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Theresa May has trashed our democracy and put MPs in danger | Lisa Nandy | Opinion | The Guardian
Yesterday in parliament I spent several hours, with my colleague Gareth Snell, trying to reassert those principles of democracy and find a route through this nightmare, by guaranteeing a role for parliament in the next stages of Brexit negotiations; we were trying to ensure that once the withdrawal agreement is passed we end this desperate tug of war and begin the messy, hard business of compromise and the search for common ground. A few hours later, the prime minister stood up inside No 10 Downing Street and trashed our democracy. She is not fit to be prime minister, does not deserve the support of MPs, and she will not get it.
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The Tech Backlash We Really Need - The New Atlantis
The tech backlash, emerging as it has within this centuries-old trajectory, will not achieve the perspective necessary to offer a substantive evaluation of our technological disorders. The critique emanates from within the system, assumes the overall beneficence of the system, and serves only to maximize the system’s power and efficiency by working out its bugs. Meanwhile, the big tech companies can rest ever more assured of their ability to withstand an occasional public battering and emerge unscathed so long as the bribe remains sufficiently enticing. So far, the tech backlash seems likely not to weaken the tech industry but to strengthen it, enhancing the power of the present techno-social configuration.

This is not, however, a case for either inaction or despair. It is, rather, a plea to make the most of the present moment when the curtain has been pulled back ever so slightly on the industry that does so much to shape our world. A backlash will not be enough; by definition it is sudden and fleeting and its course is determined by the forces against which it reacts. What is needed is a more sustained and clear-eyed reconsideration of our situation and a renewed capacity to imagine alternative configurations of the technological order.
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