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Labour’s Brexit Policy |
To sum up – I started with three simple rival ‘narratives’ of Labour’s underlying position on Brexit. I’ve articulated my own interpretation of Labour’s position, which implies that all of these narratives have something to them. In my view, Labour’s preferred Brexit outcome involves significant breaks with existing EU governance rules. The leadership wants those breaks to be in the area of neoliberal constraints on socialist policy-making; much of the PLP wants those breaks to be in the area of freedom of movement. In a scenario where Labour is in government without the Brexit deal having been concluded, those two categories of negotiating priority will be in tension. Nevertheless, the tension between those two categories of negotiating priority is (I would argue) not as fundamental as the tension between some of the Conservatives’ commitments. Moreover, unlike the Conservatives, Labour have been quite careful not to articulate any commitments that cannot be backed down from towards greater compatibility with existing EU rules. Thus in a scenario in which Labour were negotiating with the EU, I would expect Labour to make an effort to achieve a set of concessions around EU rules, and if those concessions could not be achieved, to capitulate in the direction of a more liberal existing-EU-institutions-aligned position.
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An Alternative History of Silicon Valley Disruption | WIRED
It is only now, a decade after the financial crisis, that the American public seems to appreciate that what we thought was disruption worked more like extraction—of our data, our attention, our time, our creativity, our content, our DNA, our homes, our cities, our relationships. The tech visionaries’ predictions did not usher us into the future, but rather a future where they are kings.

They promised the open web, we got walled gardens. They promised individual liberty, then broke democracy—and now they’ve appointed themselves the right men to fix it.
SiliconValley  technology  disruption  business  Darwinism  surveillanceCapitalism  flexibility  precarity  innovation  exceptionalism 
october 2018 by petej
Some praise our gig economy flexibility. I call it exploitation | Larry Elliott | Opinion | The Guardian
Language matters. There was a time when these trends would have been described as casualisation or exploitation. They would have been seen as symbolic of a one-sided labour market in which the deck was stacked in favour of employers. These days, though, it is evidence of “flexibility”, and who could object to that?
gigEconomy  zeroHours  underemployment  self-employment  casualisation  exploitation  employment  flexibility  deregulation  pay  wages  interestRates  dctagged  dc:creator=ElliottLarry 
april 2018 by petej
Robots 'could replace 250,000 UK public sector workers' | Technology | The Guardian
"Staff should embrace the gig economy"... "where workers support themselves through a variety of flexible jobs acquired through online platforms"

So: embrace miserable wages, no sick pay, no holiday pay, no pension, no way of convincing a landlord you're an OK prospect as a long-term tenant. Embrace waking up and reaching for your mobile wondering whether you've got any chance of paid work today or not.

And "job losses must be handled sensitively".

That's OK then
automation  gigEconomy  publicSector  publicServices  employment  jobs  work  labour  insecurity  flexibility  precarity  UK  economics 
february 2017 by petej
Anxious Resilience | Mute
"Resilience is thus presented as a key way of subjectively working through the uncertainty and instability of contemporary capital. The neoliberal subject can ‘achieve balance’ across the several insecure and part-time jobs they have, can ‘overcome life’s hurdles’ such as facing retirement without any pension to speak of, and just ‘bounce back from whatever life throws at us’, whether it be the collapse of welfare systems or global economic meltdown. The policing of the resilient citizen coincides with the socio-economic fabrication of resilient yet flexible labour. Neoliberal citizenship is nothing if not a training in resilience.

All of which is to say that anxiety and resilience are now core to the jargon of neoliberal authenticity.12 Superficially, such jargon is full of ‘recognition’ for the complexities of human experience (‘of course you are anxious’; ‘we all share the same fears’; ‘it’s only natural to be anxious’), but this merely encourages the naturalisation of a neoliberal subjectivity mobilised for security and capital: the jargon of neoliberal authenticity is the jargon of neoliberal authoritarianism. This is police power at its most profound, shaping subjectivity and fabricating order through counselors within police departments, therapists within the community, psychologists in the media, and experts working in the cultural field, all offering advice on our anxieties and coaching us in our resilience. And it is a police power par excellence in closing down alternate possibilities: we can be anxious about what might happen, but our response must be resilience training, not political struggle. We can be collectively anxious and structurally resilient, but not mobilised politically."
neoliberalism  anxiety  stress  resilience  authoritarianism  subjectivity  flexibility 
september 2016 by petej
Does the UK really need 'wealth creators' and 'hardworking people'? | openDemocracy
"But there are no guarantees. The final cataclysmic moment of destruction may never arrive – as Walter Benjamin put it: “That things ‘just go on’ is the catastrophe. It is not that which is approaching but that which is.” But the first step in facing up to that catastrophe is to recognise it for what it is, with no illusions. Because it is not the radical left who are “unrealistic”. Rather it is the social democrats who refuse to acknowledge what is staring them in the face, who continue to ignore history, insisting instead that moral appeals can bring about a return to a “fairer” capitalism that never really existed."
politics  economics  ideology  work  labour  capitalism  postFordism  post-industrialism  services  globalisation  bullshitJobs  identity  alienation  flexibility  precarity  property  homeOwnership  rightToBuy  housing  UK  economy 
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