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An attack on Syria could be disastrous. But the warmongers won’t be told | Owen Jones | Opinion | The Guardian
Syria is often presented as a case study of disastrous non-intervention. What utter rot. Syria has been a battleground for foreign powers, from Russia to the Gulf states, for years. The US has been bombing the country and supplying arms to rebels for some time. Our client states – the dictatorships of Saudi Arabia and Qatar – have funnelled weapons and billions of dollars into the conflict, backing extremist groups responsible for multiple atrocities. What has all this achieved, other than escalation and bodybags? There should be honesty among the war party, at the very least: its argument is not that there hasn’t been intervention, but that there hasn’t been enough intervention. No good can come of adding even more western missiles to Syria’s carnage. A military alliance with Trump in Syria can only escalate the horror of this war. And, unlike the politicians and commentators who brought us the quagmires of Iraq and Libya, the British public know it.
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