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David Runciman reviews ‘How to Stop Brexit (and Make Britain Great Again)’ by Nick Clegg · LRB 10 May 2018
For that reason, the likeliest way to overturn the referendum result is to wait until one party or other has taken clear ownership of its consequences. For that to happen, Brexit has to happen too. It is possible that at some point a second referendum will be appropriate, once a new status quo has been established, to see whether people would prefer an alternative. Until then, however, conventional electoral politics will have to decide our collective fate. It makes sense to regret that the referendum happened in the first place. But there is nothing to be gained by regretting the result. No one takes responsibility that way. It is still perfectly possible that Brexit won’t happen as its champions would like, if it gets snagged by parliamentary arithmetic. But for anyone to undo Brexit, someone is going to have to do it first.
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Digital Devices and Learning to Grow Up | The Frailest Thing
"encouraging people to habitually render other human beings unworthy of their attention seems like a poor way to build a just and equitable society"
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