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Billy Charlton trial: Sunderland protester who spoke alongside Tommy Robinson accused of stirring up | Page 6 | RTG Sunderland Message Boards
Billy Charlton and his cronies have made this city infamous. You'd never believe that such an idiot like him would have such a pervasive effect on the politics of this area. Despite having a tiny muslim community that only adds up to 0.1% of the total population, his efforts and those around him have turned Sunderland into one of the most Islamophobic places in Britain.
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december 2018 by petej
Will Nissan stay once Britain leaves? How one factory explains the Brexit business dilemma | News | The Guardian
“The deal [is] tangible evidence of the benefits to the UK of membership of the European Community; Nissan [has] chosen the United Kingdom because it [gives] them access to the whole European market. If we were outside the community, it is very unlikely that Nissan would have given the United Kingdom serious consideration as a base for this substantial investment.”


In fact, after Cornwall, the north-east receives England’s second-highest amount of EU structural funding proportionate to its population, according to a report compiled before the referendum for Sunderland’s public and private sector partnership, the Economic Leadership Board. The current round of EU funding, being managed by the region’s local enterprise partnership, is £437m between 2014 and 2020. Nissan itself, according to Farnsworth’s research, has received £450m in loans from the European Investment Bank, and £347m in grants and other public funding, from the UK and EU.
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