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William Davies: The Political Economy of Unhappiness. New Left Review 71, September-October 2011.
"Depression is just sheer incapacity, a distinctly neo-liberal form of psychological deficiency, representing the flipside of an ethos that implores individuals to act, enjoy, perform, create, achieve and maximize. In an economy based in large part on services, enthusiasm, dynamism and optimism are vital workplace resources. The depressed employee is stricken by a chronic deflation of these psycho-economic capacities, which can lead him or her to feel economically useless, and consequently more depressed. The workplace therefore acquires a therapeutic function, for if people can somehow be persuaded to remain in work despite mental or physical illness, then their self-esteem will be prevented from falling too low, and their bio-psycho-economic potential might be rescued."
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Adults with colouring books, kids with CVs – it’s a world turned upside down | Andre Spicer | Opinion | The Guardian
"It seems we live in a world that has been turned upside down. While parents do colouring, or spend time playing at work, their children are busy building their CVs, developing entrepreneurial skills and struggling to hit their performance metrics (ie pass their exams).

Perhaps instead of continuing to load up our children up with ever more onerous adult responsibilities we might instead allow them to act like kids again."
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Happiness and children | openDemocracy
"Economists assume that competition is something that occurs spontaneously in the market, a natural force that public policy can prepare us for but not alleviate or shape. Positive psychologists reduce anxiety and depression to defects of behaviour or cognitive biases. But what if people are being socially compelled to compete, perform and prove themselves? And what if that compulsion, far from being ‘natural’ or even a diffuse cultural effect of ‘late capitalism’ or ‘modernity’, is in fact deliberately designed by policy-makers who seek to bolster their power with more and more data?

What if it is really the anxieties and fears of those such as Nicky Morgan, an Education Secretary in the UK Government who knows nothing about teaching, or the Department of Education wonks who are wrestling to make the world conform to their numerical understandings, that are really responsible for placing more and more stress on children? "
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