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Britain fell for a neoliberal con trick – even the IMF says so | Aditya Chakrabortty | Opinion | The Guardian
Let us get it straight. Neoliberalism has ripped you off and robbed you blind. The evidence of that is mounting up – in your bills, in your services and in the finances of your country.
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october 2018 by petej
Reassessing Corbynism: success, contradictions and a difficult path ahead | SPERI
Every one of Corbyn’s much-vaunted manifesto pledges relies on an increased tax-take and growth strategy which are predicated upon remaining in the single market, and thus entail retaining free movement. Yet his manifesto promise to end free movement (reiterated by John McDonnell in the weekend after the election result) makes nationalist protectionism the axiomatic position of both major parties, one which for Labour cannot be overturned without shedding one half of the electoral coalition which has secured Corbyn’s position.
The struggle to win the support of the ex-UKIP Leave vote has led to Farage’s nativist agenda poisoning the well of the British polity as a whole, left and right – the real reason he is still never off the airwaves, despite UKIP’s ostensible collapse. The risk on one side is of economic catastrophe, on the other the development of a ‘stab in the back’ myth of national betrayal. No amount of energetic canvassing or witty memes can bridge such an abyss. It requires the political courage to be truly honest with the electorate about the consequences of withdrawal from the single market, traits which for all Corbyn’s purported authenticity have, in this context at least, been in short supply.
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june 2017 by petej
Faragism, not Carswellism, will shape the UK's post-Brexit future
The second - and the more important as far as the future of British politics after Brexit is concerned - is that electorally speaking, Farage is right and Carswell is wrong. There is no electoral majority to be found Britain for the libertarian brand of conservatism that Carswell espouses. In the referendum, while the margin of victory for Leave was so small that the liberal Leaver fringe can honestly claim to be decisive, in the main, people who voted to leave did so for higher public spending and lower immigration, a world away from the vision of Carswell.
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march 2017 by petej
Damian McBride, Miliband's rope-a-dope trick
"After Manchester, George Osborne thought the election – and with it his destiny as David Cameron’s successor – was there for the taking here and now. When he should have stepped back, picked his punches and won on points next May, he went wild in search of an immediate knockout.
But by promising too much, too soon on spending cuts and raising the spectre of another VAT increase, he has achieved the near-impossible: making the Tories look like the step into the unknown on fiscal policy.
In the process, he has also resolved the four-year debate on what to say about the deficit at the top of Labour, allowed the Liberal Democrats to achieve the differentiation they crave, and undone all of David Cameron’s efforts to make the Tories look like they believe in public services.
That is some ten weeks’ work by George Osborne, and some ten weeks of good luck for Ed Miliband. At this rate, we may look back at the Labour leader’s conference gaffe as the missing words that won him the election."
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december 2014 by petej
Autumn Statement 2014: IFS analysis - Institute For Fiscal Studies - IFS
"How do we get to this sunlit upland in which we have a budget surplus? Spending cuts on a colossal scale is how, taking total government spending to its lowest level as a proportion of national income since before the last war. "

"If we move in anything like this direction, whilst continuing to protect health and pensions, the role and shape of the state
will have changed beyond recognition. We think that on the plans set out yesterday by 2019-20 a third of all state spending will go just on health and state pensions, up from a quarter not long before the crisis."
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december 2014 by petej
BBC News - Osborne: Autumn Statement cuts warnings 'hyperbolic'
"I had all that when you were interviewing me four years ago and has the world fallen in? No it hasn't."
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december 2014 by petej
OpenCulture » Blog Archive » Museums in a Digital Nation - Keynote to UK Museums on the Web 2010
"The events of recent months, and the cuts that are still to come, are not a temporary aberration. This is not a bump in the road. Museums are entering a new era. We are a country in crisis. A country at war. We have a Coalition that does not fundamentally believe that culture should be funded by the taxpayer. This is not a question of sitting it out, of waiting for the sun to shine again."
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november 2010 by petej
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