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All girl flat track roller derby is a raucous, irreverent game that usually results in minor injuries. It runs in bouts of 30 minutes, each bout being made up of 2 minute ‘jams’ in which one member of each team, the ‘jammer’, attempts to pass the pack and so score points.

For Bloodbath, the packs also have a virtual life, from robust wireless sensors (wiimotes) installed on the heads of players, collision, speed and rotational information is sent to a server and from there, on to data driven artworks. The artists are making their artworks live on site, in real-time, and these are projected as the game is played out.
(Funded by the Digital Culture Fund - )
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october 2010 by pfctdayelise
Wombat - WorldForgeWiki
WOMBAT is an Open Source (GNU GPLv2+ licensed) digital asset management software based around the Pylons web-application framework and Apache. It allows groups of artists to collect all their assets in a repository and create task-related groupings of those assets.
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october 2008 by pfctdayelise
RSP Home Page
"The Repositories Support Project (RSP) is a major JISC initiative to support the development and growth of the UK repositories network."
Could Wikimedia Commons be considered a repository?
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june 2008 by pfctdayelise - digital media production, research, advisory Ltd is a digital media arts company founded in 1997 and based on the Internet Rights Charter of the Association for Progressive Communications (APC).
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march 2008 by pfctdayelise
Melbourne's Online Digital Media. monthly meetings.
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september 2007 by pfctdayelise

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