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"Mark Text is a Markdown editor for Mac, Windows, and Linux. It is a concise text editor, dedicated to improving your editing efficiency." -- Sadly far too slow.
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"Le code ci présent a pour but de collecter les données du Journal Officiel français, de les analyser et de les ajouter à une base de données."
3 days ago
Nate Silver on Twitter: "The narrative that polling has become much less accurate is more a reflection of media innumeracy than actual reality. Polling accuracy has been fairly constant over time, per a new study in Nature: https://t.co/bEHIL5yPYE"
"The narrative that polling has become much less accurate is more a reflection of media innumeracy than actual reality. Polling accuracy has been fairly constant over time, per a new study in Nature" -- Twitter thread by Nate Silver.
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3 days ago
Talking to the Enemy: Violent Extremism, Sacred Values, and What it Means to Be Human by Scott Atran – review | Books | The Guardian
"In a world where one set of killings merits a medal from the president and another death by firing squad, anthropology is a useful leveller."
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3 days ago
‘I created Steve Bannon’s psychological warfare tool’: meet the data war whistleblower | News | The Guardian
"Mueller's investigation traces the first stages of the Russian operation to disrupt the 2016 US election back to 2014, when the Russian state made what appears to be its first concerted efforts to harness the power of America's social media platforms, including Facebook. And it was in late summer of the same year that Cambridge Analytica presented the Russian oil company with an outline of its datasets, capabilities and methodology. The presentation had little to do with "consumers'. Instead, documents show it focused on election disruption techniques. The first slide illustrates how a 'rumour campaign' spread fear in the 2007 Nigerian election – in which the company worked – by spreading the idea that the 'election would be rigged'. The final slide, branded with Lukoil's logo and that of SCL Group and SCL Elections, headlines its 'deliverables': 'psychographic messaging'."
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3 days ago
The future of UK universities | Vice-Chancellor's blog | University of Cambridge
"I received a letter this week from the President of the Cambridge University Students’ Union. She argued that the strikes and demonstrations are 'about the future of higher education, continued marketization and the move towards students as consumers.' It may surprise some to discover that I fully share her worries. I know that many of my friends and colleagues in universities across the country do, too."
3 days ago
"visreg is an R package for displaying the results of a fitted model in terms of how a predictor variable x is estimated to affect an outcome y. The implementation of visreg takes full advantage of object-oriented programming in R, meaning that it works with virtually any type of (formula-based) model class in R provided that the model class provides a predict method."
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4 days ago
CRAN - Package textfeatures
"A tool for extracting some generic features (e.g., number of words, line breaks, characters per word, URLs, lower case, upper case, commas, periods, exclamation points, etc.) from strings of text."
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4 days ago
Em dash -- The Punctuation Guide
"The em dash is typically used without spaces on either side, and that is the style used in this guide. Most newspapers, however, set the em dash off with a single space on each side." -- I KNEW IT.
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5 days ago
Dr Michael Muthukrishna on The Causes of Corruption - YouTube
About corruption via cooperation and evolution theories.
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5 days ago
Welcome @PartiRep | Partirep
"This website is the home of the PARTIREP research project. PARTIREP analyzes changing patterns of participation and representation in modern democracies."
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7 days ago
Les leçons du scrutin italien - YouTube
"Sur le plateau de Mediapart, ce mercredi 7 mars 2018, Donatella Alfonso, journaliste à La Repubblica, essayiste ; Camille Bedock, chercheuse en science politique à l'Université Libre de Bruxelles, auteure de « Reforming Democracy. Institutional Engineering in Western Europe » (Oxford University Press) ; Christophe Bouillaud, professeur en science politique, auteur d'un blog académique sur la vie politique italienne et Jérémy Dousson, directeur général adjoint de la coopérative Alternatives économiques, auteur d'« Un populisme à l'italienne ? Comprendre le mouvement 5 étoiles » (Les petits matins) analysent le scrutin italien du dimanche 4."
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12 days ago
Use R to analyse a large text file that is too big to read in all at once
The package is called 'chunked' and basically delays evaluation.
15 days ago
Language Log » Carlyle and Kernighan
"Brian's response was that they should evaluate a programmer's contribution not according to the number of lines of code added, but rather according to the number of lines of code eliminated. This suggestion was apparently not viewed as helpful."
15 days ago
American Democracy Is an Easy Target – Foreign Policy
"A democracy in which both the liberal-left and the right have drifted into their own self-reinforcing mythologies will be incapable of defending the common interests of its public, either at home or abroad.


If America is not to find its democracy systematically dismantled, it needs to strengthen its structures of shared knowledge and trust in democracy as a matter of urgent priority. This most obviously involves strengthening voting systems and registries (which are now run through a mishmash of badly secured systems at the local and state level) against attack. Strengthening the census, rebuilding confidence in voting, and re-establishing knowledge structures that help partisans work in harness are usually thought of as exercises in civics. They now have crucial implications for national security, too."
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15 days ago
Allison Stanger | Middlebury
Some interesting courses ("Empires", "Politics of Virtual Realities ").

@seealso prev. link https://pinboard.in/u:phnk/b:8571eb1238d8
15 days ago
MangoTheCat/goodpractice: Advice on R Package Building
"Give advice about good practices when building R packages. Advice includes functions and syntax to avoid, package structure, code complexity, code formatting, etc."
16 days ago
Pizzagate: The problem's not with the multiple analyses, it's with the selective reporting of results (and with low-quality measurements and lack of quality control all over, but that's not the key part of the story) - Statistical Modeling, Causal Inferen
"Now consider someone like Wansink whose strengths as a researcher are: (a) a focus on topics that people really care about, (b) clever research designs. His weaknesses come in the areas of: (c) quality of measurements, and (d) reporting of results. I think he should stick with (a) and (b), work on (c), and resolve the problems with (d) by just reporting all his data. No need for him to set out to prove any statistical hypothesis, no need for him to learn a bunch of new statistical methods, he can just do what he does best. And I think this holds more generally. Yes, statistical methods can be important, but in large part that’s by motivating the careful measurement that’s typically necessary in order to get data worth analyzing in the first place.

… The connection [to the wider replication crisis] is that, in all these examples—the slop-fests coming out of the Cornell Food and Brand Lab, and more careful papers reporting experiments or surveys with clear data trails—, strong conclusions were extracted from subsets of the data."
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16 days ago
Luxuriating in Privacy
"… perhaps the explanation of atomization is simply that people enjoy privacy, and can finally afford to have as much as they want. Privacy is an economic good, and people show a great willingness to trade other goods for more privacy."
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20 days ago
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