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Eurozone QE: 20 things you need to know | Paul Mason
"4. Here’s the background: after the 2008 crisis, growth was suppressed throughout the world. Not just by a massive debt overhang, but by the knowledge that two key features of neo-liberalism, when it was successful, could not be revived:
a. The global imbalances, whereby China, Japan, the oil countries and Germany produced stuff, suppressed consumption and funded the borrowing of the rich countries; and
b. The financialised lifestyle of the West, where consumption continued to grow, despite low or zero wage growth, because of increased access to credit.

5. So growth is scarce. Meanwhile there is an abundance of three things: labour, capital and oil."
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Fed unemployment mystery holds key to global markets - Telegraph
"The Fed has a two-phase trigger. It aims to wind down bond purchases to zero as the headline jobless rate nears 7pc, and then start to raise rates at 6.5pc. The problem is that unemployment has been dropping faster than expected. It is already 7.3pc and could hit 7pc soon. This would be fine if the economy was roaring back and creating jobs, but it is shedding jobs at a disturbing pace.
Headline unemployment is dropping only because people have stopped looking for work. America lost 347,000 jobs over the past two months, with the labour “participation rate” falling from 63.5pc to 63.2pc, the lowest since the late 1970s when fewer women worked."
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