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Without a transformation on Brexit, Labour's election chances are dead
Labour was right, after the 2017 general election, to respect the referendum result. There was no concrete Tory Brexit plan laid out; there was every prospect of negotiating a Norway-style deal; and the toxic xenophobia of the 2016 referendum campaign had dissipated.

Three years on from the referendum, the political dynamics have changed dramatically. Since July 2018 it has been clear that no form of Brexit acceptable to the Tory party can get through parliament. The only Brexit MPs could vote for is unpalatable to the Tory right. Among the right-wing electorate, support for a no-deal Brexit has grown. As defined by who wants it, Brexit is now a right-wing project.
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15 days ago by petej
This latest attack on the left Remain/Transform position by @JonCruddas_1 mischaracterises years of work by me and others, on networked individualism and post capitalism. Switch off if you find social theory too hard to do on Twitter...
This latest attack on the left Remain/Transform position by @JonCruddas_1 mischaracterises years of work by me and others, on networked individualism and post capitalism. Switch off if you find social theory too hard to do on Twitter...
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21 days ago by petej
I wish Labour’s soft Brexit punt had worked, and unified Leavers and Remainers so the left could focus on fixing our broken economy. But it hasn’t. Brexit is polarised between No Deal/Remain, and now the compromise position is a second referendum. Cor
I wish Labour’s soft Brexit punt had worked, and unified Leavers and Remainers so the left could focus on fixing our broken economy. But it hasn’t. Brexit is polarised between No Deal/Remain, and now the compromise position is a second referendum. Corbyn should campaign for one.
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7 weeks ago by petej
Many of the Labour Party’s intrinsic problems have been brought to the fore in the Brexit debate: a mandarin conception of the relationship between party, membership and wider class, which resulted in the awkward drafting of the original Clause IV (‘to secure for the workers by hand or brain’) and the gradual isolation of the professional party from its rank-and-file membership; a willingness to treat certain parts of its electoral base as if they have ‘nowhere else to go’ (as one of Blair’s advisers once told his cabinet); a staid grasp of the composition of the working class; a difficulty in grasping constitutional questions as anything other than an ideological excrescence of underlying class relations (the results in Wales and Scotland ought to underline this). The party may have rediscovered socialism, but all these issues have yet to be tackled. It is tempting to see them as the major obstacles to ‘resolving’ Brexit – they have certainly all contributed to Labour’s occasionally obscure position on it.
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7 weeks ago by petej
Labour is a 'remain and reform' party on EU, says Tom Watson | Politics | The Guardian
Labour is still a “remain and reform party” over EU membership, Tom Watson has argued, as he said it seemed inevitable that a confirmatory referendum would be needed for the party’s MPs to agree to any Brexit deal.
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9 weeks ago by petej
If Labour really wants to move on, it has to back a second referendum | Tom Kibasi | Opinion | The Guardian
How can a referendum be won? Remainers need to stop talking to themselves and instead think about how to persuade people who voted leave last time to vote remain next time. Rather than trying to sell the virtues of the European project or making the case for “remain and reform”, Labour should instead make and win the argument that Brexit simply isn’t worth it: that there are more pressing priorities, from wages to NHS waiting times. The country has already wasted three years arguing about trading arrangements and regulatory alignment rather than about jobs, living standards and public services
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10 weeks ago by petej
How to win the Brexit Civil War. An open letter to my fellow Remainers | openDemocracy
Researchers, Chris Prosser, Jon Mellon, and Jane Green of The British Election Study Team asked a large cross sample what mattered to them in the referendum. The word-clouds map the answers. Remainers were overwhelmingly concerned with their economic future. Leavers said ‘immigration” but “were actually more likely to mention sovereignty related issues overall”. The conclusion? “The referendum campaign was not a fight about which side had the best argument on the issues… Instead, the fight was about which of these issues was more important.”
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11 weeks ago by petej
Time has run out. Labour must seize its last chance to take a stand on Brexit | Will Hutton | Opinion | The Guardian
The right of British politics is becoming an amalgam of strident English nationalism, nostalgic xenophobia and hyper-Thatcherism hiding behind the language of anti-Europeanism that seeks to legitimise those ugly values. The ageing Tory party, already hostage to thousands of ex-Ukip members who have recently joined it, is being pulled magnetically towards Farage’s Brexit party. Tory councillors and activists around the country say they will vote for it, with its promise of a no-deal hard Brexit and national “independence”, something so valuable, declares Farage, that if it means being poorer and internationally marginalised, so be it. It will allow the greater prize of England becoming the country he wants, home to a virulent capitalism and minimal social safety net; to a spirit of anti-immigration and indifference to inequality.
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