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RT : Sut mae cyrraedd miliwn o siaradwyr erbyn 2050?
Cymraeg2050  Cymraeg  from twitter
october 2016 by paulbrichardson
Canolfan Edward Llwyd
Centre for Bilingual Science
Gareth Griffith
may 2014 by paulbrichardson
Adnoddau Fideo
Online video resources: biochemistry
march 2014 by paulbrichardson
Cambridge University Linguists Tap Into Twitter To Study Welsh Language - AllTwitter
“If I want to find out whether a particular construction is emerging, and where the people who use it come from, I would normally have to conduct a time-consuming pilot study, but with Twitter I can get a rough and ready answer in 30 minutes as people tweet much as they speak.”
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may 2013 by paulbrichardson
Using Welsh language social media to engage in the public sector | weeklyblogclub
Despite being a fluent Welsh speaker, my confidence in using it in work varies. Despite replying to consultations on behalf of Participation Cymru over the last 2 years, it was only last month that I responded in Welsh for the first time. I speak Welsh everyday, but I don’t encounter the language that’s used in consultations on a day to day basis.
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april 2013 by paulbrichardson
Comms Cymru
CommsCymru is a network established in October 2010 to enable public service communications professionals across all sectors in Wales to work together to build capacity and capability. Members have the opportunity to come together to work creatively, share ideas and expertise, discuss issues and deliver great communications. There are currently more than 390 network members and the number is growing.
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march 2013 by paulbrichardson
Mentrau Iaith y Gogledd
Mentrau Iaith (Language Initiatives) are local groups or organisations which offer help for communities to increase and expand their use of the Welsh Language.
february 2013 by paulbrichardson
Welsh Government|Welsh, Technology & Digital Media
RT : The presentations from the Welsh Language and Technology seminar are now available
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july 2012 by paulbrichardson
Welsh Government|Evaluation of the Welsh for Adults Programme
Evaluation of Welsh for Adults Programme: some mentions of technologies that could enhance
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november 2011 by paulbrichardson
IVONA Text-to-Speech Voices | TTS Voices | Text To Voice
- select voice "welsh: gwyneth" Not bad text to speech engine! Also Welsh English voices. via
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october 2011 by paulbrichardson
Can Google speak Welsh? | Language Rich Europe
Can Google speak Welsh? Thoughtful article from British Council, with link to *that* Swansea roadsign.
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august 2011 by paulbrichardson
Educational Technology in ELT: 8 voice recording tools for language learning
RT @vickysaumell: "8 voice recording tools for language learning" is my latest blog post
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september 2010 by paulbrichardson
Small Things | Online Day to celebrate language and to encourage more people to participate in the Welsh culture digital
Pethau Bychain: ddiwrnod i ddathlu’r iaith Gymraeg arlein & annog pobol i gymryd rhan yn y diwylliant Cymraeg digidol
cymraeg  pethaubychain 
august 2010 by paulbrichardson
Pethau Bychain » Beth yw Pethau Bychain?
RT : Diwrnod 'Pethau Bychain' i ddathlu'r laith Gymraeg arlein - 3ydd Medi:
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august 2010 by paulbrichardson
RT : Welsh Voices of the Great War Online - JISC community project roadshows round Wales this summer
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august 2010 by paulbrichardson
llyfrau o gymru :: GWALES.COM :: books from wales
Cyngor Llyfrau Cymru - Welsh Books Council -
books  cymraeg  welsh 
january 2010 by paulbrichardson
Google Reader (60)
Get all your news and blogs in one place with Google Reader
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december 2009 by paulbrichardson

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