GDPR Kills the American Internet: Long Live the Internet!
ot be honored?  In these cases, since Google does not provide the source of the conviction data, shouldn’t the request be handled at the source — the government agency that maintains the public record and provides that data? That’s how it will be under GDPR, which Google, Facebook and others say they will honor, but only for EU users.
privacy  internet  web 
april 2018
Stamp Yo Face!
stamps with your face on it
creativity  art  shopping 
february 2018
Pixel Art TV on Behance
isreali artist doing pixel art for culture shows/movies
illustration  art 
february 2018
Things URL Scheme
URL link builder; things app by cultured code
productivity  ios 
february 2018
Three Potato Four
Modern Letter Boards, Letter Signs, Felt Letter Boards
shopping  furniture 
february 2018
Vintage Movie Posters Digitized
Browse - Harry Ransom Center Digital Collections
history  films  art 
january 2018
John McCain op-ed: President Trump, stop attacking the press - The Washington Post
ation officials often condemn violence against reporters abroad, Trump continues his unrelenting attacks on the integrity of American journalists and news outlets. This has provided cov
january 2018
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