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The Plashing Vole: y traethodydd: Mark My Work?
"I still like and respect the vast majority of my students, and feel sorry for those enunciating the feelings expressed via #markmywork. But they make it difficult. To them I say this: you know we're not lazy. You see the effort we put in during lectures and tutorials, online and in person. My students see the energy and enthusiasm with which I teach. They know I'm always available. They don't see the multiple committees I sit on, the admin I do, the long hours I put in (I'm frequently here for 13 hours), the research I produce and the myriad other things we all do essentially for free. I say to the students promoting #markmywork that they, and my colleagues are the university: not the management that sees us as costs and you as customers, as figures on a spreadsheet. We support you, day in, day out. Try reciprocating, just for once. Phone your Vice-Chancellor. Complain through your SU. Come out and support us."
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april 2014 by petej
Why university staff are not striking – open thread | Higher Education Network | Guardian Professional
Sigh. Really, Guardian, WTF?

"while I am sometimes frustrated by a lack of progression and opportunity for support roles, I equally feel like I have a really good deal at [my] university."
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december 2013 by petej

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