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How to Be an Anticapitalist Today
Give up the fantasy of smashing capitalism. Capitalism is not smashable, at least if you really want to construct an emancipatory future. You may personally be able to escape capitalism by moving off the grid and minimizing your involvement with the money economy and the market, but this is hardly an attractive option for most people, especially those with children, and certainly has little potential to foster a broader process of social emancipation.

If you are concerned about the lives of others, in one way or another you have to deal with capitalist structures and institutions. Taming and eroding capitalism are the only viable options. You need to participate both in political movements for taming capitalism through public policies and in socioeconomic projects of eroding capitalism through the expansion of emancipatory forms of economic activity.

We must renew an energetic progressive social democracy that not only neutralizes the harms of capitalism but also facilitates initiatives to build real utopias with the potential to erode the dominance of capitalism.
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february 2019 by petej
Rosa Luxemberg 100 years on… – Mosquito Ridge – Medium
Capitalism destroys itself, colonises its external environment and destroys the planet. To survive it must constantly impose market logic on the non-capitalist, human-centred parts of the economy

This inner tendency leads towards barbaric outcomes unless we stop it — and we are surrounded by those outcomes: genocide, war, torture, surveillance, control, misogyny, racism…

Those who will overthrow capitalism are the people who cannot live with the barbarism. They do not need a deus ex machina, a manipulative Leninist party, to realise what’s wrong: they can work it out for themselves. The task of the organisation is to focus their energy and free it from the strictures and controls capitalism teaches them to impose upon themselves.
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january 2019 by petej
Why revolution is no longer possible | openDemocracy
"Today, no collaborative, networked multitude exists that might rise up in a global mass of protest and revolution. Instead, the prevailing mode of production is based on lonesome and isolated self-entrepreneurs, who are also estranged from themselves. Companies used to compete with each other. Within each enterprise, however, solidarity could occur. Today, everyone is competing against everyone else — and within the same enterprise, too. Even though such competition heightens productivity by leaps and bounds, it destroys solidarity and communal spirit. No revolutionary mass can arise from exhausted, depressive, and isolated individuals.

Neoliberalism cannot be explained in Marxist terms. The famous “alienation” of labor does not even occur. Today, we dive eagerly into work — until we burn out. The first stage of burnout syndrome, after all, is euphoria. Burnout and revolution are mutually exclusive. Accordingly, it is mistaken to believe that the Multitude will cast off the parasitic Empire to inaugurate a communist society."
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september 2016 by petej
Mindless terrorists? The truth about Isis is much worse | Scott Atran | Comment is free | The Guardian
"More than three of every four who join Isis from abroad do so with friends and family. Most are young, in transitional stages in life: immigrants, students, between jobs and mates, having just left their native family. They join a “band of brothers (and sisters)” ready to sacrifice for significance.

We have “counter-narratives”, unappealing and unsuccessful. Mostly negative, they rely on mass messaging at youth rather than intimate dialogue. As one former Isis imam told us: “The young who came to us were not to be lectured at like witless children; they are for the most part understanding and compassionate, but misguided.” Again, there is discernible method in the Isis approach.

Eager to recruit, the group may spend hundreds of hours trying to enlist a single individual, to learn how their personal problems and grievances fit into a universal theme of persecution against all Muslims.

Current counter-radicalisation approaches lack the mainly positive, empowering appeal and sweep of Isis’s story of the world; and the personalised and intimate approach to individuals across the world.

The first step to combating Isis is to understand it. We have yet to do so. That failure costs us dear."
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november 2015 by petej
Media Lens - Launchpad For A Revolution? Russell Brand, The BBC And Elite Power
"It is understandable that there was much praise for Russell Brand's Newsnight interview and New Statesman essay. To a large extent, this signifies the desperation of people to hear any challenge to the power-protecting propaganda that we are force-fed every day. But two crucial factors here are that Brand was selected to appear by media gatekeepers; and that media institutions, notably the BBC, escaped serious scrutiny. If Brand was a serious threat to the broadcaster's projected image as a beacon of impartiality, he would not have been chosen."
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october 2013 by petej
Worlds collide as Russell Brand predicts a revolution - Channel 4 News
"I think, on balance, Russell is right about the prospect of a revolution. It won't be a socialist revolution, nor even an anti-capitalist one in design.

It will be something cultural - like the mass uprising of Turkish youth I saw in Taksim Square this year. A complete rejection of the corrupt and venal values of those who run society. In fact, as I've written before, it's already going on.

What's driving it is the failure of the current model of capitalism to answer some basic questions: like where will the jobs come from if automation takes over our lives? Where will high wages come from if workers' bargaining power is just repeatedly stamped down by the process of globalisation? How will this generation be secure in old age, if the pension system is shattered and we face half a century of boom-bust?"
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october 2013 by petej
Letters of Note: Grow up as good revolutionaries
"Grow up as good revolutionaries. Study hard so that you can master technology, which allows us to master nature. Remember that the revolution is what is important, and each one of us, alone is worth nothing.

Above all, always be capable of feeling deeply any injustice committed against anyone, anywhere in the world. This is the most beautiful quality in a revolutionary."
letter  revolution  Guevara 
june 2013 by petej
Panitch on the lack of ambition and self-confidence of the Left « Re: The People
as Marx argued against Bakunin, “the whole thing begins with the self-government of the commune.”
PanitchLeo  Marxism  state  class  revolution  politics 
february 2013 by petej
From Arab Spring to global revolution | Paul Mason | World news | The Guardian
"Now the movements are at a turning point. Their "revolution" remains trapped at the phase of ideology, culture, political debate. The real changes desired by those who protest are still only achievable by those prepared to wield hierarchical power: be it Egyptian opposition leader Mohamed ElBaradei, President Obama or Greek leftist leader Alexis Tsipras, waiting nervously in the wings.

The radical youth do not disdain "ordinary" or "everyday" life, or the unwashed, uneducated masses; nor do they fear to go up against batons and even bullets: the Indian anti-rape protests are just the latest proof of this. What they disdain and fear are the politics of traditional power. In the process of overcoming this, they will probably be forced to engage with the things they despise: compromise, parliamentary politics, the art of the possible, political Islam, organised labour. The question then is: on whose terms, and with what politics?"
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february 2013 by petej
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