The surprise Mueller indictment tells us how we’ve been wrong about Russian trolls - The Washington Post
"What the indictments tell us right now is that the problems lie less in Russian activities than in the weaknesses of U.S. democracy that they leverage. Now that Russian actors have identified these weaknesses, they can easily be exploited by others.

We used to think American democracy’s reliance on free speech provided its own defenses. However, now we see how this reliance has created its own vulnerabilities that can be exploited by foreign adversaries. Flooding attacks can destabilize democracy — especially when they are augmented by Americans’ own tendency to hype up the paranoia."
usa:politics  polisci:elections 
8 hours ago
The new political antagonism | Prospect Magazine
"Globalisation and nationalism have displaced the party conflicts of the 20th century" -- by Colin Crouch.
history:world  history:colonialism 
2 days ago
Status in the Iliad
"This project uses Johnston's Deaths in the Iliad file as the basis for a social network analysis of combat in the Iliad. It shows that Hector is high in betweenness centrality but Achilles in alpha centrality."
10 days ago
The Last Days of Target
“How can I or anyone purchase if there is nothing left for me to buy?”

The real horror story in the article is definitely not the logistical debacle of a huge retail chain (that part is just a modern remake of the Gosplan). The true horror ("the horror!") is the thirst for (quasi-blind) consumption of the local zombies.
via:gwern-newsletter  pathetic:consumer-society 
13 days ago
Elèves des classes préparatoires et des Grandes Ecoles : le bonheur ?
"L’équipe du Pôle Santé de l’ENS vous invite à une conférence présentée par Mme Anne Delaigue qui accompagne et soigne depuis plus de 20 ans les élèves de l’Ecole Polytechnique.

A partir de son expérience d’écoute et de ses recherches sur la population des élèves qui suivent les classes préparatoires et intègrent les grandes Ecoles, nous vous proposons un échange sur ce qu’implique ce parcours d’études spécifique alors que l’expérience montre que compétences et réussite scolaires ne riment pas toujours avec bien-être affectif et relationnel."
fr:higher-ed  academia 
17 days ago
Démolition | Le Club de Mediapart
Par Johanna Siméant. Le commentaire de Christophe Bouillaud vaut aussi le détour :

Grosse fatigue…
fr:higher-ed  fr:society  at_a_loss_for_tags 
17 days ago
In The Eternal Inferno, Fiends Torment Ronald Coase With The Fate Of His Ideas – The Yorkshire Ranter
"In many ways, we’ve lived through a giant experiment in proving Ronald Coase wrong, which has now failed." -- On privatization [as state transformation].
via:xmarquez  econ:theory  soc:organizations 
17 days ago
ropensci/ssh: Native SSH client in R
This needs to make it to base one day, somehow.
r  tech:security 
17 days ago
Monaco Editor
"The Monaco Editor is the code editor that powers VS Code." -- Code editor by Microsoft, runs in the browser. Looks alright.
microsoft  programming 
17 days ago
Describing the 2016 Election with Machine Learning — Ryan Peach
1. KNN works well, possibly better than the more fancy stuff, 2. when you choose the right amount of clusters.
usa:politics  polisci:elections  stats:machine-learning  stats:cluster-analysis 
17 days ago
Globalization Survived Populism Once Before—and It Can Again | Boston Review
"Finally, and most importantly, to rebuild a coalition in support of globalization, support for open borders must once again be linked to a broad program of social and fiscal reforms. There are many obvious candidates: raising minimum wages, consolidating national health insurance, lowering financial barriers to post-secondary education for working- and middle-class children, tax reforms, and tackling the sources of inequality. Constructing such coalitions in a period of slow productivity growth and after years of stagnation of middle-class incomes will be difficult. But all the alternatives look even worse, both for an open economy and for liberal democracies."
history:world  inequality:income 
17 days ago
Philip K. Dick and the Fake Humans | Boston Review
"Standard utopias and standard dystopias are each perfect after their own particular fashion. We live somewhere queasier—a world in which technology is developing in ways that make it increasingly hard to distinguish human beings from artificial things." -- By Henry Farrell.
scifi  at_a_loss_for_tags 
18 days ago
How to recruit data analysts for the public sector
"Never, ever, use the phrase 'Chuck Norris' in an advert for a data scientist."
jobsearch  data:science 
18 days ago
Why did Republicans become so opposed to immigration? Hint: It’s not because there’s more nativism. - The Washington Post
The story in France (in Western Europe) is exactly the same: over the past 25 years, cheap manual labour has become less and less interesting to the industry, which has stopped advocating for immigration (for the free circulation of workers from outside the EU).
usa:politics  immigration 
18 days ago
When Roe v. Wade meant more than just abortion rights - The Washington Post
"Why is everyone marking Roe’s 45th anniversary talking about abortion and nothing else?

In part, because the coalitions working to redefine the right to privacy often collapsed. Feminists and civil libertarians sometimes clashed about what a right to choose would mean in the context of sex…

Moreover, as time progressed, the abortion debate started to catch up with people who tried to turn Roe into something more… Increasingly, Roe (and its right to privacy) appealed only to self-identified progressives.

The narrowed understanding of Roe was also the product of a particular political strategy… If Roe was a symbol of a broad right to privacy, liked and enjoyed by many Americans, abortion foes would have a harder time convincing them abortion should be banned or restricted."
usa:politics  usa:history  usa:society  abortion 
18 days ago
Gavin Francis reviews ‘Pale Rider’ by Laura Spinney · LRB 25 January 2018
About the 1918 'Spanish' flu epidemic.

"The virus is currently held in a high-security facility in Atlanta, Georgia. In 2016, around 1.7 million people died from tuberculosis, around a million from HIV/Aids, and around half a million from malaria. Computer modelling suggests that if the 1918 H1N1 virus were to break out of the facility in Atlanta it would cause around thirty million deaths."
history:world  history:ww1  history:medicine 
18 days ago
Maddison Project Database 2018 | Releases | Maddison Historical Statistics | Historical Development | University of Groningen
"The Maddison Project Database provides information on comparative economic growth and income levels over the very long run. The 2018 version of this database covers 169 countries and the period up to 2016."
data:social-science  data:economics  via:xmarquez 
18 days ago
Saint Boris (6) | Cavé Goutte d'Or
"Cavé Goutte d’Or réunit les acteurs principaux de la requalification du secteur Goutte d’Or/Boris Vian pour un point d’étape public. L’occasion d’un bilan de six années d’interventions ’pataphysiques qui ont conduit la Ville de Paris à prendre la mesure du désastre de son opération Goutte d’Or Sud dans les années quatre-vingts." -- L'expo photo a l'air chouette.
25 days ago
Secondhand smoke isn’t as bad as we thought.
The article barely mentions respiratory health, even though the bulk of the literature connects SHS to decreased rates of e.g. asthma among pub workers. Why can't we have a single good column by someone who worked at Cato once in a while? (The only sensible thing I have ever read on the Cato blog was Scott's "The Trouble with the View from Above" essay.)
25 days ago
BAHFest London 2017 - Ed Thorne: Cracking the C-Value Enigma - YouTube
"Ed Thorne proposes that the non-coding DNA in the human genome is being used as a high-density self-replicating hard drive for an alien race."
lulz  science 
27 days ago
Despotism is all around us: the warnings of Montesquieu | Aeon Ideas
"Much of Montesquieu’s critique of despotism, in fact, amounts to a critique of Europe. Montesquieu sees Europe – seemingly mild and Christian – as home to some of the most brutal despotic practices. Despite his apparent focus on Eastern despotism, he also manages to underscore the despotic practices of venerated European institutions: the Catholic Church and the French monarchy. He unmasks the despotism of the Portuguese Inquisitors, who burn alive an adolescent girl for practising the Judaism of her parents, and even of his own homeland, which executes for treason those who merely reproach the monarch’s minister. He thus highlights the cruelty of Europe at a time when voicing such criticism was still decidedly dangerous."
polisci:state  polisci 
27 days ago
Red Dawn in Lapland | Outside Online
About preparing for war in Northern Sweden. Next door, Sweden is reprinting war preparation booklets for the first time since the end of the Cold War:


Sweden reinstituted conscription after the invasion of Crimea, and has remilitarized Gotland + signed an agreement with NATO to allows it to intervene within Swedish borders (via GEG newsletter).
world:finland  via:thebrowser 
27 days ago
How years of increasing labor unrest signaled Iran’s latest protest wave - The Washington Post
One might observe that the same was true in 2011 Tunisia.

Read also -- Najmeh Bozorgmehr, "Rouhani’s budget transparency stokes Iran unrest", FT, 17 Jan 2018 (identifying the publication of the government budget as a focal event): https://www.ft.com/content/d3f6eebe-f9e0-11e7-a492-2c9be7f3120a
world:iran  polisci:protest 
27 days ago
Lincoln A. Mullen
Nice teaching pages (syllabuses designed with Edward Tufte's page style).
academia:teaching  r  via:kjhealy  data:science 
27 days ago
Datasette: instantly create and publish an API for your SQLite databases
Given how easy it is to turn a CSV into a SQL db, this is basically a universal API builder.
data:availability  data:sql 
29 days ago
Why do Tunisians keep protesting? - The Washington Post
"Perhaps more than an electoral democracy, post-revolutionary Tunisia is a protest economy. Facing the tumult of transition and an ever-deteriorating social safety net, Tunisians have expressed claims and grievances predominantly through demonstrations, sit-ins and strikes."
world:tunisia  polisci:protest 
29 days ago
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