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tim | The Christians and the Pagans: Part 2
from the comments, by yam:

Jesus is a 10X engineer
You may know him as King of the Jews
He's also fond of microbrews
and board games, and venture financiers

Jesus changes water in to wine
He demonstrates this holy grace
On Thursdays at the hackerspace
Unless he's still at work because it's crunch time

Jesus is a software architect
So he's got no time to sugar-coat
The words he vomits from his throat
So he may not be politically correct

You may not know the passion of the Christ
Is for open source and hacking sprees
And disrupting union industries
Ain't it swell to make a living being Nice?

There's a heaven but he can't help you get in it
It's a meritocracy
But just between you and me
Being white and male could help with cultural fit
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november 2015 by pfctdayelise
Research » Anita Borg Institute
ABI research provides data-driven actionable insights on the recruitment, retention, and advancement of technical women in organizations. Through original research as well as through partnering with peer organizations, we provide knowledge for changing the culture of technology into one that leverages gender diversity for greater innovation.
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october 2013 by pfctdayelise
Am I Man Enough? by Paul Constant - Seattle Features - The Stranger, Seattle's Only Newspaper
Am I Man Enough?
I'm a straight guy with no interest in sports and almost no body hair. What makes a man masculine? The question led me to a doctor’s office, a therapist’s couch, and a drag bar in Tacoma.
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august 2011 by pfctdayelise
McSweeney’s Internet Tendency: Balls Out: A Column On Being Transgendered: Column 16: Gay Stuff! Trans Stuff! Cissies! Femmes! Deer Hunting! Sea Salt! Metrosexuals! Bar Fights!
S: I credit this to one of my sociology professors from undergraduate, "When you meet someone, you may later forget their name, hair color, or even what they sounded like but you never think “Hey, what was their gender again?”

C: Like it’s inseparable from being aware of their existence. And our brains go wonky when we can’t figure out a person’s gender. I’ve been asked “Are you a boy or a girl?” a few times and I’m not a fan of this tendency, but when I see someone whose gender isn’t obvious, I still feel my brain going “BRAAPP BRAAPP FIGURE ‘EM OUT NOW BRAAPP.”
[...] I feel like anybody who tries to come up with a concrete definition of either gender or sexuality usually ends up with their foot in their mouth eventually.
july 2011 by pfctdayelise

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