Signal v Noise exits Medium – Signal v. Noise
"It’s not like we’re going off Twitter, but Twitter won’t be necessary for you to follow our thinking any more."
decentralization  writing  advice 
5 days ago
Re-decentralizing the Web, for good this time | Ruben Verborgh
"The problem is that the very large are currently trying to make the rest obsolete, which endangers the online freedoms we have enjoyed for so many years."
decentralization  future  web 
9 days ago
Dave Levitan on Twitter: "Hey sure, I’ll join the pile-on as I read Gladwell’s big pot story..."
Good rant about Gladwell taking the author's word for everything and not reviewing the source studies. Irresponsible for someone with such a large audience--but it gets pageviews!
media  medialiteracy  science 
10 days ago
Going old school: how I replaced Facebook with email – Chad Dickerson's blog
This really rang true for me, especially: "I don’t sit there and think about what other people might think about what I’m writing — just the person who emailed me. To me, this is closer to what true friendship is like." I feel like we've collectively forgotten what private one-on-one relationships are.
privacy  onfocus  productivity  facebook 
11 days ago
Before You Make a Thing | ts200v2
"This is a guide for Technology and Society 200 (Fall 2018; 60 undergraduate students) at the University of Victoria." [via TiLT]
14 days ago
The 2018 Emoji Report – Rands in Repose
Yes, everyone should periodically post their most-used emoji and *what that emoji means to them*.
14 days ago
Los Angeles Accuses Weather Channel App of Covertly Mining User Data - The New York Times
Add IBM to the list of companies that mislead users and then misuse data. I think the list is simply "Fortune 500".
nyt  privacy  ethics 
17 days ago
Unlocking the commons » Nieman Journalism Lab
Tim Carmody on kottke patronage, Patreon, and the complex calculations that go into supporting the things we love.
advertising  media  ethics  economics 
17 days ago
The 1959 Project
Arguably the best year in Jazz, day by day. [via kottke]
history  music  onfocus 
17 days ago
Nihon Noir - Tom Blachford
"...somehow you have been transported to a parallel future where everything is more alien than familiar."
architecture  art  japan  photography  onfocus 
17 days ago
The World’s Biggest Scavenger Hunt: A Guide To Finding Stories
Latif Nasser talks about how he finds stories for Radiolab. [via The Art of Noticing newsletter]
19 days ago
Art & Arcana | Dungeons & Dragons
Fun nostalgia bomb from WOTC that includes the visual evolution of iconic D&D monsters, campaign settings, and pop culture crossovers.
D&D  history  art  books  onfocus 
20 days ago
365 IETF RFCs: a 50th anniversary dive
Really looking forward to following along with Darius Kazemi's year-long dive into tech history via RFCs. He kicked things off today with RFC-1 about how host servers should communicate.
internet  history  onfocus 
20 days ago
Public Domain Day 2019 | Duke University School of Law
Some art from 1923 is finally entering the US public domain.
history  music  media  film  copyright  onfocus 
20 days ago
Historical Corvallis: Downtown Stroll - The Corvallis Advocate
Fellow Corvallians, this is a nice stroll through downtown pointing out some bits of Corvallis history that we can still see today.
corvallis  history  architecture  onfocus 
22 days ago
Predictions for Journalism 2019
NiemanLab's annual prediction feature
media  future 
23 days ago
Key Stories: Episode 1
Marcin Wichary shares the first article that inspired his book about keyboards: Shift Happens. The book is still in progress so it's nice to see a longer related piece.
keyboards  history 
4 weeks ago
Anand Giridharadas on Twitter: "Yeah, deleting Facebook is cool..."
Good point about solving systemic problems with systemic action. Still though, delete FB too.
facebook  privacy  ethics 
4 weeks ago
In The Meadow…
I would like Scott Andrew to turn them all into scarols.
comics  onfocus 
4 weeks ago
Make America Geocities Again » cog & sprocket
Maga reference aside, I like this call to more varied digital expression.
web  design 
4 weeks ago
Dungeons & Dragons Miniatures Miniatures
Looks like a good store for finding specific miniatures.
D&D  games 
5 weeks ago
10th Anniversary Of My Year-End Lists: A Comprehensive Essay | www.mnftiu.cc
Nothing, to me, says end-of-the-year like a numeric list. And no one lists things like David Reese. Join him for the 10th year of rounding up the best.
internet  history  onfocus 
5 weeks ago
Get the O'Reilly Data Newsletter - O'Reilly Media
Weekly newsletter with industry news about all things data: storage, visualization, machine learning.
newsletter  data  onfocus 
5 weeks ago
China prepares mission to land spacecraft on moon's far side
There is no dark side of the moon, really. Matter of fact, it's all dark.
moon  cosmic  onfocus 
6 weeks ago
Goodbye, EdgeHTML - The Mozilla Blog
The long tail of the browser war. Chrome wins all.
web  microsoft  software 
6 weeks ago
15 Worrying Things About the CRISPR Babies Scandal - The Atlantic
The whole thing is disturbing but Number 15 is terrifying.
ethics  science  health 
6 weeks ago
Searching the Creative Internet
"Today you have to choke your way through the money-making miasma to find the joy."
creativity  internet  web  onfocus 
6 weeks ago
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