Tropesis - Anonymous - Young Wizards - Diane Duane [Archive of Our Own]
You might call it the Silver City. Cities have not yet been invented; nor has silver, for that matter. But the phrase captures a sense of orderliness, a sense of soaring height, a sense of many-working-to-build. Those are right.

Absolutely beautiful story about the Winged Defender and the Lone Power in the time before they were named.
Fanfic  Fandom:Young_Wizards  Gen  Rating:G  Words:1001-3000  Date:2012/12  Pairing:Lone_Power/Winged_Defender  Character:Lone_Power  Character:Winged_Defender  Creator:Anonymous  Genre:Drama  Note:Breathtaking  Note:ForMe  Note:Genesis  Challenge:Yuletide 
december 2012
Roylk the Walk - vamm_goda - Hockey RPF [Archive of Our Own]
In which Patrick Roy and Martin Brodeur snark passive-aggressively at each other, and then furniture gets ruined.

A sign that this is a good story: it almost makes me want to root for Martin Brodeur. Almost.
Fanfic  Fandom:Hockey  Team:Devils  Team:Avalanche  Team:Canadiens  Slash  Rating:NC-17  Words:3001-5000  Date:2012/01  POV:Martin_Brodeur  Pairing:Martin_Brodeur/Patrick_Roy  Character:Martin_Brodeur  Character:Patrick_Roy  Creator:vamm_goda  Genre:Drama  Genre:Angst  Note:Headfuckery  Note:HateSex 
november 2012
Patrick Roy Dekes Past Gretzky - YouTube
Patrick Roy takes the puck into the neutral zone where he proceeds to get past Wayne Gretzky, crossing the red line and causing a penalty.

Stop trying to make me love you, Patrick Roy. I already have a favorite crazy goalie, and you aren't him.
FandomResource  Fandom:Hockey  Team:Avalanche  Character:Patrick_Roy 
october 2012
Rock Out the Lockout and Music for a Playoff Prophet by pennywish
Congrats to caddyeverafter7 for your awesome playoff predictions. Hats (and playoff beards) off to you. Happy First Official Day of the NHL Lockout, everybody. Cricket's original request was for a mix to listen to during summer vacay… which is now over. But! If the NHL can extend the offseason, why can’t we? So here’s a pop/dance mix to listen to while you're busy not-watching hockey.
Fanmix  Fandom:Hockey  Creator:pennywish  Challenge:sixteenwins  Note:Lockout 
september 2012
katarin: This isn't really updating twice in a day, is it?
This is basically not-fic/chatfic set in the It's Complicated universe about PK and Carey getting married. Whatever, they'd be awesome at it, don't judge.

This is hilarious and full of the same failure to communicate that I loved about the original fic.
Chatfic  Fandom:Hockey  Slash  Rating:NC-17  Words:3001-5000  Date:2012/09  POV:Carey_Price  Pairing:Carey_Price/P.K._Subban  Character:Carey_Price  Character:P.K._Subban  Character:John_Tavares  Creator:Katarin  Genre:Fluff  Genre:Smut  Note:Hilarious  Note:Jealousy  Note:FailuretoCommunicate  Note:Wedding  Series:It's_Complicated 
september 2012
Henri 2, Paw de Deux - YouTube
Henri 2, Paw de Deux

Note to self: Request this for Yuletide.
FandomResource  Challenge:Yuletide  Note:RequestForYuletide 
september 2012
Twitter / bryzgoalie30: My new mask.
Bryz's new mask has a phoenix/firebird on it.

Lay me down gently in front of an eighteen wheeler on the highway, because I cannot deal with these feelings right now.
FandomResource  Fandom:Hockey  Team:Flyers  Character:Ilya_Bryzgalov 
september 2012
Nail Yakupov Explains Twitter Emoticons! ))))) - YouTube
Nail Yakupov shows the fans how to tweet like a Russian, and use special emoticons.

PRECIOUS BABY RUSSIAN WITH A TWITTER. I fear the day when the media training people finally get their hands on him.
FandomResource  Character:Nail_Yakupov  Fandom:Hockey  Team:Oilers 
september 2012
Be careful what you say - YouTube
Australian sports commentator Sam Newman famously called taekwondo "the most ridiculous thing he's ever seen" during his London Games coverage. Watch as Aussie Olympians Safwan Khalil and Carmen Marton make him eat his words.

Yes, taekwondo is bouncy and pretty. That doesn't mean it's not effective!
NotFannish  taekwondo  Australia:Upside-DownButStillAllRight 
september 2012
Hannahpop -
Who is Tyler Brown? THAT'S A REALLY GOOD QUESTION. Apparently, the answer is: Tyler Seguin's husband?

WARNING: HITHERTO UNKNOWN LEVELS OF GAY. Yes, even by hockey standards. Yes, even by MERLIN standards. That is how gay T.Segs and Tyler Brown are.
Primer  Fandom:Hockey  Team:Flyers  Team:Bruins  Pairing:Tyler_Brown/Tyler_Seguin  Character:  Tyler_Brown  Character:Tyler_Seguin  Creator:littledivinity  Note:Bromance 
august 2012
seperis | t minus less than forty eight hours until the time of darkness and surgery
He was also kind enough to wait until near the end of the ride to point out how rare it is for women to be interested in computers and offered to introduce me to one of the Dell engineers and how did I learn so much about them anyway? And why?

Things you cannot explain easily, because there's no context:

"Well, I started writing fanfic and the Trekiverse archive hadn't been updated in like, years and was still hand coded (not that I knew what coding was) and so I had to get a page from geocities or all my fic would be in fifty pieces spread over PTF and ASC and ASCEML and everyone else had a webpage so I went to geocities and hated the templates even though I used it and while coding in In the Space of Seven Days Part IV broke formatting and was huge and weird and I couldn't figure out why so I kept staring at it until I figured out what all those little symbols meant. Then I learned to use them.

Great meta on fandom, and learning technology because you have to, and want to, and it's there.
Genre:Meta  Creator:seperis  Note:Feminism 
august 2012
that has long since found a home - hazel - Goon (2011) [Archive of Our Own]
So they're sitting on the couch one day playing some shitty video game and LaFlamme, completely out of the blue, blurts out “I don't have herpes. I mean. I know what the rumours are, but I don't.” Fuck his life.

Wonderfully profane, sweet look at how Eva and Doug and Xavier make their own thing.
Fanfic  Fandom:Goon  OTMore:F/M/M  Rating:R  Date:2012/04  Words:3001-5000  Pairing:Eva/Doug_Glatt/Xavier_LaFlamme  Character:Doug_Glatt  Character:Eva  Character:Xavier_LaFlamme  Character:Pat  Creator:hazel  Genre:Fluff  Note:FoundFamily  Note:Fun 
july 2012
Hockey - TuqueDeBison - Picasa Web Albums
Photos of many, many hockey players, all wearing the same funny hat. One amuses oneself how one can.
FandomResource  Note:Silly  Fandom:Hockey 
june 2012
Under the Arch - OSHBERG PRIMER— Part Five (S**t Gets Real, or Central Division Champions Edition) - OSHBERG PRIMER-- Part Five (S**t Gets Real, or Central Division Champions Edition)
OSHBERG PRIMER-- Part Five (S**t Gets Real, or Central Division Champions Edition) [Part 1] [Part 2] [Part 3] [Part 4] The Blues finally start living up to their potential, there are many celebratory...
Fandom:Hockey  Primer 
june 2012
Colorado Avalanche: This is my overinvested master post
Standard disclaimer: Not mine, just having fun with them. I do not claim to know any of the people.  The images are from either google or tumblr’d, so none of them are mine Non-standard disclaimer: I am not trying to claim I know everything about these players. I am not claiming to …
Fandom:Hockey  Primer 
march 2012
just_katarin: this post just got really, really long [posts anyway]
So, yesterday impertinence had a fun pseudo-friending meme for people who've gotten into hockey or w/e and I met elanie99 over there and she was asking about a massive recs post and stuff. I emailed a bunch of recs to elucidate_this when we basically forced her into being in hockey fandom and I …
Fandom:Hockey  Primer 
march 2012
Habs Eyes On The Prize - For Montreal Canadiens Fans
Your best source for quality Montreal Canadiens news, rumors, analysis, stats and scores from the fan perspective.
march 2012
Welcome to Hockey Analytics « Hockey Analytics
A website dedicated to the statistical analysis of the game of hockey.
Stats_Nerdery  Fandom:Hockey 
march 2012
National Hockey League Playoff Chances - Sports Club Stats
What are the chances each team in the National Hockey League will make the playoffs, and which games matter.
Stats_Nerdery  Fandom:Hockey 
march 2012
BEHIND THE NET: Hockey Analysis and Statistics [new host]
NHL pro hockey predictions, commentary and innovative statistics.
Stats_Nerdery  Fandom:Hockey 
march 2012
The Not-So-Tragic Tale of Jeff Carter and Mike Richards
So this is Jeff Carter. HE DEFINITELY DOESN'T DYE HIS HAIR! And this is Mike "Awkward" Richards. Together, they are a model of poise and composure in the league. They were drafted 3rd and 4th overall respectively in the OHL draft in 2001and played against each other for 2 years until they were …
Fandom:Hockey  Primer 
march 2012
The Ballad of Andrew Ladd and Ryan Kesler
So, I really like Andrew Ladd. And I really like Ryan Kesler. And I also ship them really hard, and I am going to tell you about all of those things. This is Andrew Ladd Born: December 12, 1985 in Maple Ridge, BC, Canada Height: 6 ft 2 in Position: Left Wing Drafted: 4th overall in 2004, by the …
Fandom:Hockey  Primer 
march 2012
They get on each other sometimes, like a husband and wife do." Duncan Keith/Brent Seabrook Primer
This was supposed to just be a picspam, because I'm not very good at primers, but I just have so many feelings. The basic information for them both is best found on Wikipedia (play a fun game called how many times they're mentioned in each other's articles), this is more an illustrated guide. A …
Fandom:Hockey  Primer 
march 2012
hide your eyes, it's a Patrick Kane and Jonathan Toews primer
This is a re-post from Feb 4, 2011, from my regular journal. I had a whole sass machine introduction to this post, except I wrote it in July, back when I started this primer and jokes about Evan Lysacek and the World Cup were still fresh to death. Then I sort of stopped working on it, until …
Fandom:Hockey  Primer 
march 2012
A Primer/Cheat-sheet for Chris's First Hockey Game!
A Primer/Cheat-sheet for Chris's First Hockey Game! So my roommate/BFF is going to be attending his first ever hockey game when the Blackhawks come to town! Yeah, they're playig the Senators, but Blackhawks! I bought tickets a while ago, and he wanted to go, so YAY! And really, assuming …
Fandom:Hockey  Primer 
march 2012
Broad Street Hockey - For Philadelphia Flyers Fans
Your best source for quality Philadelphia Flyers news, rumors, analysis, stats and scores from the fan perspective.
march 2012
Second City Hockey - For Chicago Blackhawks Fans
Your best source for quality Chicago Blackhawks news, rumors, analysis, stats and scores from the fan perspective.
march 2012
In Progress - rageprufrock - Glee [Archive of Our Own]
Kurt guesses it's because they're all in high school that despite all the abnormally high levels of drama and hormones, none of them consider walking away after sectionals.
Fanfic  Fandom:Glee  Gen  Rating:PG-13  Words:3001-5000  Date:2011/09  POV:Kurt_Hummel  Character:Kurt_Hummel  Character:Will_Schuester  Character:Noah_Puckerman  Character:Mercedes_Jones  Character:Finn_Hudson  Character:Burt_Hummel  Character:Ken_Tanaka 
september 2011
Four inventions Sokka never built (and one he did) by friendshipper
"But you're turning down a chance to gain technological superiority over the Earth Kingdom! This is an exclusive offer I'm only making to you, Zuko." || "Earth King turned you down too, huh?" || "... maybe?"
Fanfic  Fandom:Avatar:TLA  Gen  Het  Rating:PG-13  Date:2011/02  POV:Sokka  Pairing:Sokka/Suki  Character:Sokka  Character:Suki  Character:Katara  Character:Zuko  Creator:friendshipper  Genre:Humor  Format:XTimes  has:Creator  has:Date  has:Fandom  has:Format  has:Genre  has:POV  has:Pairing  has:Rating  has:Words  Words:1001-3000 
september 2011
Lessons in Thin Air, an avatar: last airbender fanfic - FanFiction.Net
Zuko hears-feels the flying bison rumble beneath him and thinks of a people who didn't so much live on the earth as temporarily touch down on it.

Brief but wonderful look at Zuko's time in the Western Air Temple
Fanfic  Fandom:Avatar:TLA  Gen  Rating:G  Words:1001-3000  Date:2008/05  POV:Zuko  Character:Zuko  Character:Katara  Character:Toph_Bei_Fong  Character:Sokka  Character:Aang  Character:Teo  Creator:Lisse  Genre:Character_Study  Note:Breathtaking  Note:Thinky 
september 2011
Male Bonding by rawles and ali_wildgoose
As much as she intensely dislikes it, Katara understands why Zuko had to join them. What she doesn't understand is why he and Sokka have to spend every waking moment in each other's company.
Fanfic  Fandom:Avatar:TLA  Gen  Rating:PG-13  Date:2007/11  POV:Katara  Pairing:Mai/Zuko  Pairing:Sokka/Suki  Character:Zuko  Character:Sokka  Character:Katara  Creator:rawles  Creator:ali_wildgoose  Genre:Humor  Genre:Fluff  Note:Friendship  Note:MaleFreindship  has:Creator  has:Date  has:Fandom  has:Genre  has:Note  has:POV  has:Pairing  has:Rating  has:Words  Words:1001-3000 
september 2011
the island of conclusions - looking for vines and olive trees (The Hour fic)
“Christ,” Freddie said, trying to calculate what immense quantity of drink it had taken to reduce a great slab of military-trained manhood like Hector Madden to such a sorry state.

“Quite,” said Bel.
Fanfic  Fandom:The_Hour  Het  Rating:PG-13  Words:1001-3000  Date:2011/08  POV:Freddie_Lyon  Pairing:Bel_Rowley/Hector_Madden  Character:Bel_Rowley  Character:Hector_Madden  Character:Freddie_Lyon  Creator:ariadnes_string  Genre:Fluff  Note:Cuddling  Note:Intoxication  Challenge:hc_bingo  Note:Cold 
september 2011
Enrapture: A Slice of Death Comic
Bob has spent the last twenty years doing as little as is humanly possible. He has his problems – bills, DIY, a crabby couchsurfer who refuses to leave, and a cheerfully mad teenager who's decided to be his best friend – but he prides himself on being as free of cares as anyone who is still alive can be.

Just one thing though: Bob's been dead for thirty years.

That carefree existence is about to change. Bob's old boss has tracked him down, and she refuses to go away until Bob's faced a fate worse than death: responsibility.
webcomic  houston  ghosts  supernatural  enrapture  comics  comic 
august 2011
minnow | fic: Pushing Daisies/Sandman: Ten encounters with the Endless (and one that never happened)
It was Digby, not young Ned, who sometimes saw the stranger, a short, squat woman who appeared in the corner of the room. He did not like the smell of her. Sometimes he would growl and bark at her, but she did not leave, and Ned grew alarmed for Digby’s sake, the way he was growling and tense at nothing.

Wonderful, all-worlds mashup of Pushing Daisies, The Sandman, Dead Like Me, and Pratchett. Simply wonderful.
Fanfic  Crossover  Crossover:Dead_Like_Me/Discworld/Pushing_Daisies/The_Sandman  Fandom:Dead_Like_Me  Fandom:Discworld  Fandom:Pushing_Daisies  Fandom:The_Sandman  Pairing:Charlotte_Charles/Ned_The_Piemaker  Character:Charlotte_Charles  Character:Ned_The_Piemaker  Character:Olive_Snook  Character:Emerson_Cod  Character:Death_of_the_Endless  Character:Dream_of_the_Endless  Character:Destiny_of_the_Endless  Character:Desire_of_the_Endless  Character:Destruction_of_the_Endless  Character:Despair_of_the_Endless  Character:Delirium_of_the_Endless  Character:DEATH  Character:George_Lass  Creator:minnow1212  Genre:Character_Study  Note:Breathtaking  Note:Thoughtful 
august 2011
libraryofsol: Fic: Behaviour
"History," the Doctor makes it sound like he doubts that very much. He reaches for another book, balanced on one leg like the world's most awkward ballerina. Amy can see up his shirt, under the untucked edge. "Tourists, the lot of them. You have to visit the country, speak the language, get drunk with the locals before you possibly even hope to call yourself a historian."

"Are we the locals in this scenario?" Rory wants to know.

The Doctor peers down through the ladder. "Yes, lovely ones."
Fanfic  Fandom:Doctor_Who  OTMore  OTMore:F/M/M  Rating:NC-17  Date:2011/06  POV:Amelia_Pond  Pairing:Amelia_Pond/Eleventh_Doctor/Rory_Williams  Character:Amelia_Pond  Character:Rory_Williams  Character:Eleventh_Doctor  Creator:entangled_now  Genre:Smut  Note:Voyeurism  Note:WhoWantsToLiveForever  Words:1001-3000 
august 2011
The Time I've Spent by rheanna
The Doctor nods. "Rory," he says softly, "you kept her safe for two thousand years."

"I did," Rory says, and hears the wonder in his own voice. It hits him suddenly, what he did, the enormity of it. The centuries of waiting, a single continuous line of unbroken consciousness. The memory of being alive, and human, and knowing—every minute, every second—that he wasn't. The awful weight of guilt he'd carried with him through all of it, and the knowledge that he would make any sacrifice, carry out any task, to make things right. No wonder he'd become a myth in that other universe. He'd earned it.

"That kind of thing," the Doctor says, a hint of a smile on his lips, "makes an impression on a girl."
Fanfic  Fandom:Doctor_Who  Gen  Het  Rating:PG  Date:2010/06  POV:Rory_Williams  Pairing:Amelia_Pond/Rory_Williams  Character:Rory_Williams  Character:Eleventh_Doctor  Creator:rheanna27  Genre:Fluff  Note:Wonderful  Words:1001-3000 
august 2011
Per Ardua Ad Astra - Rosie_Rues - Merlin (BBC), Doctor Who [Archive of Our Own]
Written over at kinkme_merlin for this prompt: Crossover, Merlin/Rory - immortal!Merlin meets Rory during The Big Bang and they bond over waiting Spoilers for that episode, naturally, and very minor ones for the send of Torchwood Season 2.

Lovely if somewhat unimaginative look at a meeting between two boys who've spent a long time waiting.
Fanfic  Fandom:Merlin  Fandom:Doctor_Who  Crossover  Crossover:Doctor_Who/Merlin  Het  Slash  Rating:PG-13  Date:2010/10  POV:Merlin  Pairing:Amelia_Pond/Rory_Williams  Pairing:Arthur_Pendragon/Merlin  Character:Merlin  Character:Rory_Williams  Character:Amelia_Pond  Character:Eleventh_Doctor  Creator:Rosie_Rules  Genre:Fluff  Challenge:kinkme_merlin  Words:1001-3000 
august 2011
arefadedaway | Vid: Rolling in the Deep (X-Men Movie Series, Charles/Erik)
"And I will always be there, old friend." Charles Xavier and Erik Lehnsherr, from beginning to end.

Perfection. Also, holy crap does Michael Fassbender have a lot of teeth.
Fanvid  Fandom:X-Men:First_Class  Slash  Rating:PG-13  Date:2011/08  Pairing:Charles_Xavier/Erik_Lehnsherr  Creator:arefadedaway  Genre:Drama 
august 2011
The Roommate of +10 Confusion - Grevling - FoxTrot, Calvin & Hobbes [Archive of Our Own]
There must be some scientifically sound way for Jason Fox to be able to quantify his new college roommate, but he hasn't found one yet that fits. Especially when he factors in the stuffed tiger.

Pitch-perfect look at what two overly bright young people can get up to when they're no longer in a classroom seven hours a day.
Fanfic  Fandom:Calvin_and_Hobbes  Fandom:Foxtrot  Crossover  Crossover:Calvin_and_Hobbes/Foxtrot  Gen  Rating:G  Date:2010/12  POV:Jason_Fox  Character:Jason_Fox  Character:Calvin  Character:Hobbes  Creator:Grevling  Genre:Humor  Note:Awesome  Challenge:Yuletide  Note:ForScience!  Words:3001-5000 
august 2011
Promise What You Will - vegarin - Haven [Archive of Our Own]
"Who am I, Nathan?" Audrey and Nathan on a road trip.

When confronted with evidence that her life is not her own, Audrey quietly freaks out. As one does.
Fanfic  Fandom:Haven  Het  Rating:G  Date:2010/11  POV:Audrey_Parker  Pairing:Audrey_Parker/Nathan_Wournos  Character:Audrey_Parker  Character:Nathan_Wournos  Creator:vegarin  Genre:Angst  Note:IdentityIssues  Words:1001-3000 
august 2011
greensilver | Vid: Sex and Reruns (Community)
"I see your value now." / "That's the nicest thing anyone's ever said to me."
Fanvid  Fandom:Community  Gen  Rating:PG  Date:2010/11  Creator:greensilver  Genre:Fluff 
august 2011
Folding Chair by sisabet
Annie Edison, aka Little Annie Adderall, aka Caroline Decker from Corpus Christi, Texas (but only that one time) grows up. Hard.

Oh, /Annie/.
Fanvid  Fandom:Community  Gen  Het  Rating:PG-13 
august 2011
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