Liberty Foundation
"The Liberty Foundation supports artists who work on the internet by giving them the tools they need to grow their practice into an independent business."
art  economics 
3 days ago
How We Reduced Our Hosting Costs by Two Orders of Magnitude
Adam Pash on serverless hosting with AWS Lambda (and more).
amazon  api  infrastructure 
3 days ago
Standard Ebooks
carefully produced ebooks
5 days ago
DigitalOcean Cloud Firewalls
Great! I'm a longtime happy DigitalOcean customer but I've often thought about moving to AWS for this very reason.
internet  infrastructure  security 
18 days ago
Anita Tijoux - Shock
la hora sonó, la hora sonó
music  politics 
22 days ago
Pinboard Acquires Delicious
"Do not attempt to compete with Pinboard."
delicious  history 
22 days ago
SSHFS Windows 10
Mount Your Remote Hosting as a Local Disk Drive. Helpful!
network  windows  development 
4 weeks ago
Nick Craver - HTTPS on Stack Overflow: The End of a Long Road
The technical details of Stack Overlfow's move to all HTTPS all the time.
security  web  development  via:popular 
4 weeks ago
Pixel Envy: Google’s Proprietary Fork of HTML Is Taking Over the Open Web
hrm, yeah. Maybe we need more performance tools and fewer forks of HTML.
privacy  internet  google 
4 weeks ago
Move over XML, there's a new syndication format in town.
rss  javascript 
5 weeks ago
Employers, let your people work from home
"yeah," he said passive aggressively.
5 weeks ago
Notes From An Emergency
"The tech industry enjoys tearing down flawed institutions, but refuses to put work into mending them."
google  facebook  apple  microsoft  amazon  future 
5 weeks ago
Time: How Donald Trump Executive Orders Will Fail
Washington AG Bob Ferguson on political strategy.
5 weeks ago
a game about cultivating trees
mobile  games 
6 weeks ago
Regulating English with retext-mapbox-standard
Simplifying technical documentation with language processing.
language  writing 
7 weeks ago
SSH Port
Gather round the terminal and hear about the time ssh got its port number.
history  internet  via:popular 
8 weeks ago
Waxy: The Flagpole Sitta Lip Dub Turns 10
Seems like yesterday. ah, Internet memories. Intermemories.
internet  history 
9 weeks ago
Song Sleuth
Automatically Identify Bird Songs
iphone  birds 
9 weeks ago
Quartz: Remote work: For programmers, the ultimate office perk is avoiding the office entirely
"Remote workers report being happier and more productive. Stack Overflow found programmers who always work from home are about 11% more satisfied with their jobs than those who never do."
10 weeks ago
Social media tools can reinforce stigma and stereotypes
"Researchers at Oregon State University have developed new software to analyze social media comments, and used this tool in a recent study to better understand attitudes that can cause emotional pain, stigmatize people and reinforce stereotypes."
social  media  oregonstate 
10 weeks ago
A nice collection of CSS animation wizards where you can preview, tweak, and copy code.
css  animation  tools  Webdesign  animations  via:popular 
march 2017
Geek Career Paths
Tim Bray on career paths for coders.
career  advice  jobs  work  via:popular 
february 2017
Nice gradients I should use on my website.
february 2017
Team Human: The Trump Opportunity
I'm a fan of Rushkoff and Team Human, but this episode makes me angry. And I can't completely reject it. hmm.
labor  politics 
november 2016
Woody Guthrie's New Years Rulin's
Two pages from Woody Guthrie's journal with 33 New Year's resolutions. [via boingboing]
inspiration  music  life 
november 2016
Where to hate daylight saving time and where to love it
Andy Woodruff has some great charts showing why we should switch to using DST all year for reasonable sunrise and sunset times. Either way, let's get rid of time shifting.
timetravel  infrastructure 
november 2016
Andy Baio redesigned his weblog and has some thoughts on why blogging is ok.
design  weblogs 
november 2016
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