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Politicians are entitled to have private conversations & in balance particularly those in cabinet have a responsibility to be open & transparent in their views. Liz Truss, Chief Secretary, speaking loudly in a public restaurant at lunch; /Thread 1/13
Politicians are entitled to have private conversations & in balance particularly those in cabinet have a responsibility to be open & transparent in their views. Liz Truss, Chief Secretary, speaking loudly in a public restaurant at lunch; /Thread 1/13
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december 2018 by petej
Eurointelligence - Public: Now what?
We remain reluctant to assign numerical probabilities to outcomes, but make the following observations. The chances of parliament approving a deal are not zero. It will become progressively harder for so-called pro-Europeans to reject a deal that is endorsed by the EU itself. Moreover, the EU will pour cold water on any second referendum fantasies. We would not rule out that the EU’s own position will leave at least some of the Remainers conflicted, as well as Tory eurosceptics whose political careers would be jeopardised by early elections. The voting behaviour of MPs could thus very well depend on the opinion polls nearer the time of a vote.

Our second observation is that the UK parliament might vote twice on the deal - a rejection at first, followed by an election, followed by a renewed vote. This could all happen within the current Brexit timetable. If there is a special Brexit summit at the end of November, parliament could hold a first vote on ratification before Christmas. Elections could take place in February. The EU will not renegotiate the withdrawal agreement, but there may be scope for rewording the political declaration. If the Tories win, the same agreement will be presented to the new parliament - in this case as a straight deal versus no-deal choice. If Labour wins, we presume that Corbyn would press ahead with a reworded political declaration that foresees the UK remaining in the customs union and single market for good. The withdrawal agreement itself is not in conflict with Labour’s version of a Brexit, as it would leave open the possibility of a permanent customs union. We doubt strongly that Corbyn would want to call a referendum if he were to become prime minister. He would be in the enviable position to blame the mess on the Tories, cut a deal with the EU, and then move on.
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november 2018 by petej
Theresa May's Brexit deal: everything you need to know | Politics | The Guardian
The solution involves concessions on both sides. On the EU side, the chief negotiator, Michel Barnier, has accepted the idea of a whole-UK customs union with the EU, satisfying the UK’s demands that its territorial integrity must be preserved.

But in return, Britain must agree that it will not be allowed to exit the backstop unless and until the EU agrees there is no prospect of a return to a hard border. In addition, it will have to accept special “deeper” customs arrangements for Northern Ireland, and the EU’s so-called “level playing-field” conditions for the whole of the UK.

These address member states’ concerns that de facto customs union membership without the obligations of the single market could give the UK an unfair advantage, so will require Britain to observe EU rules on, for example, state aid, competition, the environment, tax and labour market rules.
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november 2018 by petej
May calls emergency cabinet meeting to sign off Brexit deal | Politics | The Guardian
Key elements of the deal began to leak in the early evening. The UK was understood to have agreed that an independent arbitration committee will judge when a UK-wide customs backstop could be terminated, comprising an equa

l number of British and EU representatives plus an independent element.

There will be a review in July 2019, Brussels sources added, six months before the end of the transition period, at which it will be determined if the UK is ready to move to a free trade deal; transfer to the backstop; or extend the transition period, possibly by a year to 2021.
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