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The Guardian view on Kim Darroch’s resignation: a grim portent | Editorial | Opinion | The Guardian
It also follows the ideological trajectory on which Brexit has propelled the Tory party. What was advertised as a project to “take back control” has become a project of unquestioning submission to the whim of a US president who exhibits a despotic temperament and despises the rules-based global order that has underpinned the stability of western Europe since the end of the second world war. Mr Johnson would make a grimly suitable prime minister for this agenda of constitutional vandalism and casual Europhobia. His disregard for truth was well established in the referendum campaign; his disdain for diplomacy was proved during his disastrous stint as foreign secretary. Even his supporters struggle to praise his character, admiring instead his commitment to Brexit and hoping that will revive the Tories’ electoral fortunes. The voracity of Mr Johnson’s ambition has never been a secret, nor has his willingness to sacrifice anything and anyone to satisfy that appetite. In that context, his handling of the Darroch case is unsurprising. But in one respect it represents an exceptional achievement: Mr Johnson has managed to diminish the office of prime minister before even reaching it.
DarrochKim  JohnsonBoris  TrumpDonald  UK  USA  politics  diplomacy  Brexit  loyalty  Guardian  editorial 
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Campaign against Brexit starts now – on positive terms only Labour can deliver | Opinion | The Guardian
The EU reflects the political reality of the member states that comprise it, and is far from perfect. We deplore the treatment of Greece by the European institutions, and the fact that tens of thousands of migrants have been left to drown in the Mediterranean Sea. It is precisely because of these criticisms that our movement has a moral duty to stay and fight in the EU, working alongside the European left and using our position as the largest group in the Party of European Socialists. Jeremy Corbyn, and the mass movement underneath him, could yet be a major player in influencing the EU’s policies and development for the decades ahead.
UK  EU  Brexit  Remain  LabourParty  nationalism  immigration  farRight  reform  Guardian  letter  OsamorKate  LewisClive  Russell-MoyleLloyd  OnwurahChi  politics 
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The 50 best UK pubs | Travel | The Guardian
The Grain Barge, Bristol
Free Trade Inn, Newcastle
Britons Protection, Manchester
Port St Beer House, Manchester
The Shakespeare, Sheffield
The Bridge Tavern, Newcastle
Guardian  lists  pubs  beer 
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The Guardian view on Theresa May’s Brexit strategy: failing on two fronts | Editorial | Opinion | The Guardian
The banal truth is that the EU asserted its combined interests as a multi-member union (with Ireland benefiting from collective solidarity), while the UK wasted months failing to even understand its own interests. The backstop impasse has arisen at the collision point of two contradictory British objectives. One is Mrs May’s capitulation to Brexiter demands for severe rupture from EU markets. The other is her commitment to honour the Good Friday agreement.

It should be obvious what has to give. The refusal to countenance long-term participation in the single market and customs union was made rashly, without consideration for the economic implications, back in 2016. The unwisdom of that choice has been highlighted by every subsequent turn of events. It is not a stance that can comfortably command a majority in parliament. Instead of adapting to political realities at home and abroad, broadening the scope of what Brexit might entail, Mrs May has narrowed her options on both fronts. She is struggling to get a deal and struggling to persuade a domestic audience that the deal she might get is worth having.

Fear of defeat in parliament lies behind government moves this week to limit the opportunities for MPs to amend the motion approving or rejecting Brexit terms. Ministers are hoping to arrange what has been advertised as the “meaningful vote” as a binary choice between the prime minister’s deal and no deal at all. Such a stark menu would, it is imagined, intimidate MPs into accepting any kind of orderly withdrawal over the prospect of a chaotic one. This desperate manoeuvre reveals an administration that has run out of ways to win arguments around Brexit and is resorting instead to procedural subterfuge.

In Brussels this week, Mrs May played for time and was indulged by EU leaders. Their post-summit statements exuded weary patience and cautious optimism. They recognise that the main obstacles to progress are in Westminster and that the onus is on the British prime minister to find some room for manoeuvre at home. Since that is the requirement for success in the negotiations, Mrs May should be thinking of ways to keep options open – and so allowing parliament to put options on the table, too. Instead, the prime minister seems determined to keep closing down channels for potential compromise. It is neither an honourable nor an effective strategy.
UK  EU  Brexit  negotiations  MayTheresa  singleMarket  customsUnion  backstop  borders  Ireland  NorthernIreland  GoodFridayAgreement  Parliament  ToryParty  politics  Guardian  editorial 
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A mission for journalism in a time of crisis | News | The Guardian
"But our guiding focus, especially in countries such as Britain, the US and Australia, will be to challenge the economic assumptions of the past three decades, which have extended market values such as competition and self-interest far beyond their natural sphere and seized the public realm. We will explore other principles and avenues through which to organise society for the common good."
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The Guardian view on the single market: a viable Brexit path | Editorial | Opinion | The Guardian
So it is unclear why Labour, whose front bench has shown greater willingness to recognise the value of the single market, should promulgate the idea that it is off limits under a Brexit deal.

Jeremy Corbyn said over the weekend that the single market and EU membership are “inextricably linked”. Barry Gardiner, shadow international trade secretary, goes further, envisaging Britain also outside the customs union – the outcome sought by the most zealous Tory Eurosceptics. Those are peculiar concessions for the opposition to be making now, especially since the vast majority of the party’s members (and millions of Labour voters) reject a hard Brexit.

The most commonly cited reason to accept the need to quit the single market is that staying in it entails adoption of free labour movement rules, thereby limiting options for border control.

Concern about immigration was a big driver of support for the leave campaign, so it is fair to fear a backlash against a Brexit deal that failed to reassure on that front. But free movement rules allow for stricter interpretation than has applied in Britain. And while the stated EU position is that porous borders are a non-negotiable part of the single market package, the potential for concessions and compromise is unknown, since it has not been probed.

Labour should be wary of complicity with Brexit arguments that are ultimately founded on the old Eurosceptic vilification of “open-door” policies that “flood” Britain with undesirable foreigners.
UK  EU  Brexit  singleMarket  Norway  immigration  freedomOfMovement  trade  politics  CorbynJeremy  GardinerBarry  LabourParty  Guardian  editorial 
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