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Higher education: teaching excellence, social mobility and student choice - Consultations - GOV.UK
"It will also mean teaching students the transferrable work readiness skills that businesses need, including collaborative teamwork and the development of a positive work ethic, so that they can contribute more effectively to our efforts to boost the productivity of the UK economy."

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november 2015 by petej
The TEF's first assessment - Wonkhe
"But the real missed opportunity is the entire lack of incentive for staff who teach. Though the REF has many flaws, the need to be “ref-able” is an important driver for many academics. The individual research can see her activity reflect in the success of their department or institution, and benefit (on occasion) from the increased availability of research funding. With TEF there is no link between individual teaching performance and the assessment of teaching excellence.

The use of metrics and institutional evidence serves to standardise practice rather than incentivise excellence – in targeting managers “excellent teaching” as a concept is almost completely lost."
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november 2015 by petej
"Both the TEF and the new QA model advance the “dashboard model” of policy analysis, and a managerial rather than leaderly approach to institutional management – neither expose the important assumptions that underpin the measurements. Sure, it’s fun to watch the emerging turf war between BIS and HEFCE – and it is fun to read the guarded snark of the Russell Group – but we’re really seeing poor quality policymaking being disguised by a whiff of big data."
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july 2015 by petej
Private Providers – market creation out of control | Critical Education
“We’re only realising now the size the blank cheque we’ve written to private providers.”
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november 2013 by petej
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