Software disenchantment @ tonsky.me
Amen to _all_ of that, except for the part about users not caring.
programming  via:aliquote 
2 days ago
The Truth About Linear Regression
For when I finish the other Zenorevbook.
stats:regression  r 
9 days ago
Happy 60th Birthday, DARPA: you’re doomed | asecondmouse
"… an accelerating rise, particularly in the AI/ML/DS field, of the independent remote contractor—either an individual or a small self-managing team—due to at least five factors:

- Ubiquity of open source software which has zero monetary cost of entry and provides a standard platform across potential clients.
- Cloud computing resources which can be purchased and cast aside in a microsecond with no more infrastructure than a credit card.
- StackOverflow and GitHub putting the answers to almost any technical question a few keystrokes away: the relative advantage of having access to local and/or internal company expertise has diminished markedly.
- A variety of web-based collaborative environments such as free audio and video conferencing, shared document environments, and collaboration-oriented communication platforms such as Slack, DropBox and the like.
- Legitimation of the “gig economy” from both the demand and supply side: freelancers are vastly less expensive to hire and are now viewed as entrepreneurial trailblazers rather than as losers who can’t get real jobs. In fact, because of its autonomy, remote work is now considered highly desirable."
10 days ago
Le jardin d’Abdou – Edith Canestrier
I know the guy. He watches gardening tutorials on Youtube -- in all languages: Russian (with Japanese subtitles), Portuguese… and he helps tons at the Goutte Verte. Lovely person, ultra-talented. I love my neighbourhood for people like him.
paris  life 
13 days ago
Replaces MPlayerX, which is still better but has not been updated in two years.
14 days ago
★ Reeder
I have missed you, Reeder. I cannot remember why I left. I came back for caching, as I often read offline during the week.

Your interface just rocks.
mac:software  web:rss 
17 days ago
I Worked With Avital Ronell. I Believe Her Accuser. - The Chronicle of Higher Education
"Sometimes analysis is simply denial with more words." -- In this case, clearly.
17 days ago
Default position and size for new Textmate windows - Super User
defaults write com.macromates.TextMate.preview DocumentControllerWindowFrame -string "{{0, 0}, {1440, 900}}"
19 days ago
TotalFinder for [⌘+#] Like in Chrome - TotalFinder - BinaryAge
defaults write com.binaryage.totalfinder TotalFinderCmdNumTabSwitching -bool yes
mac:file-management  mac:utilities 
19 days ago
How to Enable Offline Browsing in Chrome
Useful when your battery/laptop is malfunctioning and that 'Sleep' now means 'Shutdown'.
21 days ago
Diagrams: A diagram editor for the Mac | Hacker News
Many suggestions in the thread, for when replacing OmniGraffle becomes a necessity.
viz:diagrams  mac:software 
22 days ago
Enigma, la guerre du code
A multi-part radio show on Alan Turing.
radio  at_a_loss_for_tags 
23 days ago
In Cyber Warfare, the Front Line Is Everywhere the U.S. Government Isn’t - Lawfare
"Recent history has shown that the U.S. government is not as good at picking which industries to protect as threat actors are at finding strategically valuable soft targets to hit."
tech:security  via:henryfarrell 
26 days ago
CLI: improved
Many improvements of default command-liners.
27 days ago
What Teachers Know | Chicago magazine | December 2017
"Standardized tests do a much better job measuring how much money students have than what their academic level is."
usa:education  usa:society 
27 days ago
Moscovici ou le (dés)espoir du socialisme. | Bouillaud's Weblog - bloc-notes d'un politiste
"Quand je pense qu’il y a deux ans encore lors d’une réunion entre politistes un éminent collègue avait mis en doute la réalité de la permanence de la circulation dans l’espace public de ce cadrage néo-libéral de 'Die Griechen sind schuld' (Les Grecs sont coupables) , je ne croyais pas moi-même le retrouver aussi parfaitement intact aujourd’hui dans les paroles d’un responsable politique. Littéralement conservé dans le formol."
27 days ago
What Trauma Docs Know | Chicago magazine | August 2018
Tagged with gun control because it's mostly about gun non-control.
gun-control  usa:society  medicine:surgery 
27 days ago
The Future of Notebooks: Lessons from JupyterCon | Will Crichton
"At JupyterCon, I learned three things: reactive notebooks are the future, Jupyter is the new Bash, and data science is a gateway drug."


"In 'Scheduled notebooks: A means for manageable and traceable code execution', a Netflix engineer described how they have replaced Bash scripts with Jupyter notebooks for ETL pipelines and cron jobs." -- That's what I have tried to do learning of cron + make.
python  data:science 
27 days ago
The Desperate Quest for Genomic Compression Algorithms - IEEE Spectrum
"This vision will require an almost unimaginable amount of data to be stored and analyzed. Typically, a DNA sequencing machine that’s processing the entire genome of a human will generate tens to hundreds of gigabytes of data. When stored, the cumulative data of millions of genomes will occupy dozens of exabytes."

Well discussed and explained at https://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=17819189
biology  data:management  soc:quantification 
29 days ago
"SQL and C# support in Excel"
stats:excel  data:sql 
4 weeks ago
Q: Why Do Keynote Speakers Keep Suggesting That Improving Security Is Possible? A: Because Keynote Speakers Make Bad Life Decisions and Are Poor Role Models | USENIX
"Some people enter the technology industry to build newer, more exciting kinds of technology as quickly as possible. My keynote will savage these people and will burn important professional bridges, likely forcing me to join a monastery or another penance-focused organization. In my keynote, I will explain why the proliferation of ubiquitous technology is good in the same sense that ubiquitous Venus weather would be good, i.e., not good at all. Using case studies involving machine learning and other hastily-executed figments of Silicon Valley’s imagination, I will explain why computer security (and larger notions of ethical computing) are difficult to achieve if developers insist on literally not questioning anything that they do since even brief introspection would reduce the frequency of git commits. At some point, my microphone will be cut off, possibly by hotel management, but possibly by myself, because microphones are technology and we need to reclaim the stark purity that emerges from amplifying our voices using rams’ horns and sheets of papyrus rolled into cone shapes. I will explain why papyrus cones are not vulnerable to buffer overflow attacks, and then I will conclude by observing that my new start-up papyr.us is looking for talented full-stack developers who are comfortable executing computational tasks on an abacus or several nearby sticks."
lulz  stats:machine-learning  tech:security 
5 weeks ago
Martin McKee's blog: E-cigarettes - more evidence of English exceptionalism
"Fortunately, other countries are not following England's direction, despite massive pressure from a very well funded Big Tobacco operation. Instead, they are waiting for the results on our giant experiment on our people."
public-health:tobacco-control  uk:health-policy 
5 weeks ago
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