Facebook’s Tipping Point of Bad Behavior?
This transcends merely awful into truly evil.
social  media 
In-browser image optimizer from the Google Chrome team.
development  tools 
2 days ago
Did Amazon Just Rename Crystal City? | Washingtonian
Place names are as easy to change as server names?
geo  amazon 
3 days ago
Reply All by Gimlet Media
I have been a fan of PJ and Alex since they were on On the Media's TLDR.
podcasts  internet  onfocus 
7 days ago
a thing about chords! - YouTube
This is a fun lesson in music style.
music  onfocus 
7 days ago
Simpson’s Paradox: How to Prove Opposite Arguments with the Same Data
“The data we are shown is not the only data there is.” A good description of a statistical analysis problem and a reminder to think about causes of data not just data in isolation.
statistics  psychology  onfocus  development 
9 days ago
Austin Kleon's Weekly Newsletter
Austin's weekly newsletter includes ten things worth sharing.
newsletter  onfocus 
10 days ago
Gamagora Geekhouse provides space for board game fans
Corvallis friends! This board game space is great!
corvallis  games 
11 days ago
Daily links about web design.
onfocus  development  web  design 
17 days ago
Microinteractions in User Experience
Nice analysis and definition of a primary way we interact with our systems. "Microinteractions convey system status, support error prevention, and communicate brand."
design  web 
17 days ago
Evelyn Hofer's immersive New York – in pictures | Art and design | The Guardian
Some amazing architecture and portrait photography of NYC in the 60's and 70's. [via Tecznts]
photography  history  nyc  onfocus 
18 days ago
My Favourite Microcopy - Marvel Blog
Good examples of helping users make informed choices.
web  development  onfocus 
19 days ago
Flash Forward
Podcast about future scenarios.
podcasts  future 
20 days ago
600 free online courses you can take from universities worldwide
It's interesting to see what subjects are covered in this list of free courses available online. I signed up for a free course about podcast from an Australian university.
education  onfocus 
21 days ago
A Photo Appreciation of Libraries - The Atlantic
Alan Taylor at In Focus (no relation) focuses on photographs in and around libraries.
photography  books  architecture  history  onfocus 
23 days ago
This is a nice, new iOS Mastodon app. (If you're into that.)
iphone  mastodon  social  onfocus 
23 days ago
What does Stack Overflow want to be when it grows up?
Jeff Atwood contemplates 10 years of Stack Overflow and where it might be heading.
programming  history  web  onfocus 
24 days ago
“How to Vote” - YouTube
Very nice Sandwich Video about voting featuring Demi Adejuyigbe!
democracy  onfocus 
27 days ago
Securing Elections - Schneier on Security
Even in the digital age we need paper to verify elections.
hacks  democracy  onfocus 
27 days ago
Jesse Jackson ’88 tees are hot in Asia. Here’s why.
Interesting to see how graphic design morphs and moves across cultures.
history  fashion  design  onfocus 
28 days ago
American democracy’s built-in bias towards rural Republicans - Voting reform
"Its elections no longer convert the popular will into control of government."
politics  onfocus 
29 days ago
Did I Make a Mistake Selling Del.icio.us to Yahoo?
Interesting inside baseball from the 2005 del.icio.us sale.
history  yahoo  onfocus 
29 days ago
David Rumsey Historical Map Collection
Excellent data visualization inspiration here.
history  maps  visualization  onfocus 
4 weeks ago
Did Uber Steal Google’s Intellectual Property? | The New Yorker
The bigger question: are any of these companies operating with any sort of ethics? "You don’t need to know that history to build on what they made. In technology, all that matters is tomorrow."
ethics  google 
4 weeks ago
A podcast about the stories behind interaction design. Hosted by Adobe principal designer Khoi Vinh.
podcasts  design 
5 weeks ago
Mixnode: Turn the web into a database
An alternative to web crawling/scraping with a SQL-like interface.
tool  sql  web  api 
5 weeks ago
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