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Mac OS 10.8 - 10.10



» Download Colors Demo
» Manual » Theory » Palettes
Mac OS 10.8 - 10.10


The Passage of Light

Around 1660 Sir Isaac Newton developed the first color wheel,
the first circular diagram of colors. Newton took the bar of colors created by the passage of light through a prism and transformed it into a segmented circle, where the size of each segment differed according to his calculations of its wavelength and of its corresponding width in the spectrum. The placement and size of the colored sections of Newton's circle suggested other mathematical and harmonic relationships. Over the centuries the color wheel evolved and changed many times and still today, people argue about different variations; like they argue about Mac vs PC.

Yellow vs. Green

Colors is designed for us screen workers and pixel pushers. Therefore, color variations and schemes are based on, and calculated on, RGB and not on RYB. In other words: The basis of all calculations is the additive color model since we don't actually mix real pigments (subtractive color model) on our displays. And you can't argue with that.

The pure Math of Harmony

Colors effect our lives and we have strong emotional reactions to them. There is a reason the STOP sign has a red background or border, no matter if it is a German, a US, or a Chinese one. In addition, there are, of course, cultural backgrounds and our personal taste.
Just think of iOS 6 vs. iOS 7.

One can study color theory their whole lives and one would still learn something new every day, especially nowadays when there are thousands of different displays and display profiles, thousands of colors, and hundreds of different artificial lights involved.

Your #00f303 green on your screen differs from my #00f303 green on my display, and on my iPad it looks more like a #00f37d minty green. All
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