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Incident Report: Amsterdam Data Center DNS Failure - DNSimple Blog
"Multiple factors appear to have been involved:

A combination of a traffic spike of unknown origin and of questionable purpose,
combined with a bottleneck in the DNSimple name server software,
and what appears to be upstream resolution blocking.
Additionally, our desire to contain the incident to a single data center may have prolonged the outage."
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february 2014 by peakscale
GitHub: DNS Outage Post Mortem
"discovered a bug in our rollout procedure. We expected that when our change was applied, both our caching name servers and authoritative name servers would receive updated configuration - including their new IP addresses - and restart to apply this configuration. Both name servers received the appropriate configuration changes, but only the authoritative name server was restarted due to a bug in our Puppet manifests"
postmortem  dns 
january 2014 by peakscale
CloudFlare: The DDoS That Knocked Spamhaus Offline (And How We Mitigated It)
"The largest source of attack traffic against Spamhaus came from DNS reflection."
postmortem  networks  dns 
march 2013 by peakscale
Cloud DNS: How to Speed Up Your Cloud Apps at No Extra Charge « Joyeur
"leverage the global DNS system to efficiently and accurately route your users to the right global location"
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november 2011 by peakscale

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