3 Steps Ahead - It's Delicious [90s Gabber Music] - YouTube
Context: 3 Steps Ahead is the genius (died in 2003) who composed "Drop It (Happy Mix)" -- perhaps the most played happy hardcore track ever. Also likely the only hardcore artist who ever got a tribute mix at Thunderdome, in 2012: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MkYxhGxUntA
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13 hours ago
La philosophie nationale et l’esprit européen (Bouveresse)
"Autrement dit, l’Europe, dont l’intellectualisme et les capacités d’abstraction et d’analyse ont fait merveille dans le domaine de la science et de la technique, n’a pas réussi à les appliquer, et ne semble toujours pas capable de le faire, là où il serait particulièrement important d’y parvenir ou tout au moins de s’y efforcer, et notamment dans le domaine de la politique."
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3 days ago
Tim Roughgarden's Homepage
Gave the very interesting talk "Game Theory Through the Computational Lens" at the LSE in 2017.
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3 days ago
The 20% Statistician: Understanding common misconceptions about p-values
This semester, I experimented with two student groups by not telling them how to read p-values, and having them focus entirely instead on understanding confidence intervals. It works.
stats:probability  stats:introduction  stats:teaching 
5 days ago
Reflections on Random Kitchen Sinks – arg min blog
"There’s a self-congratulatory feeling in the air. We say things like “machine learning is the new electricity”. I’d like to offer an alternative metaphor: machine learning has become alchemy." -- Any sufficiently advanced technology etc.
stats:machine-learning  via:cshalizi 
5 days ago
The Quietus | Features | Quietus Charts | Columnfortably Numb: The Best Psych-Rock Of 2017
The scene seems to be doing fine, but honestly, much less so than many other sub-genres of rock and hard rock/metal. To me, 90% of the fun with guitars + drums + bass that is happening right now is happening in, or close to, the atmospheric (and largely instrumental) black metal scene. Despit the stylistic differences, some of the bands in that scene share more compositional similarity with John Zorn, Soft Machine and even Pink Floyd than many of the bands listed here.
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5 days ago
Why America Fails at Gathering Hate Crime Statistics — ProPublica
"According to federal records, the Huntsville Police Department has never reported a hate crime."
soc:quantification  violence:crime  violence:racism  violence:police 
5 days ago
CRAN - Package ess
"Download data from the European Social Survey directly from their website <http://www.europeansocialsurvey.org/>. There are two family of functions that allow you to download and interactively check all countries and rounds available."
data:social-science  stats:surveys  r  data:availability 
5 days ago
"GEM implements the following graph embedding techniques:

Laplacian Eigenmaps
Locally Linear Embedding
Graph Factorization
Higher-Order Proximity preserved Embedding (HOPE)
Structural Deep Network Embedding (SDNE)
mathematics:graph-theory  viz:networks 
5 days ago
La vie rêvée des sociétés - La Vie des idées
Recensé : Erik Olin Wright, Utopies réelles, trad. V. Farnea et J. A. Peschanski, Paris, La Découverte, 2017, 624 p., 28 €.
5 days ago
Hervé Regnauld : L’opuscule et le progrès [à propos de Bouveresse]
"À quoi vise le progrès ? Dans un opuscule convaincant, Bouveresse demontre que si le progrès ajoute, en sciences, des savoirs aux theories préexistantes, il a surtout pour rôle d'apporter de nouvelles interrogattions, de nouvelles incertitudes, au sujet de nouveaux problèmes. Il n'est donc pas une accumulation, mais un questionnement."
6 days ago
Fool Britannia: The future of the U.K. has never looked so grim - The Globe and Mail
"Before the referendum, Anand Menon, a professor of European politics at King's College London, travelled to the northeastern city of Newcastle and spoke about the risks of a Leave vote, explaining that savings from not paying into an EU budget would be dwarfed by the predicted drop in GDP.

A shout came from his audience: 'That's your bloody GDP. Not ours!'" -- Via Kai Arzheimer.
eu:politics  uk:politics 
7 days ago
thomasp85/patchwork: The Composer of ggplots
"The goal of patchwork is to make it ridiculously simple to combine separate ggplots into the same graphic. As such it tries to solve the same problem as gridExtra::grid.arrange() but using an API that incites exploration and iteration." -- YES.
r  viz:ggplot2 
8 days ago
Reflections on Hayek | VOX, CEPR’s Policy Portal
"Hayek pioneered the informational view of markets in which prices are messages, and his dynamic vision of the economy provides the basis of an alternative to the equilibrium methodology that today underpins the economics of information. This column argues, however, that these contributions do not support, and may even give reason to doubt, the limited government policies that Hayek advocated."
via:henryfarrell  econ:theory 
8 days ago
[0807.4820] Data analysis recipes: Choosing the binning for a histogram
"Data points are placed in bins when a histogram is created, but there is always a decision to be made about the number or width of the bins. This decision is often made arbitrarily or subjectively, but it need not be. A jackknife or leave-one-out cross-validation likelihood is defined and employed as a scalar objective function for optimization of the locations and widths of the bins. The objective is justified as being related to the histogram's usefulness for predicting future data. The method works for data or histograms of any dimensionality."
stats:distributions  viz:distributions  stats:introduction 
8 days ago
[1008.4686] Data analysis recipes: Fitting a model to data
"We go through the many considerations involved in fitting a model to data, using as an example the fit of a straight line to a set of points in a two-dimensional plane. Standard weighted least-squares fitting is only appropriate when there is a dimension along which the data points have negligible uncertainties, and another along which all the uncertainties can be described by Gaussians of known variance; these conditions are rarely met in practice. We consider cases of general, heterogeneous, and arbitrarily covariant two-dimensional uncertainties, and situations in which there are bad data (large outliers), unknown uncertainties, and unknown but expected intrinsic scatter in the linear relationship being fit. Above all we emphasize the importance of having a "generative model" for the data, even an approximate one. Once there is a generative model, the subsequent fitting is non-arbitrary because the model permits direct computation of the likelihood of the parameters or the posterior probability distribution. Construction of a posterior probability distribution is indispensible if there are "nuisance parameters" to marginalize away."
stats:regression  stats:models  stats:introduction 
8 days ago
[1205.4446] Data analysis recipes: Probability calculus for inference
"In this pedagogical text aimed at those wanting to start thinking about or brush up on probabilistic inference, I review the rules by which probability distribution functions can (and cannot) be combined. I connect these rules to the operations performed in probabilistic data analysis. Dimensional analysis is emphasized as a valuable tool for helping to construct non-wrong probabilistic statements. The applications of probability calculus in constructing likelihoods, marginalized likelihoods, posterior probabilities, and posterior predictions are all discussed."
stats:probability  stats:introduction 
8 days ago
[1710.06068] Data analysis recipes: Using Markov Chain Monte Carlo
"Markov Chain Monte Carlo (MCMC) methods for sampling probability density functions (combined with abundant computational resources) have transformed the sciences, especially in performing probabilistic inferences, or fitting models to data. In this primarily pedagogical contribution, we give a brief overview of the most basic MCMC method and some practical advice for the use of MCMC in real inference problems. We give advice on method choice, tuning for performance, methods for initialization, tests of convergence, troubleshooting, and use of the chain output to produce or report parameter estimates with associated uncertainties. We argue that autocorrelation time is the most important test for convergence, as it directly connects to the uncertainty on the sampling estimate of any quantity of interest. We emphasize that sampling is a method for doing integrals; this guides our thinking about how MCMC output is best used."
stats:bayesian  stats:intermediate 
8 days ago
A small Italian town can teach the world how to defuse controversial monuments | Carlo Invernizzi-Accetti | Opinion | The Guardian
"The winning proposal is as powerful as it is simple. Superimposed upon the bas-relief is now an LED-illuminated inscription of a quote by the German Jewish philosopher Hannah Arendt that reads 'Nobody has the right to obey' in the three local languages: Italian, German and Ladin."
9 days ago
Postmortem: Every Frame a Painting – Tony Zhou – Medium
With some interesting tips on how the series was run (the answer is pretty standard: using notebooks, finding information in books instead of using obvious Google results, and a few more guidelines).
web:youtube  via:waxy 
11 days ago
Network models do not replicate ... not. | Psych Networks
The level of incomprehension in the comments section is just astounding.
viz:networks  networks:models 
11 days ago
I Guess I’m About to Do a Highly Immoral Thing | Online Only | n+1
"The goal of _The Vietnam War_, as stated explicitly by one of its directors, Ken Burns (the other is Lynn Novick), is reconciliation… On these terms, the film is a failure… Despite these failings, the film is invaluable."
history:vietnam-war  usa:history 
13 days ago
Exclusive: What Trump Really Told Kislyak After Comey Was Canned | Vanity Fair
"'Those leaks to The New York Times and The Washington Post about the investigations into Trump and his cohorts is no accident. Trust me: you don’t want to get into a pissing match with a bunch of spooks. This is war.'"

"'Trump betrayed us,' said a senior Israeli military official bluntly, his voice stern with reproach. 'And if we can’t trust him, then we’re going to have to do what is necessary on our own if our back is up against the wall with Iran.'"
usa:presidency  world:russia 
15 days ago
CRAN - Package ggalluvial
Geoms for flow/Sankey diagrams!
r  viz:ggplot2 
19 days ago
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