BAHFest London 2017 - Ed Thorne: Cracking the C-Value Enigma - YouTube
"Ed Thorne proposes that the non-coding DNA in the human genome is being used as a high-density self-replicating hard drive for an alien race."
lulz  science 
9 hours ago
Despotism is all around us: the warnings of Montesquieu | Aeon Ideas
"Much of Montesquieu’s critique of despotism, in fact, amounts to a critique of Europe. Montesquieu sees Europe – seemingly mild and Christian – as home to some of the most brutal despotic practices. Despite his apparent focus on Eastern despotism, he also manages to underscore the despotic practices of venerated European institutions: the Catholic Church and the French monarchy. He unmasks the despotism of the Portuguese Inquisitors, who burn alive an adolescent girl for practising the Judaism of her parents, and even of his own homeland, which executes for treason those who merely reproach the monarch’s minister. He thus highlights the cruelty of Europe at a time when voicing such criticism was still decidedly dangerous."
polisci:state  polisci 
14 hours ago
Red Dawn in Lapland | Outside Online
About preparing for war in Northern Sweden. Next door, Sweden is reprinting war preparation booklets for the first time since the end of the Cold War:


Sweden reinstituted conscription after the invasion of Crimea, and has remilitarized Gotland + signed an agreement with NATO to allows it to intervene within Swedish borders (via GEG newsletter).
world:finland  via:thebrowser 
14 hours ago
How years of increasing labor unrest signaled Iran’s latest protest wave - The Washington Post
One might observe that the same was true in 2011 Tunisia.

Read also -- Najmeh Bozorgmehr, "Rouhani’s budget transparency stokes Iran unrest", FT, 17 Jan 2018 (identifying the publication of the government budget as a focal event): https://www.ft.com/content/d3f6eebe-f9e0-11e7-a492-2c9be7f3120a
world:iran  polisci:protest 
15 hours ago
Lincoln A. Mullen
Nice teaching pages (syllabuses designed with Edward Tufte's page style).
academia:teaching  r  via:kjhealy  data:science 
19 hours ago
Datasette: instantly create and publish an API for your SQLite databases
Given how easy it is to turn a CSV into a SQL db, this is basically a universal API builder.
data:availability  data:sql 
2 days ago
Why do Tunisians keep protesting? - The Washington Post
"Perhaps more than an electoral democracy, post-revolutionary Tunisia is a protest economy. Facing the tumult of transition and an ever-deteriorating social safety net, Tunisians have expressed claims and grievances predominantly through demonstrations, sit-ins and strikes."
world:tunisia  polisci:protest 
2 days ago
Chronique de la Maison Blanche – Le grand continent
"Correspondant du Monde à Washington, Gilles Paris a été aux premières loges des rebondissements qui ont secoué la Maison Blanche tout au long de cette première année du mandat de Donald Trump. Alors que le 20 janvier marque le premier anniversaire de l’inauguration présidentielle, il a accepté de répondre à nos questions sur sa lecture des dynamiques qui animent le tourbillon de l’actualité politique américaine."
usa:politics  usa:presidency  usa:empire 
3 days ago
The End of the Awl and the Vanishing of Freedom and Fun from the Internet | The New Yorker
"Blogging, that much-maligned pastime, is gradually but surely disappearing from the Internet, and so, consequently, is a lot of online freedom and fun."
3 days ago
A beginner’s guide to Jamaican soundclash | Red Bull Music Academy Daily
"In soundsystem culture, you don’t lose. Rather, you die an often embarrassing, metaphorical death at the hands of your opponent"

@via https://killarecords.wordpress.com/2018/01/18/dj-k-jungle-wars-2018-the-last-junglist/
world:jamaica  music 
3 days ago
How The Atoms Family Became a Force in Hip-Hop « Bandcamp Daily
"Founded by Cannibal Ox’s Vast Aire and Vordul Mega, the Family collective at one point included 35 artists, and was known for excelling at the freestyle ciphers that took place outside New York City’s open mic venues."
3 days ago
2018, l’année de l’Europe | Le blog de Thomas Piketty
Largely based on Filip Novokmet's PhD dissertation, _Between Communism and Capitalism. Essays on the Evolution of Income and Wealth Inequality in Eastern Europe 1890-2015 (Czech Republic, Poland, Bulgaria, Croatia, Slovenia, Russia)_, cited and linked to at the end.
inequality:income  eu:economy 
4 days ago
www.aliquote.org: Readings on arXiv
Nice picture on data science at mid-post ("A data scientist is a statistician who lives in San Francisco.").
data:science  stats:machine-learning 
4 days ago
Mémoire vive. Politique et sida dans « 120 Battements par minute » - Vacarme
"Quand on est militant, on documente la violence, on n’arrête pas de la mettre en avant dans ses discours publics, mais on la subit moins dans son propre corps. C’est le paradoxe qui fait qu’on a pu commencer à militer parce qu’on avait été exposé à la violence, mais que dans l’expérience même du militantisme, la violence est mise à distance, ironisée."
public-health:aids-control  polisci:protest  art:film 
4 days ago
Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal - Scalars
In R, everything is a distance in apple-space.
lulz  science  physics 
4 days ago
jbtronics/CrookedStyleSheets: Webpage tracking only using CSS (and no JS)
Nice. Alternative to completely disabling CSS is to parse it for url() statements first, and kill those. Should be doable.
4 days ago
CRAN - Package NetSwan: Network Strengths and Weaknesses Analysis
"A set of functions for studying network robustness, resilience and vulnerability."
r  networks:measures 
4 days ago
Only Lovers Left Alive - Wikipedia
The "Cultural References" are a true delight.
5 days ago
Academic Journals RSS feeds
Someone else is pissed at Cambridge UP for dropping RSS <3
web:rss  academia:publishing 
6 days ago
« On choisit un autre métier si on ne veut pas d'ennuis » - Vacarme
Entretien avec les deux archivistes ayant accepté de témoigner au procès Papon-Einaudi.
fr:history  history:algerian-war  data:availability 
6 days ago
Eyeshades and Objectivity - NYTimes.com
> Toward the end of "My Times," Mr. Corry recounts an exchange he had with A. M. Rosenthal, then executive editor of the paper: "He looked at me angrily, spread open that day's paper, and began stabbing a forefinger at page 1 bylines. This reporter, he said, knows how to write a news story, but this reporter does not; this reporter has an interesting mind, while this reporter will never write anything original. . . . It was an indiscreet outburst, but there was no mistaking its passion, or how it connected Abe to The Times. By contrast, I have just read something by the columnist Anna Quindlen: . . . 'About six months ago I looked at page 1 and saw that every story on it had been written by a woman, except for one story that had been written by an African-American man. And my heart soared.' . . . I do not doubt the sincerity of Quindlen's feeling, but we are looking here at two journalistic cultures." Mr. Corry's is an equally sincere voice from the older of these two cultures, one whose faults and limitations have been fully catalogued in recent years but whose compensating virtues are increasingly -- and wrongly -- ignored.
journalism  usa:society 
6 days ago
Heck Yes Markdown
"Enter a url below to convert the page to Markdown." -- Includes bookmarklet.
markdown  html 
6 days ago
Nasser at 100 | salamamoussa
"… a true revolutionary, in the technical sense of the word, as a man who rearranged the power relations between the elites of the country."
via:xmarquez  world:egypt 
6 days ago
From Ho Chi Minh Street to Boris Nemtsov Plaza: a History of the Undiplomatic Street Name Change | Big Think
"The Belfast hunger striker also lives on, incongruously, as the name-giver to Bobby Sands Burgers, since 1982 the name of a fast food joint on Babisandz Street. The joint’s orange-dominated colour scheme adds insult to irony: orange is associated with the Unionist cause in Northern Ireland, which Sands was fighting against."
wtf  at_a_loss_for_tags 
7 days ago
Branco Milanovic -- De l’économie de la tyrannie [Multi-party kleptocracies rather than illiberal democracies] – Le grand continent
"Pour qu’un tel système survive, il doit continuer à gagner les élections – dans l’idéal, pour toujours. Ben Ali et Moubarak, qui étaient à la tête de systèmes semblables en Tunisie et en Égypte, ont fini par échouer. Mais Djukanoviċ, Loukachenko, Erdogan, Poutine et Orban n’ont pas échoué jusqu’ici. Une fois de plus, la Russie est ici en pointe."
8 days ago
L’empire des métaux rares – Le grand continent
"Nous, les 8 milliards d’habitants de la planète, allons consommer entre 2018 et 2048 plus de métaux que ce qui a été consommé depuis qu’Homo Sapiens est Homo Sapiens."

"Une fois qu’ils seront informés, et pour ceux qui le sont déjà, prendront-ils les décisions qui s’imposent ? Non."
world:china  ecology  energy  oh_shit_we_are_so_fucked 
9 days ago
"Opinionated list of resources facilitating model interpretability (introspection, simplification, visualization, explanation)."
stats:models  stats:regression  stats:logit 
10 days ago
Black Hole Sun God | Online Only | n+1
On Wolff's Fire and Fury, feat. a subtle-enough allusion to Hamlet V.5.
usa:presidency  via:xmarquez 
12 days ago
tidypredict - tidypredict
"Run predictions inside the database. It works with several databases back-ends because it uses dbplyr for the final SQL translation of the algorithm."
r  data:sql  stats:regression  stats:logit  stats:random-forests 
12 days ago
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