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lowRISC is creating a fully open-sourced, Linux-capable, RISC-V-based SoC, that can be used either directly or as the basis for a custom design. We aim to complete our SoC design this year.

Our open-source SoC (System-on-a-Chip) designs will be based on the 64-bit RISC-V instruction set architecture. Volume silicon manufacture is planned as is a low-cost development board.

lowRISC is a not-for-profit organisation working closely with the University of Cambridge and the open-source community.
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5 days ago
Foundations of Game Engine Development
Foundations of Game Engine Development is a new book series currently being written by Eric Lengyel. Its four volumes cover the essentials of game engine development in the broad areas of mathematics, rendering, animation, and physics.
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10 days ago
DoorScope, the free DOORS and ReqIF viewer
DoorScope is a software application which can be used in the specification review process. Specifications can be exported from IBM DOORS® and viewed with links, object attributes and change history (including tables, images and richtext). Objects can be annotated and marked with their review status. There is also a fulltext search and scripting facility. DoorScope is a single executable and runs natively on Windows without installation. The source code is available under GPL or - on request - under user-specific licences.
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14 days ago
Primitive Shape Detection in Point Clouds
A primitive shape detection algorithm is implemented in a C++ based software. The algorithm is implemented for planes, spheres and cylinders. Results show that the algorithm is able to detect the shapes in data sets containing up to 90% outliers. Furthermore, a real-time tracking algorithm based on the primitive shape detection algorithm is implemented to track primitives in a real-time data stream from a 3D camera. The run-time of the tracking algorithm is well below the required rate for a 60 frames per second data stream. A multiple shape detection algorithm is also developed. The goal is to detect multiple shapes in a point cloud with a single run of the algorithm. The algorithm is implemented for spheres and results show that multiple spheres can be successfully detected in a point cloud. The accuracy and efficiency of the algorithms is demonstrated in a robotic pick-and-place task.
c++  geometricalgebra  pointcloud  3d  vision  robotics 
9 weeks ago
Mathematics for Physics | An Illustrated Handbook
This book is meant to complement traditional textbooks by covering the mathematics used in theoretical physics beyond that typically covered in undergraduate math and physics courses. The idea is to provide an intuitive, visual overview of these mathematical tools, with guiding end goals including but not limited to spinors and gauge theories.
Physics  geometricalgebra 
9 weeks ago
Why i?
How is it that complex numbers, involving the imaginary i=√-1 play such an important role in physics, which always measures real quantities? An answer can be given in the framework of the vector algebra of three-dimensional space, in which an associative, invertible product of vectors is defined. In this mathematical structure, also known as the Pauli algebra, i arises naturally and carries geometrical significance. In particular, i enters as the unit volume element, and imaginary vectors are pseudovectors which represent planes, such as planes of rotation or reflection. The i from the vector algebra is related to common applications of imaginary numbers in physics, including rotations in a plane, electromagnetic waves, and phase factors and operator relations in quantum mechanics. Moreover, the same algebra of real three-dimensional vectors which yields complex numbers also forms the basis for a complex four-dimensional space with the Minkowski metric and provides a natural formalism for compact, covariant treatments of relativistic phenomena.
geometricalgebra  physics  electromagnetism 
9 weeks ago
Peeter Joot's Blog » Writing
Exploring physics with Geometric Algebra, Book I. This part of my Geometric Algebra collection includes introductory Geometric Algebra content with the following topics:

Basics and Geometry
General Physics

Exploring physics with Geometric Algebra, Book II. This second part of my Geometric Algebra collection includes touches topics that requires more advanced physics:

Lorentz Force
Electrodynamics Stress Energy
Quantum Mechanics
Fourier treatments
10 weeks ago
Single-Image Omnidirectional Vision Systems: A Survey of Models, Calibration, and Applications - Carlos Jaramillo
The prominent use of omnidirectional vision sensors (ODVS) in various areas of computer vision,
such as visual odometry for navigation (egomotion), structure reconstruction (mapping) and
localization, teleconferencing, surveillance, virtual reality, and so on, motivates the study of
existing camera models and their fundamental calibration methods. The main advantage of an
ODVS is the instantaneous wide field-of-view from a single image. Among the most popular
instantaneous ODVSs, we consider fish-eye lenses and the family of omnidirectional catadioptric
systems (central and non-central), which are those sensors combining conventional cameras and
curved mirrors obtained by revolving conic sections (e.g. hyperboloids, paraboloids, spheres,
etc.) in order to capture the entire 360! azimuthal region of a panorama.
vision  camera  robotics 
10 weeks ago
Let's have fun with Geometric Algebra (2014) - Jirka Velebil
We will do some truly anarchistic computations in basic geometry. We will make these anarchistic computations a part of the establishment. Using the establishment, we will show some quite charming ways of thinking about basic geometry.
10 weeks ago
Welcome to CGAPS - William Baylis
Welcome to the website for my research on Clifford's Geometric Algebra of Physical Space (APS). The intention is to explain the use of paravectors in the algebra to model spacetime.
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10 weeks ago
Conformal Geometric Algebra Package
In this master thesis project a CGA-kernel has been modelled and partly implemented for the CGAL-library. In this CGA-kernel the advantages of CGAL and CGA have been combined. With the help of this kernel, many geometric algorithms that are present in CGAL, can be made available in CGA-language. And scientists that use CGAL, can re-implement their algorithms in the simple expressions of CGA. As an example, algorithms for Delaunay triangulations and Voronoi diagrams have been implemented in dimensions 2D, 3D and nD. This project has been called the name 'Conformal Geometric Algebra Package'.
geometricalgebra  graphics 
10 weeks ago
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