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I used to think that the Tory problem was housing. But now I'm not so sure
I think the bigger problem facing the Conservatives as a result of the housing market, is one of distribution: growing prices means that liberal and ideologically left-wing middle class voters, who might previously have remained in Manchester, London or Liverpool, are moving out to previously blue or marginal suburbs – and taking their voting habits with them (see, for instance, the Wirral constituencies, both Bury seats, and Croydon Central).
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The dream of owning your own home is over. Let’s improve renting | Jonn Elledge | Opinion | The Guardian
"In some ways the buy-to-let bubble is merely a more virulent form of a condition that’s afflicted our national obsession with home ownership from the beginning. The main reason buying your own home makes you richer is because it increases in value: somebody will pay more for it tomorrow than you can today. In other words, rising house prices have always been a socially acceptable way of allowing the old to rob from the young. In an economy in which inflation has been held down, that would always eventually prove unsustainable."
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