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Battling Infectious Diseases in the 20th Century | Tynan DeBold & Dov Friedman | WSJ | 11 February 2015
Gorgeous heatmaps which show the impact of vaccine introduction on various now-preventable diseases.
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Executive Pay: Mind The Gap | Gretchen Gavett | Harvard Business Review | 23 September 2014
Recommended primarily for the eye-opening chart entitled “Actual, estimated and ideal pay ratios of CEOs to unskilled workers, according to respondents in 16 different countries”; which says, roughly speaking, that most people have no idea how much top executives are getting paid. Americans think that the average CE0 earns 30 times as much as the average worker. The true figure is 350 times as much
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American Compensation in 2013 | Danielle Kurtzleben | Vox | 22 June 2014
One (very long) chart that shows 820 US occupations and how much they pay. Jobs are color-coded by their industry — a few high-paying health care (fuchsia) jobs are clustered at the top, while food service jobs (green) tend to be toward the bottom
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How the Tax Burden Has Changed | Interactive Graphic | NYT | 30 November 2012
Most Americans paid less in taxes in 2010 than people with the same inflation-adjusted incomes paid in 1980, because of cuts in federal income taxes. At lower income levels, however, much of the savings was offset by increases in federal payroll taxes, state sales taxes and local property taxes. About half of households making less than $25,000 saved nothing at all.
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