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It’s confusing, contradictory, nonsense: Europe minister dismisses case for Brexit | Politics | The Guardian
“I do find it extraordinary that those who want Britain to leave the EU seem to hold to two utterly contradictory propositions at the same time. Their first belief is that inside the EU we cannot achieve any meaningful change and that too often the other countries are in some sort of nefarious conspiracy against our interests. But their second belief, which they hold equally firmly, is that outside the EU these very same countries and governments would rush to give us some new deal that has all the benefits of EU membership with none of the things that apply to others. Look at Norway and Switzerland. They both have higher EU migration rates than we do, they both have to pay into the EU budget, they both have to accept EU rules and regulations as the price for access to a free-trade single market. There is no getting away from that. I think the Leave campaign is still in a state of confusion about what they actually mean by ‘leave’.”
UK  EU  Europe  diplomacy  Brexit  referendum  LidingtonDavid  politics  GoveMichael  JohnsonBoris  trade  tariffs  noDeal 
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The Tories are tough on Islamophobia? What a joke | Jonathan Freedland | Opinion | The Guardian
It means that both main UK parties are now facing accusations of institutional racism. Some will wonder why, of the two, it’s the issue of Labour antisemitism that has so far garnered the greater attention. One explanation is not flattering to the Tory party. It is simply that people expect much less of the Tories than they do of an avowedly anti-racist party such as Labour. Put another way, if the Tory party is riddled with bigotry towards a minority, it hardly comes as a surprise.
UK  politics  ToryParty  Islamophobia  JohnsonBoris  GoldsmithZac  KhanSadiq  BlackmanBob  FabricantMichael  WarsiSayeeda  dctagged  dc:creator=FreedlandJonathan 
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May's Brexit Debacle: Britain Finally Confronts Reality - SPIEGEL ONLINE
She could have explained that a continued close relationship with the EU would mean having to accept many rules and decisions from Brussels without having a seat at the negotiating table. Or, if Britain were to opt for a greater degree of freedom, the consequence would be economic disadvantages. And she could have sent a reckless political hothead like Johnson to where he belongs: oblivion.

Instead, she appointed Johnson as foreign secretary and adopted his strategy of acting as though the United Kingdom could somehow have it all: full control over immigration, complete freedom to establish trade agreements with countries around the world and all the advantages of the EU membership they were giving up. And there would, of course, be no hard border between Northern Ireland and Ireland, even if there is still nobody who has a clue how such a thing might be possible once the UK leaves the customs union.

The opposition isn't much better. Early on, Labour Party head Jeremy Corbyn committed himself to a position whereby the only Brexit deal he could accept was one that granted the UK the exact same advantages as EU membership. That was so obviously impossible from the very beginning that it is akin to sabotaging democracy. Corbyn still hasn't presented a clear vision for the future of a United Kingdom outside of the European Union.

It was always clear that a confrontation with reality was inevitable, and that has now taken place in the form of May's House of Commons defeat. She is primarily to blame for the fact that this confrontation took place so late in the game. Now, there is little time left to prevent a chaotic Brexit without a deal.
UK  EU  Brexit  withdrawalAgreement  defeat  politics  MayTheresa  JohnsonBoris  CorbynJeremy  delusion 
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Let's call Islamophobia what it is - mainstream, anti-Muslim racism
There has been a concerted effort by the far right (with much complicity in the media) to separate Muslims from other racialised groups. As Claire Alexander argued in the Runnymede Trust’s report on Islamophobia last year there has been a deliberate shift by the far right to focus racisms on “narrow biological markers”, thereby stripping it of its social, structural and historical context. This means denying that Muslims are a racial or ethnic group (thereby undermining their claims of racial discrimination compared to those of Sikhs or Jews) and positioning “Islamic identity” as a choice that Muslims can make, rather than viewing it as something which is attributed to them, regardless of the extent to which they practice their religion. All diversity within the religion – nationality, ethnicity, language and history – has been erased and Muslims are presented as a homogenous group, inseparable from Islamist extremists and incompatible with Western civilisation.

Anyone who argues that anti-Muslim sentiments are not racist because they focus on “religious or cultural practices”, rather than on ethnic or racial characteristics, is being disingenuous. Suggesting that there is a clear line between hatred and fear of Islam (the ideology) and prejudice against ordinary individual Muslims (who may or may not practice the religion) is being deceitful. And conflating and erasing all the diversity and differences within Muslim minority communities so you can vilify them as a group is manifestly racism in every other guise. Let’s not pretend that anti-Muslim racism is anything else.
UK  Islamophobia  hatred  racism  RobinsonTommy  JohnsonBoris  LiddleRod  bigotry  farRight  prejudice 
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May calls emergency cabinet meeting to sign off Brexit deal | Politics | The Guardian
Key elements of the deal began to leak in the early evening. The UK was understood to have agreed that an independent arbitration committee will judge when a UK-wide customs backstop could be terminated, comprising an equa

l number of British and EU representatives plus an independent element.

There will be a review in July 2019, Brussels sources added, six months before the end of the transition period, at which it will be determined if the UK is ready to move to a free trade deal; transfer to the backstop; or extend the transition period, possibly by a year to 2021.
UK  EU  Brexit  negotiations  Cabinet  MayTheresa  ERG  Rees-MoggJacob  JohnsonBoris  business  politics  backstop  DUP  withdrawalAgreement 
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Kavanaugh has revealed the insidious force in global politics: toxic masculinity | Jonathan Freedland | Opinion | The Guardian
Much of the commentary on populism emphasises its appeal not only to economic anxiety, but to the sense of cultural displacement felt by those who fear ethnic and racial diversity. What’s discussed less often is the specific appeal to men, angry that their status has been shaken by the shifts of the last several decades.
USA  politics  TrumpDonald  KavanaughBrett  masculinity  power  entitlement  machismo  DuterteRodrigo  OrbanViktor  JohnsonBoris  PutinVladimir  DavisDavid  dctagged  dc:creator=FreedlandJonathan 
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