Orban’s Government vs. The Social Sciences | Public Seminar
"The goal of the government seems to be a multi-fronted offensive against science; to simultaneously keep CEU, HAS, and all public universities under attack — a recent plan communicated by Palkovics is to reorganize all universities and eliminate all state funded scholarships. Evidently, this strategy seems to work well. In the spring of 2017, when it was only CEU that was under attack, there were massive protests, and a wide front of solidarity from academics at HAS institutes and public universities. Now that all institutions are under attack, solidarity remains confined to online platforms, and no major demonstrations are taking place."
world:hungary  academia:profession 
6 days ago
littler: a scripting front-end for GNU R
"littler provides the r program, a simplified command-line interface for GNU R. This allows direct execution of commands, use in piping where the output of one program supplies the input of the next, as well as adding the ability for writing hash-bang scripts, i.e. creating executable files starting with, say, #!/usr/bin/r."
r  mac:terminal 
7 days ago
How to remove many LinkedIn connections at once - Quora
I need to lurk on LinkedIn but am done with connecting to anyone through it. This code snippet, to be copy-pasted in the Console, effectively removes all LinkedIn connections without requiring additional software:

8 days ago
We Need to Have an Honest Talk About Our Data | WIRED
"We can't tell people we need their data, so we have to trick them into giving it to us. But it would make much more sense to just tell them, 'Hey, this is the data we need. We love you. We'd like you to thrive.'"
web:architecture  web:economy 
9 days ago
Do Statistical Methods Have an Expiration Date? (my talk noon Mon 16 Apr at the University of Pennsylvania) - Statistical Modeling, Causal Inference, and Social Science
"… To do better, we recommend three steps: (a) designing studies based on a perspective of realism rather than gambling or hope, (b) higher quality data collection, and (c) data analysis that combines multiple sources of information."
data:science  at_a_loss_for_tags 
10 days ago
Book Review: Albion’s Seed | Slate Star Codex
"90% of Puritan names were taken from the Bible. Some Puritans took pride in their learning by giving their children obscure Biblical names they would expect nobody else to have heard of, like Mahershalalhasbaz. Others chose random Biblical terms that might not have technically been intended as names; “the son of Bostonian Samuel Pond was named Mene Mene Tekel Upharsin Pond”. Still others chose Biblical words completely at random and named their children things like Maybe or Notwithstanding."
lulz:religion  usa:history  immigration 
12 days ago
Camelot: PDF Table Extraction for Humans — Camelot 0.3.0 documentation
"Camelot only works with text-based PDFs and not scanned documents. (As Tabula explains, “If you can click and drag to select text in your table in a PDF viewer, then your PDF is text-based”.)"

Discussed at https://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=18199708 -- where a few alternatives (pdf.js, pdfplumber, tabula) are mentioned. I have bookmarked any of them but with different tags.
pdf  python  data:tables  text:mining  data:mining  data:scraping 
15 days ago
A thread written by @BRogerLacan
"Je reprends mon thread sur Robert #Faurisson, au coeur des évolutions du négationnisme et de son importance croissante dans le débat français. C'est aussi le portrait d'une certaine extrême droite et d'une frange minoritaire de l'extrême gauche.
Des sujets dignes du @GEG_org."
fr:history  fr:politics  history:ww2 
16 days ago
A thread written by @BRogerLacan
"#RobertFaurisson est mort aujourd'hui et je n'ai pas lu grand chose de précis sur cette figure centrale de la culture d'extrême droite contemporaine.

Alors que je travaille là-dessus pour le @GEG_org et en thèse, je me lance."
fr:history  fr:politics  history:ww2 
16 days ago
Containerize R Markdown Documents for Continuous Reproducibility • liftr
Finally something that seems to make Docker simple enough.
r  docker 
17 days ago
How do I remove an iMessage account from OS X (Yosemite) Messages app? - Ask Different
macOS makes it harder and harder to remove its own crap from a clean system install. Nuking iMessage now involves rm-ing some preference files and ~/Library.Messages, at the risk of damaging something that is actually useful to the OS. Pathetic move.
19 days ago
animated_humidity_regression.md · GitHub
Good idea -- show the slope of the main relationship while adding controls.
r  stats:regression  viz:animation 
24 days ago
Iggy Pop and the Stooges rider
"Digital in the sense that it works via an electronically generated number system, not digital because it only works if someone holds it together with their fingers"

@via http://www.openculture.com/2018/10/iggy-pops-totally-bonkers-contract-rider-concerts.html
music  lulz 
24 days ago
Capturing the Unicorn | The New Yorker
About "The Hunt of the Unicorn" and the Chudnovsky brothers.
25 days ago
What is "blogging"? Is it different from "writing"? - Statistical Modeling, Causal Inference, and Social Science
"… awhile after the Monkey Cage moved to the Washington Post, our editors told me that my posts were too “bloggy” in that they were presupposing some continuity that was inappropriate for a newspaper feature."
web:blogging  academia 
26 days ago
EHNE | Encyclopédie pour une Histoire Nouvelle de l'Europe
"L’encyclopédie numérique EHNE propose des approches transversales de l’histoire européenne du genre, des guerres, de l’art, des circulations et des réseaux, des grandes idéologies et débats politiques. Elle s’intéresse aux fondements culturels et religieux de l’Europe et porte un regard sur les relations entre l’Europe et le reste du monde."
eu:history  history 
4 weeks ago
Peeling back the curtain – The Economist
"Years ago, “data” generally meant a table in Excel, or possibly even a line or bar chart to trace in a graphics program. Today, data often take the form of large CSV files, and we frequently do analysis, transformation, and plotting in R or Python to produce our stories. We assemble more data ourselves, by compiling publicly available datasets or scraping data from websites, than we used to. We are also making more use of statistical modelling. All this means we have a lot more data that we can share — and a lot more data worth sharing."
data:availability  data:journalism  data:economics 
4 weeks ago
EconoSpeak: Nobel Prizes in Economics, Awarded and Withheld
"In other words, while his prize is being trumpeted as a statement from the Swedish bankers on the importance of climate change, in fact he is a key spokesman for the position, rejected by nearly all climate scientists, that the problem is modest and can be solved by easy-to-digest, nearly imperceptible adjustments to energy prices."
econ  climate-science 
5 weeks ago
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