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Victims of serious crime face arrest over immigration status - BBC News
BBC's Victoria Derbyshire programme asked 45 UK police forces, via a Freedom of Information request, if they referred victims and witnesses of crime to the Home Office for immigration enforcement.

Twenty-seven said they did. Some gave a straight "yes", others had caveats such as "not routinely" or "it's rare".
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5 weeks ago by paulbradshaw
Warning hundreds of fire deaths may be linked to skin creams - BBC News
Last March a BBC investigation discovered 37 deaths were linked to skin creams containing paraffin in England since 2010. It is believed there have been a further eight deaths since November 2016.

But fire services are now warning the creams - used for conditions like eczema and psoriasis - may have played a role in many other deaths without investigators realising.
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february 2018 by paulbradshaw
Schools break law on religious education, research suggests - BBC News
The National Association for RE teachers obtained unpublished official data under Freedom of Information law.
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october 2017 by paulbradshaw
Death-registering delays 'rise by 70%' - BBC News
The figures, obtained from the GRO by the BBC in a Freedom of Information request, also show the total number of deaths registered increased by 6% between 2011/12 and 2015/16.
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september 2017 by paulbradshaw
Dog attack powers 'not being used' - BBC News
Some 77% of the 311 councils in England, Scotland and Wales that responded had not issued any Community Protection Notices (CPN), which demand owners take steps to prevent attacks.
Hospital admissions from dog attacks have risen by 21% over five years.
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july 2017 by paulbradshaw
Fire services 'spending millions' on animal rescues - BBC News
Last year Lincolnshire Fire and Rescue extracted an 8ft boa constrictor called Billy from a gas fireplace, while in Darlington two pet rats were rescued from a drainage pipe and a cat was removed from the extractor fan of a pizza shop.
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july 2017 by paulbradshaw
'Unfit' council home 'made my children ill' - BBC News
After moving up the people, the number of tenants, into the intro as opposed to the figure of compensation and by making the headline about the consequences of these damp conditions (Unfit council home ‘made my children ill’), the story climbed from an engaged time of just over 30 seconds to over 1 minute 10.
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february 2017 by paulbradshaw
Police pay out at least £22m to informants in five years - BBC News
At the end of last year BBC WM BJ Olivia Morley investigated how much money police forces in the West Midlands paid to informants through FOI requests. Olivia tracked down and spoke to former undercover policemen who ran informants, with some saying they were a cheap way of fighting crime and others who described it as a terrible waste of money. Her work caught the idea of producers at Five Live Breakfast and this week Olivia helped them roll the story out across the UK:
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february 2017 by paulbradshaw
Early deaths among care leavers revealed - BBC News
Young people who have grown up in care are far more likely to die in early adulthood than other young people, Freedom of Information figures reveal.
They show 90 people who left care in the UK between 2012 and 2016 died in the years when they would have turned 19, 20 or 21.
Care leavers make up 1% of the population at these ages, but make up around 7% of the deaths.
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february 2017 by paulbradshaw
NHS Health Check: The 10 'longest' hospital delays exposed - BBC News
449 days - 62-year-old patient at Mid Yorkshire Hospitals NHS Trust
342 days - Royal Devon and Exeter NHS Trust patient waiting for care home placement
324 days - paralysed patient at Robert Jones and Agnes Hunt Orthopaedic Hospital awaiting care at home
313 days - stroke patient at Leeds Teaching Hospital NHS Trust. Lack of care meant family or patient unable to cope following discharge
295 days - multiple sclerosis patient at Central Manchester Hospitals NHS Trust waiting for nursing home placement
294 days - patient at Royal Devon and Exeter NHS Trust waiting for care in own home
288 days - 82-year-old patient at Walsall Healthcare NHS Trust
274 days - stroke patient at Central Manchester Hospitals NHS Trust waiting for council care
265 days - epilepsy patient at Central Manchester Hospitals NHS Trust waiting for care package in own home
265 days - patient at Buckinghamshire Healthcare NHS Trust. No details provided
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february 2017 by paulbradshaw
Watchdog allowed MPs who break expenses rules to repay cash in secret « Express & Star
The FOI disclosure shows "allegations of a criminal nature" were made by Ipsa about the "staffing costs" of two unnamed MPs on February 4 and February 24. They were apparently referred to police the following month.
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december 2015 by paulbradshaw
'Paupers' funerals' cost councils £1.7m - BBC News
The cost to local councils of so-called "paupers' funerals" has risen almost 30% to £1.7m in the past four years.
The number of these funerals has also risen by 11%, a Freedom of Information request by BBC Local Radio revealed.
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december 2015 by paulbradshaw
How many truanting fines go unpaid by parents? - Full Fact
They’re pretty much right, based on figures from a Freedom of Information (FOI) request. There’s also data publicly available for England and Wales together—we’ve stuck to the FOI data here just because it’s what the BBC is referring to.
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october 2015 by paulbradshaw
Local authority cremation costs - BBC News
average cost of a cremation at a public crematorium has risen since 2010, according to a BBC Freedom of Information request.
Here is a list of all the local authorities that run crematoriums in the UK - showing their prices for a daytime adult cremation from 2010-11, 2015-16 and the percentage change.
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august 2015 by paulbradshaw
Families face special educational needs help 'postcode lottery' - BBC News
Figures from 125 councils in England and Wales obtained by a Freedom of Information request found a huge range in responses to assessment requests.
On average half of all requests by parents to get help are turned down.
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march 2015 by paulbradshaw
BBC News - Tasers drawn on '400 children in 2013'
The Home Office Taser database, seen by BBC Radio 5 live, shows a 38% increase on 2012 in the number of children who had a taser aimed at them. Tasers were fired 37 times at 10 to 17-year-olds.
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february 2015 by paulbradshaw
Two-thirds of BBC programmes are repeats | Radio Times
Almost two thirds of BBC programmes aired last year were repeats, a Freedom of Information request has revealed.

The request showed that an average of 63% of programmes broadcast across the BBC channels – BBC1, BBC2, BBC3 and BBC4 – during 2012 had already been aired.

BBC1 trasmitted 2,793 repeat programmes in the period, around a third of its output, while 4,423 BBC2 shows were repeats.

BBC3 was arguably the worst offender with 3,196 (85%) of its programmes coming from repeats while BBC4 had already shown 2,604 hours, or 78% of its output.
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july 2013 by paulbradshaw
BBC redundancy payments cost almost £277m in seven years | Media |
Between March 2005 and February 2012 the BBC paid out £276,833,465 in redundancy payments to the 5,992 staff, according to the figures which have been obtained from a freedom of information request.

This makes the average redundancy payment just over £46,200 for each member of staff who took either compulsory or voluntary redundancy from the BBC during that period. Some of the redundancy payouts include extra money paid in lieu of holiday owed to staff.

The highest individual redundancy payment was £949,000, according to the BBC response to the FOI request. The BBC gave details of the 20 biggest redundancy payments during the period, but declined to name the staff or to give their job titles.

However, £949,000 was the same amount given for "compensation for loss of office" to BBC deputy director general Mark Byford, who left in June last year, according to page 61 of the corporation's 2010/2011 annual report.
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april 2012 by paulbradshaw
MediaCity on Monday: Full details of the BBC North talent pool for jobseekers revealed | UK news |
The Manchester figures show that 1% of applications were successful and the figure for the north as a whole is just a 0.85% success rate.

This compares to a London post codes total of 2.29% and in one of the capital's areas, West London, more than 4% of applicants landed jobs.

Explanatory notes accompanying the data provide more detail – the figure of those hired includes people appointed outside of the online jobs bank. It explains:

"The postcode data for posts filled relates to two categories of people: those who were successfully appointed following speculative application through the jobs bank plus those who were successfully appointed through application to externally advertised specific roles."
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january 2012 by paulbradshaw

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