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Kim Darroch has resigned. Now Britain risks becoming a vassal of the US | Martin Kettle | Opinion | The Guardian
This is a new world. There are no precedents. Britain’s postwar belief that it is a unique bridge between Europe and the US is more rickety now than ever. The Brexiters are set on destroying one end of the bridge. Trump is equally bent on blowing up the other. As the bridge begins to collapse, so does the transatlantic foreign policy that Darroch and others have battled so hard to sustain. As Simon McDonald put it today to the foreign affairs committee, there will be consequences. There certainly will. And none will be good ones.
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The Guardian view on Kim Darroch’s resignation: a grim portent | Editorial | Opinion | The Guardian
It also follows the ideological trajectory on which Brexit has propelled the Tory party. What was advertised as a project to “take back control” has become a project of unquestioning submission to the whim of a US president who exhibits a despotic temperament and despises the rules-based global order that has underpinned the stability of western Europe since the end of the second world war. Mr Johnson would make a grimly suitable prime minister for this agenda of constitutional vandalism and casual Europhobia. His disregard for truth was well established in the referendum campaign; his disdain for diplomacy was proved during his disastrous stint as foreign secretary. Even his supporters struggle to praise his character, admiring instead his commitment to Brexit and hoping that will revive the Tories’ electoral fortunes. The voracity of Mr Johnson’s ambition has never been a secret, nor has his willingness to sacrifice anything and anyone to satisfy that appetite. In that context, his handling of the Darroch case is unsurprising. But in one respect it represents an exceptional achievement: Mr Johnson has managed to diminish the office of prime minister before even reaching it.
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It’s confusing, contradictory, nonsense: Europe minister dismisses case for Brexit | Politics | The Guardian
“I do find it extraordinary that those who want Britain to leave the EU seem to hold to two utterly contradictory propositions at the same time. Their first belief is that inside the EU we cannot achieve any meaningful change and that too often the other countries are in some sort of nefarious conspiracy against our interests. But their second belief, which they hold equally firmly, is that outside the EU these very same countries and governments would rush to give us some new deal that has all the benefits of EU membership with none of the things that apply to others. Look at Norway and Switzerland. They both have higher EU migration rates than we do, they both have to pay into the EU budget, they both have to accept EU rules and regulations as the price for access to a free-trade single market. There is no getting away from that. I think the Leave campaign is still in a state of confusion about what they actually mean by ‘leave’.”
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