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LENIN'S TOMB: The UKIPisation of English politics II
"So here we are. The Labour leader is so utterly petrified of alienating this quasi-mythical figure, 'white van man', lest it turns out that he speaks for the whole 'white working class', that he fires a shadow cabinet member for even obliquely possibly offending them.

The government are so desperate to get in on this game that they have Michael Gove telling us that prejudice toward 'white van man' is as abhorrent as prejudice to an ethnic minority. And Ed Miliband, absurdly, is probably kicking himself not to have thought of that line.

This is the UKIPisation of English politics. It has been a long time in the making. "
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november 2014 by petej
A tax-based alternative to the Alternative Vote – Telegraph Blogs
The rabid right-wing loons are amusing sometimes, though maybe not for the reasons they think they are
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may 2011 by petej

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