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Hard-working? If you pay me, I'll do a good job. That's the deal | Alex Andreou | Comment is free |
"Beneath this, there is the obnoxious notion that people owe their employer loyalty, gratitude and even love; tug your forelock and go "the extra mile" for an employer who may show you no loyalty and dump you as soon as you become old, pregnant or sick.

For an employer who, with one phone call from his private yacht in the Côte d'Azur, will close an entire plant just to teach you a lesson about accepting pay cuts graciously. For an employer who works extra hard at hiding their earnings in tax havens in order to avoid contributing to the system that provides them with a healthy, educated workforce, protects their property and provides the roads, rail tracks, phone lines and runways through which they peddle their product and make more profit to hide.

Enough. If an employer hires me to do a job, it means they have deemed me qualified to do it. If I cannot complete the task required in the hours for which I am paid, I am being conned. I will exchange my labour for money or not, if I choose to, for there are of course other reasons why I might choose to work hard: because I derive satisfaction from the work itself, to advance in some other way, to help people less fortunate than I, to educate myself, as an investment in my future. All those reasons are valid, because they are gainful in some way. But I will not exchange my labour solely for the approval, respect or love of corporate entities."
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