
Steve Ballmer has a big idea: to be a partisan for the facts - The Washington Post
"We’re not in the forecast business. Lots of people can make different forecasts based on the history and the policy. The CBO [Congressional Budget Office] does it — they’ve been a respected source for a number of years. Early in my retirement, I visited the CBO and sat down with Doug Elmendorf and his staff and was impressed by them and what they do. Obviously, the OMB [the president’s Office of Management and Budget] has staff to do these things, and there are various others such as the JCT [Joint Committee on Taxation]. But they’re forecasters. Forecasters have an easy time disagreeing with each other. When it comes to the past, the biggest issue is reconciling the data that exists, making it more timely, and getting into a position where we’re not revising it continuously. There is a significant amount of data that changes after the fact — which is published and then changed. We change it on our site — that probably disturbs many people and makes them worry about the integrity of the data that is continually being revised. Some of these things are done with statistical sampling, obviously. They’re not all spit out of a computer system. I think that requires more care and attention."
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august 2017 by phnk
How (and Why) We’re Collecting Cook County Jail Data - ProPublica
"The Chicago Data Cooperative, a coalition of local newsrooms and civic-data organizations, is starting to get detailed inmate data via Freedom of Information requests. But there’s even more information to get." -- Contains great insights about Scrapy, and good advice about scraping in general.
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july 2017 by phnk
DATACTIVE – The Politics of Data According to Civil Society
"We are DATACTIVE, a research project and a research collective exploring the politics of big data broadly defined. We take a critical look at massive data collection, privacy and surveillance | social movements, activism and internet activism | internet infrastructure, cybersecurity and their governance | open data and civic tech networks."
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july 2017 by phnk
Towards a Genealogy of Open Data by Jonathan Gray :: SSRN
(Cautionary note: I have no idea whether any of those papers are any good.)
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july 2017 by phnk
Public Data Lab
"The Public Data Lab seeks to facilitate research, democratic engagement and public debate around the future of the data society."
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july 2017 by phnk
About | Scientific Data
"Scientific Data is a peer-reviewed, open-access journal for descriptions of scientifically valuable datasets, and research that advances the sharing and reuse of scientific data.

Scientific Data welcomes submissions from a broad range of research disciplines, including descriptions of big or small datasets, from major consortiums to single research groups.

Scientific Data primarily publishes Data Descriptors, a new type of publication that focuses on helping others reuse data, and crediting those who share."
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february 2017 by phnk
US government takes animal-welfare data offline : Nature News & Comment
"The US Department of Agriculture will no longer make lab inspection results and violations publicly available, citing privacy concerns."
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february 2017 by phnk
Mix'n'match importer - Wikimedia Labs
Strange tool that looks like a merge tool for Wikidata. Investigate more later.
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january 2017 by phnk
The Open Data Movement: Young Activists between Data Disclosure and Digital Reputation | Arcidiacono | PARTECIPAZIONE E CONFLITTO
"Young citizens show an increasing interest for direct democracy tools and for the building of a new relationship with public administration through the use of digital platforms. The Open Data issue is part of this transformation. The paper analyzes the Open Data issue from the perspective of a spontaneous and informal group of digital activists with the aim of promoting data disclosure. The study is focused mainly on the case of a specific local movement, named Open Data Sicilia (ODS), combining traditional ethnographic observation with an ethnographic approach. The aim of the study is to detect the social pro-file of the Open Data movement activists, understanding how is it organized their network, what are the common purposes and solidarity models embodied by this type of movement, what are the resources mo-bilized and their strategies between on-line and off-line. The ODS case appears interesting for its evolu-tion, its strategy and organizational structure: an elitist and technocratic movement that aspires to a broad constituency. It is an expressive or a reformist movement, rather than an anti-system actor, with features that are similar to a lobby. The case study also shows all the typical characteristics of digital activism, with its fluid boundaries between ethical inspiration of civic engagement and individual interests."
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january 2017 by phnk
Five charts that may soon be illegal in Tanzania - The Washington Post
"This damning statistic doesn’t come from a rabble-rousing advocacy group, but from the World Bank. Big foreign aid donors like the Bank are increasingly stepping outside their normal mandate of dealing directly with the government as a client, and taking a message of government failure directly to the public.  It’s unclear whether the Tanzanian public has taken much notice, but the new data law suggests the government has."
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april 2015 by phnk
Lumière sur Sunshine
"Open Data sur les cadeaux et contrats versés par les laboratoires pharmaceutiques
aux praticiens de santé entre janvier 2012 et juin 2014"
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march 2015 by phnk
"Wiki et codes pour le hackathon du 26 janvier 2015 organisé par la CNAMTS et Etalab. Il contient un wiki de présentation des données, des codes utiles et des réutilisations"
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march 2015 by phnk
Open Data : l’exécutif s’engage pour l’ouverture des données de santé - Next INpact
Open Data : l’exécutif s’engage pour l’ouverture des données de santé cc @phnk @samgoeta
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july 2014 by phnk
Sources of dataset peer review - datashare - Central Wiki Service
See, e.g., Open Health Data, "a peer-reviewed journal publishing papers that describe openly-accessible datasets with high reuse potential."
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june 2014 by phnk
Academic Torrents
"Sharing data is hard. Emails have size limits, and setting up servers is too much work. We've designed a distributed system for sharing enormous datasets - for researchers, by researchers. The result is a scalable, secure, and fault-tolerant repository for data, with blazing fast download speeds."
january 2014 by phnk
Excellent! That's going to save several nights of coding on the scraper.
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october 2013 by phnk
"An R Client for Interacting with Data Encoded in one of the Open Data Protocols Standards. This package currently supports working with JSON Table Schemas and Data Packages, but we plan to continue development to support other formats, as well." -- Reads OKFN data easily.
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october 2013 by phnk
School of Data - Evidence is Power
Now with a cool set of courses and internationalized clones (one in Spanish, one launching on Monday in French).
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october 2013 by phnk
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