Teaching R to New Users - From tapply to the Tidyverse · Simply Statistics
Got discussed on HN [1]. People are mentioning Julia (and Racket) as if most people using R today had not already transitioned to a new language.

[1]: https://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=17522535
4 days ago
Digital Switzerlands by Kristen Eichensehr :: SSRN
"U.S. technology companies are increasingly standing as competing power centers that challenge the primacy of governments. This power brings with it the capacity to bolster or undermine governmental authority, as well as increasing public demands for the companies to protect users from governments. The companies’ power raises serious questions about how to understand their role. Scholars have proposed varying conceptions, suggesting that the companies should be understood as public utilities, information fiduciaries, surveillance intermediaries, or speech governors. This Article takes up another possibility, one suggested by the companies themselves: that they are “Digital Switzerlands.” "
web:privacy  web:economy  via:henryfarrell 
7 days ago
World Income, Inequality and Murder
With a nice computation of the Gini coefficient.
r  inequality:income 
9 days ago
A data cleaner's cookbook - About
"This is version 1 of a cookbook that will help you check whether a data table (defined on the data tables page) is properly structured and free from formatting errors, inconsistencies, duplicates and other data headaches."
data:management  shell  shell:awk 
13 days ago
Simple Features for R: Standardized Support for Spatial Vector Data - The R Journal
Full-featured, with tidyverse functions. By far the best stuff I've seen on the package scene in the last year or so.
r  viz:maps 
16 days ago
Factfulness: Building Gapminder Income Mountains
With a nice explanation of how to work with the Gini index of the log-normal (income) distribution.
viz:distributions  r  inequality:income 
16 days ago
The Quietus | Features | Strange World Of... | The Strange World Of... Jon Hassell
"I’m interested in this north/south divide. This notion of north representing logic, and south being intuition."
music  music:ambient 
16 days ago
Configuring Azure and RStudio for text analysis – conjugateprior
This looks like it's become simpler, but is still some form of hell.
r  web:azure 
16 days ago
Six Takeaways from Turkey’s Election – OxPol
Favourite part -- "Winning social media doesn’t mean winning elections. Many of Muharrem’s tweets garnered vast numbers of likes and retweets in a matter of hours. He dominated social media and his support seemed overwhelming compared to Erdoğan’s. But the amcas (uncles) who live in Anatolia hang out in traditional teahouses, not on Twitter. Turkey’s dozens of TV news channels remain the main source of news for most of this demographic. Roughly 90 percent of these are controlled by the ruling AKP party, which means pro-government messages, especially in those gazeteler, which are written in simpler language, have been ubiquitous."
world:turkey  polisci:elections 
17 days ago
Fermat's Library
High-quality explanations on various classic readings, from Feynman to Thomas Paine.
mathematics  science  at_a_loss_for_tags 
23 days ago
Announcing Ursa Labs: an innovation lab for open source data science - Wes McKinney
"Funding open source software development is a complicated subject. I’m excited to announce that I’ve founded Ursa Labs (https://ursalabs.org), an independent development lab with the mission of innovation in data science tooling."
23 days ago
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