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"Our intention is that all
these people will work with us under pseudonyms: it is very important that
our music (past, present and future) sells by its own merit and not for
licencing or production credits. We place equal importance in the evolution
of fresh artists on the scene however (see our discography for details) and
we aim to offer a fairer contract for everyone."
3 days ago
Iowa State University Mathematics Department Problem of the Week
"During the Fall and Spring semesters of each year, the Mathematics Department hosts a Problem of the Week. New

Problems will (normally) appear on a Monday morning. Solutions are due by 12:00 noon the following Monday."
mathematics  via:aliquote-tweets 
6 days ago
Shame Storm by Helen Andrews | Articles | First Things
"No one has yet figured out what rules should govern the new frontiers of public shaming that the Internet has opened."
6 days ago
Machine Learning: Be Careful What You Ask For | In the Pipeline
"What happens when you turn the machine learning algorithms on that pile of noise? Well. . .the UCSF folks say that you get a model whose predictions are nearly as good as the original. See the plots at right: oh dear. Keiser et al. have been advocating what they call “adversarial controls” for machine learning (see this recent paper in ACS Chem. Bio.), and you can see their point. There are further problems. The original paper had done the analysis while holding out one of the three 1536-well plates and then running the derived ML algorithm across that one as a cross-check, getting a root-mean-square error of of 11.3%, versus 7.8, which at the time I called “not quite as good, but on the right track”. But it turns out that if you run things the two other ways, training on two and leaving out one, you get even higher RMSE values (17.3 and 22%), which is not encouraging, to put it mildly."
stats:machine-learning  via:aliquote-tweets 
6 days ago
The Dynamics of Democracy, Development and Cultural Values
"… Between country similarities suggest common underlying dynamics in how countries develop in terms of economy, democracy and cultural values. We apply a novel Bayesian dynamical systems approach to identify the model which best captures the complex, mainly non-linear dynamics that underlie these changes. We show that the level of Human Development Index (HDI) in a country drives first democracy and then higher emancipation of citizens. This change occurs once the countries pass a certain threshold in HDI. The data also suggests that there is a limit to the growth of wealth, set by higher emancipation. Having reached a high level of democracy and emancipation, societies tend towards equilibrium that does not support further economic growth. Our findings give strong empirical evidence against a popular political science theory, known as the Human Development Sequence. Contrary to this theory, we find that implementation of human-rights and democratisation precede increases in emancipative values."
stats:bayesian  polisci:democracy 
9 days ago
ikashnitsky/demres-2018-geofacet: Reproduce "Geofaceting -- align small-multiples for regions in a spatially meaningful way"
"Kashnitsky, I., & Aburto, J. M. (forthcoming). Geofaceting: allign small-multiples for regions in a spatially meaningful way. Demographic Research."
geography  viz 
9 days ago
CRAN - Package MortCast
"Age-specific mortality rates are estimated and projected using the Kannisto, Lee-Carter and related methods as described in Sevcikova et al. (2016) <doi:10.1007/978-3-319-26603-9_15>."
demography  r 
9 days ago
Understanding Settlement Pathways of African Immigrants in France Through a Capability Approach: Do Pre-migratory Characteristics Matter? | SpringerLink
"With the increase in asylum-related immigration since 2015, understanding how immigrants settle in a new country is at the centre of social and political debate in European countries. The objective of this study is to determine whether the necessary time to settle for Sub-Saharan Africa immigrants in France depends more on pre-migratory characteristics or on the structural features of the host society. Taking a capability approach, we define settlement as the acquisition of three basic resources: a personal dwelling, a legal permit of a least 1 year and paid work. We use data from the PARCOURS survey, a life-event history survey conducted from 2012 to 2013 that collected 513 life histories of Sub-Saharan African immigrants living in France. Situations regarding housing, legal status and activity were documented year by year since the arrival of the respondent. We use a Kaplan–Meier analysis and chronograms to describe the time needed for settlement, first for each resource (personal dwelling, legal permit and paid work) and then for the combined indicator of settlement. Discrete-time logistic regressions are used to model the determinants of this settlement process. Overall, women and men require 6 and 7 years (medians), respectively, to acquire basic resources in France. This represents a strikingly long period of time in which immigrants lack basic security. The settlement process varies according to gender, but very few sociodemographic factors influence settlement dynamics. Therefore, the length of the settlement process may be due to structural features of the host society."
fr:society  immigration  stats:survival 
9 days ago
Does Population Diversity Matter for Economic Development in the Very Long Term? Historic Migration, Diversity and County Wealth in the US | SpringerLink
"… counties with a more heterogeneous population composition over 130 years ago are significantly richer today, whereas counties that were strongly polarized at the time of the migration waves have endured persistent negative economic effects."
demography  geography  econ:development  immigration 
9 days ago
Global distributions | Livestock Systems | Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations
"Cattle, buffaloes, horses, sheep, goats, pigs, chickens, and ducks. Last month, an international team of researchers published the third major version of their Gridded Livestock of the World dataset, which estimates the global distribution of cattle, buffaloes, horses, sheep, goats, pigs, chickens and ducks. The new dataset is based on 2010 statistics and provides estimates at “a spatial resolution of 0.083333 decimal degrees (approximately 10 km at the equator).”"

-- https://tinyletter.com/data-is-plural/letters/data-is-plural-2018-11-28-edition
11 days ago
DOHMH Dog Bite Data | NYC Open Data
"Dog bites. New York City’s Department of Health publishes a dataset of 8,000+ reported instances of dogs biting humans, mostly from 2015 through 2017. The agency collects the reports “to determine if the biting dog is healthy ten days after the person was bitten in order to avoid having the person bitten receive unnecessary rabies shots.” [h/t Justin Baker]"

-- https://tinyletter.com/data-is-plural/letters/data-is-plural-2018-11-28-edition
data:spatial  data:health 
11 days ago
Bilateral Labor Agreements Dataset | University of Chicago Law School
"International labor treaties. Bilateral labor agreements regulate the migration of workers between two countries, and the Bilateral Labor Agreements Dataset aims to catalog as many of these treaties as it can. So far the University of Chicago Law School professors and researchers running the initiative have identified 582 treaties signed between 1945 and 2015. “However, this list is almost certainly underinclusive,” they write. “Many BLAs are not deposited in the major international treaty databases and they often do not receive much, if any, publicity.” [h/t Adam Chilton]"

-- https://tinyletter.com/data-is-plural/letters/data-is-plural-2018-11-28-edition
data:social-science  data:legislation  data:dyadic 
11 days ago
Heatmaps of Mortality Rates
Tagged with timelines, like the previous one, but in this case it's heatmaps, really.
viz:timelines  demography 
13 days ago
parsnip - Tidyverse
To got with broom and tidymodels, I guess?
r  stats:models 
13 days ago
Party Facts
"Party Facts links datasets on political parties and provides an online platform about parties and their history as recorded in social science datasets."
data:social-science  polisci:parties 
15 days ago
command line - How to download a youtube playlist with numbered prefix via youtube-dl? - Ask Ubuntu
> youtube-dl -o "%(playlist_index)s-%(title)s-%(id)s.%(ext)s"

youtube-dl is one of the best pieces of software I have ever used. Every day that passes, I discover a new option that does exactly what I want to do.
programming  at_a_loss_for_tags 
16 days ago
Pourquoi je quitte la France Insoumise | Marianne
Via Fabien on Facebook, who rightly comments:

"… ce texte est très intéressant en ce qui concerne la vie interne de la France insoumise. Il serait presque à faire lire à des étudiants en science politique, pour leur faire comprendre l'intérêt des règles un peu ringardes des partis structurés de manière plus classique.

En particulier, ces règles permettent, quoique dans certaines limites, de canaliser et gérer les conflits internes (sur la ligne, les postes, les personnes...). La simple existence de règles formelles permet à chacun de savoir "à quoi s'en tenir", du moins en principe. Il y a bien sûr des tonnes de critiques à exprimer envers ces structures plus classiques. Le problème du "mouvement gazeux" de la FI, hors période électorale, n'est pas qu'il veuille faire autrement, pour éviter les enlisements de la bureaucratie ou de la fausse démocratie interne. Son problème réside plutôt dans la coexistence dysfonctionnelle de principes hétérogènes, dont il risque de ne cumuler que les défauts et pas les avantages ((hyper-)centralisation des décisions cruciales, règles informelles, flou des attributions, autonomie révocable des groupes de base...).

Une sorte d' "organisation-oxymore" : une pétaudière autoritaire. Comme quoi, le "en même temps" n'est pas toujours là où l'on croit."
fr:politics  polisci:parties 
19 days ago
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