Why You Should Probably Write Out Your Job Talk
"So my advice is to write out your job talk. This probably applies to you, although it might not. Do not read that script, do not memorize it, but do write it. And don’t worry, if all goes well, no one will ever know." -- I agree. I wrote down every word of every oral presentation I made when I was an undergrad. It taught me how to phrase an oral presentation, and helped me realise some of the subtle differences between an oral script and a written essay/memo/paper/report.
academia:profession  academia:jobsearch 
Marx, Capital and the Madness of Economic Reason - Public lectures and events
It is as if this talk was intended to reassure me that skipping Marx (bar a few pages from his political writings, plus the quotes in Erich Fromm) was a retrospectively smart decision -- because, I am sorry to say, Marx does sound incredibly boring.
2 days ago
globalinequality: How I lost my past
"… but still, after I adjust for all of that, I believe that some other, non-preordained, stories of 'underdevelopment' and Communism have the right to be told too. Or should we willfully destroy our memories?"
history  world:yugoslavia  econ:wealth 
5 days ago
'The Deuce' Looks at Prostitution and Pornography in Times Square's Bad Old Days - WNYC News - WNYC
The pilot is excellent. Very happy to get a new weekly dose of David Simon this semester.

@seealso Iceberg Slim, _Pimp_ – one of my favourites read last year
@seealso http://www.npr.org/sections/monkeysee/2017/09/15/550721161/pimps-porn-and-prostitution-dissecting-the-deuce
art:tv  usa:society 
6 days ago
Photek - Ni-Ten-Ichi-Ryu (Two Swords Technique) - YouTube
Bookmarking this only to make sure that Henry will see it :-)

The B-side of the original vinyl EP is the equally remarkable "Fifth Column" masterpiece:

@listen https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tqbrW9EaOgs

Photek, SpringHeelJack, Goldie -- the Masters.

Because yes, from time to time, one must acknowledge his or her Masters, and when it comes to drum and bass, Photek's _Modus Operandi_, Spring Heel Jack's _Busy Curious Thirsty_ and Goldie's _Saturnz Returnz_ did all the work for me.

All of those records I found by going through the records of the municipal library of Grenoble, France, in the late 1990s. In hindsight, I believe that the wealth of music and culture that I got from there is the reason why I am proud and willing to pay (local) taxes.
7 days ago
RoR datasets - Irina Mirkina
"'Regions of Russia (RoR), 1990-2015' is an exhaustive database, created for research on regional development. It includes over 2000 indicators from numerous sources, representing a wide range of economic, political, and social changes in 82 Russian regions during 25 years of reforms and rebounds. Indicators, most of which have never been published in English before, cover various topics, including trade, production, population structure, labour, investment, economic growth, climate, crime rates, terrorism, education, health care, culture, banking system, insurance, services, communication, and infrastructure."
data:social-science  world:russia 
9 days ago
4. PARTISANS AND POPULATIONS: THE PLACE OF CIVILIANS IN WAR, ALGERIA (1954–62) - BROWER - 2017 - History and Theory - Wiley Online Library
"The article argues that the population, as constituted in military theory, needs to be understood as the partisan's partner in contributing to the normlessness of violence. This offers both a new reading of the war in Algeria and the violence suffered by civilians, as well as a correction to Schmitt's politically one-sided explanation of the problem of normlessness and modern warfare."
violence:war  history:algerian-war 
11 days ago
Why read books? – Synaps open-source
"Naturally, not all books are great, calling for ruthless selection. Shunning the better kind, however, amounts to depriving oneself of some the most enriching moments we can hope for in our own lifetimes."
11 days ago
Donald Trump Is the First White President - The Atlantic
"Trump’s legacy will be exposing the patina of decency for what it is and revealing just how much a demagogue can get away with."
usa:politics  usa:presidency 
11 days ago
When Correlation Is Not Causation, But Something Much More Screwy - The Atlantic
"Your typical social science graduate curriculum talks a lot about getting standard error right but on a day to day basis most of our work goes into getting the data into the proper form and this is also where most problems come from." -- Amen.

Contains a moderate amount of Judea Pearl.
stats:measurement  soc:quantification  stats:correlation  epistemology:causality 
12 days ago
Patashnik, E.M. and Gerber, A.S., Dowling, C.M.: Unhealthy Politics: The Battle over Evidence-Based Medicine. (eBook and Hardcover)
"This critically important book draws on public opinion surveys, physician surveys, case studies, and political science models to explain how political incentives, polarization, and the misuse of professional authority have undermined efforts to tackle the medical evidence problem and curb wasteful spending."
medicine  usa:health-policy 
12 days ago
How to Change Public Opinion - Niskanen Center
"The vast majority of people have no discernable ideology and don’t even posses “true attitudes” about most political matters. Instead, they are ambivalent and have a myriad of partially independent and contradictory ideas and beliefs that co-exist comfortably with one another […] pertaining to most matters of political interest."
polisci:democracy  stats:surveys 
13 days ago
Cryptographic vulnerabilities in IOTA – Neha Narula – Medium
"The golden rule of cryptographic systems is 'don't roll your own crypto.' If asked, any security researcher will tell you to only use well-understood and well-tested cryptographic primitives when building a system. Cryptographic hash functions, in particular, go through years of vetting and testing before they are deemed robust enough to use in critical software. For example, the SHA-3 competition took nine years (from 2006 to 2015) to thoroughly cryptanalyze the candidates and select Keccak as the finalist.

So when we noticed that the IOTA developers had written their own hash function, it was a huge red flag. It should probably have been a huge red flag for anyone involved with IOTA."
tech:cryptography  via:henryfarrell 
14 days ago
Inside the Trump Bunker, With 12 Days to Go - Bloomberg
"We have three major voter suppression operations under way"
usa:politics  polisci:elections 
14 days ago
Engineering the public: Big data, surveillance and computational politics | Tufekci | First Monday
"Digital technologies have given rise to a new combination of big data and computational practices which allow for massive, latent data collection and sophisticated computational modeling, increasing the capacity of those with resources and access to use these tools to carry out highly effective, opaque and unaccountable campaigns of persuasion and social engineering in political, civic and commercial spheres. I examine six intertwined dynamics that pertain to the rise of computational politics: the rise of big data, the shift away from demographics to individualized targeting, the opacity and power of computational modeling, the use of persuasive behavioral science, digital media enabling dynamic real-time experimentation, and the growth of new power brokers who own the data or social media environments. I then examine the consequences of these new mechanisms on the public sphere and political campaigns."
soc:quantification  via:henryfarrell 
15 days ago
North Korea Is a Threat to America, but Not an Existential One | The National Interest
"…I imagine much of the overheated rhetoric coming from the Trump administration about North Korea is intended to pressure China to finally do something on the issue, rather than accurately portray the threat from Pyongyang. But this is risky threat-inflation. Scare-mongering contributes to the growing drumbeat for airstrikes against North Korea which could ignite a disastrous regional conflict, even though North Korea almost certainly does not intend to offensively strike the United States with its nuclear weapons."
nuclear-power  usa:empire  world:north-korea 
17 days ago
Google’s comment-ranking system will be a hit with the alt-right
I have tried a few phrases myself, and was appalled by the results (for instance, basic character obfuscation marginally works: 'k¡ke' is rated 0.30 toxic, 'kike' 0.35).
19 days ago
Studs Terkel Radio Archive | Starchive
Bits and pieces can also be found on SoundCloud. Some of the interviews (Hunter S. Thompson, Werner Burkhardt, Lady Dhanvanthi Rama Rau, the Sheehans) are excellent.

@seealso http://studsterkel.wfmt.com/
@seealso https://soundcloud.com/studsterkel-radio-archive/
history  radio 
19 days ago
Hunter S. Thompson Chillingly Predicts the Future, Telling Studs Terkel About the Coming Revenge of the Economically & Technologically "Obsolete" (1967) | Open Culture
"An 'ethic of total retaliation. The Angels, rather than gracefully accepting their place as losers in an increasingly technical, intellectual, global, inclusive, progressive American society, stuck up their fingers at the whole enterprise. If you can’t win, you can at least scare the bejeesus out of the guy wearing the medal.'"
usa:society  literature  journalism 
21 days ago
A Short Anti-LSD Horror Film Made by the Lockheed Corporation (1969) | Open Culture
"That's when things go horribly wrong: the hot dog springs to life, claims it has a wife and seven kids to support, and screams bloody murder as it gets mercilessly ingested. A horror film, if I've ever seen one." -- Honestly, LSD sounds FANTASTIC in that depiction. Having a conversation with a hotdog?
violence:drugs  lulz 
21 days ago
What Books Could Be Used to Rebuild Civilization?: Lists by Brian Eno, Stewart Brand, Kevin Kelly & Other Forward-Thinking Minds | Open Culture
The first title on Brian Eno's list is James C. Scott's "Seeing Like a State". I have always been a huge Eno fanboy, and will remain so to my last day.
books  history 
21 days ago
How the CIA Secretly Funded Abstract Expressionism During the Cold War | Open Culture
"What surprises in these revelations is that the avant-garde works that so radically altered the American art world and enraged the average congressman and taxpayer were co-opted and collected by suave U.S. intelligence officers like so many Shepard Fairey posters."
art:painting  history:ussr  usa:history 
21 days ago
mainly macro: Why Brexit has led to falling real wages
"So before Brexit happens we are seeing a distributional shift between wages and profits, but once Brexit happens profits will fall back and we will all be worse off. For Leave voters who think this is all still just ‘Project Fear’, have a look at the national accounts data release that the chart above came from. It shows clearly that UK growth in the first half of this year has been slower than that in the US, Germany, France, Italy and Japan by a wide margin. What Leave campaigners called Project Fear is real and it is happening right now, but do not expect your government or some of your newspapers to tell you that."
22 days ago
What Happened Between the Original Blade Runner & the Coming Sequel? New Short Film Starring Jared Leto Tells the Story | Open Culture
"'I decided to ask a couple of artists that I respect to create three short stories that dramatize some key events that occurred after 2019, when the first Blade Runner takes place, but before 2049, when my new Blade Runner story begins,' says Villeneuve in his introduction to the brand new short above." -- I have no critical sense when it comes to Blade Runner.
art:film  scifi 
22 days ago
Measuring Social Connectedness
"We introduce a new measure of social connectedness between U.S. county-pairs, as well as between U.S. counties and foreign countries. Our measure, which we call the "Social Connectedness Index" (SCI), is based on the number of friendship links on Facebook, the world's largest online social networking service. " -- Nice geographic effects.

@preprint http://pages.stern.nyu.edu/~tkuchler/research/pdf/SCI.pdf
22 days ago
Google Chrome automatically adding websites to my list of search engines? - Super User
Chrome is getting more and more annoying (and resource-intensive) every day. If Brave improves enough…
23 days ago
China U. | The Nation
"In a richly detailed exposé of the politics of the mandatory language rule, Michael Churchman has observed that instruction exclusively in Standard Chinese Characters would create a global distribution of scholars only semi-literate in Chinese. Native Chinese speakers with knowledge of the relevant context and some prior exposure to the traditional script may be more or less capable of deciphering it, but not foreign students who learn the language at college age. Unable to read the classics except in versions translated and interpreted in the PRC, cut off from the dissident and popular literature of other Chinese communities, students in CI courses cannot even access 'the large and growing corpus of material on Communist Party history, infighting, and factionalism written by mainlanders but published exclusively in Hong Kong and Taiwan,' Churchman argues. Rather, they are subject to the same policies of language standardization (Mandarin) and literacy (simplified characters) by which the regime seeks to control what can and cannot be discussed in China."
language:chinese  polisci:state 
23 days ago
Language Log » Beyond the zombies: How we might get out of the science publication disaster
"There are over a hundred well-established linguistics journals, and the great majority of them show no signs of wanting to change their publication model.

One can understand this, because individual scholars are not really affected by the disastrous situation."
24 days ago
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