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Simplenlg package
Simplenlg is a simple Java class library which does basic NLG lexicalisation and realisation; it is primarily designed for data-to-text applications. I hope to gradually build up its functionality over time.

The package currently includes

* Lexicon/morphology system: The default lexicon computes inflected forms (morphological realisation). We believe this has quite good coverage. Morphology in simplenlg V3 is partially based on the rule in the Sussex morphg system. Morphology in simplenlg V4 can is based on a modified version of the NIH Specialist Lexicon.
* Realiser: Generates texts from a syntactic form. Grammatical coverage is very limited compared to tools such as KPML and FUF/SURGE, but we believe it is adequate for many NLG tasks.
* Microplanning: Currently just simple aggregation, hopefully will grow over time.
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september 2010 by pfctdayelise
My Own Hat: OSDC liveblogging: Natural language generation in weather forecasting
Yesterday, I was unwell so I didn't keep up with my presentation blogging. Here is my presentation on Natural language generation in weather forecasting.
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march 2010 by pfctdayelise

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