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Time has run out. Labour must seize its last chance to take a stand on Brexit | Will Hutton | Opinion | The Guardian
The right of British politics is becoming an amalgam of strident English nationalism, nostalgic xenophobia and hyper-Thatcherism hiding behind the language of anti-Europeanism that seeks to legitimise those ugly values. The ageing Tory party, already hostage to thousands of ex-Ukip members who have recently joined it, is being pulled magnetically towards Farage’s Brexit party. Tory councillors and activists around the country say they will vote for it, with its promise of a no-deal hard Brexit and national “independence”, something so valuable, declares Farage, that if it means being poorer and internationally marginalised, so be it. It will allow the greater prize of England becoming the country he wants, home to a virulent capitalism and minimal social safety net; to a spirit of anti-immigration and indifference to inequality.
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Capitalism’s new crisis: after Carillion, can the private sector ever be trusted? | Politics | The Guardian
British company law does not require companies to declare any purpose when they incorporate: indeed, the whole British ecosystem is organised to put short-term financial priorities first, and all the other things that make a company great – its people, its relationship with its customers, its capacity to innovate, its declared reason for being – in second place. Bad economics married with Britain’s unique institutions delivered what we now have: a rogue form of capitalism.
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Leftie? Yes, and proud to be among those upholding Enlightenment values | Will Hutton | Opinion | The Guardian
A significant element in western electorates, particularly among the less well-educated and unskilled members of the white working class, is so fearful about the impact of mass immigration on their sense of identity that Enlightenment values can go hang. There are fertile ground for the populist right everywhere – from eastern Europe to the American midwest, including the poorer regions of England.

Brexit was an anti-Enlightenment project. It was won on lies, unachievable promises and open distrust of knowledge imparted by “experts”. But crucially, as Nigel Farage always understood, it was also about repudiating the impact of immigration, brilliantly captured in the neutral – so as not to court any charge of even subliminal racism – catchphrase “take back control”.

It was a protest by a forgotten, white working class against a status quo underwritten by Enlightenment values. And although it wasn’t overwhelming or decisive, the need to describe it as such springs from the same need that Donald Trump spoke to when he declared that America doesn’t have victories any more. The anti-Enlightenment, pro-Brexit right in league with the white working class could for the first time unambiguously claim the scalp of their liberal tormentors.
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EU referendum: ‘This is now a battle for an idea of Britain’ | Will Hutton | Opinion | The Guardian
Brexit would not herald a new dawn. As John Major has argued, we export six times as much to the EU as to Brazil, Russia, China and India added together. We export five times as much to the EU as to all the other 52 members of the Commonwealth added together. We sell more services to tiny Luxembourg than to India. The “experts”, derided by Leave, when they warn of recession and years of lost opportunity as Britain tries to redirect its trade, are only stating the obvious.

The millions of working-class voters thinking of voting Brexit, beware. Immigrants, who boost our economy, are not the cause of our ills. The lack of cheap social housing, the underinvestment in public services, the non-building of roads, the inability of weakened trade unions to defend wages and the wider failure to develop vigorous local economies are not the EU’s fault. What is wrong is minted in Britain and must be put right here.

Moreover, the values that will make our lives better are mutuality and generosity – not telling others to go home and turning our backs on the noble if derided EU. To leave is to indulge the worst side of our natures, to believe fantasies about what constitutes democracy and to chase an economic chimera. To remain is a double win – to be part of something good and get richer in the process. Think before you vote.
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The quest for knowledge is good in itself and helps the country thrive | Comment is free | The Observer
"The financial system and world economy have been wrecked by religious obeisance to the doctrine that no check is needed to the operation of choice and markets. Private is best, public a disaster. Now the same principles are being visited on our universities. "
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