Ludus - rotrude - Merlin (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
Rome, 41 AD. Merlin, physician to Emperor Claudius, is assigned two new patients, gladiators from one of the local ludii. While one of them is open, flirty and talkative, the other isn't. He bears no name, doesn't discuss his past, and isn't quite so accepting of Merlin's bedside manner. He clothes himself in the stoic courage of those who know they're about to die. Until Merlin works a chink in his armour.


Wrtitten for this kinkme_merlin prompt:
fandom:merlin  type:historical!au  author:rotrude  pairing:merlin/arthur 
october 2014
In The Shadowed Dell, a merlin fanfic | FanFiction
Post S3, slash, P/M, Percival has always been a man of nature, most comfortable amongst trees instead of people.
fandom:merlin  pairing:general  type:canonperiod  author:reiya-wakayama 
september 2014
Sit In, a merlin fanfic | FanFiction
Not entirely surprisingly, Merlin ends up in the dungeons again... but the Knights of the Round Table never abandon one of their own.
fandom:merlin  pairing:general  type:canonperiod  author:literaria 
september 2014
Try, Try Again, a merlin fanfic | FanFiction
In which Arthur tries, several times, to name Merlin as Court Sorcerer, and things just keep going wrong. Expanded 'Fractions' 95 by llLethell.
fandom:merlin  pairing:general  type:canonperiod  author:ultra-geek 
september 2014
Uncharted Chapter 3: Rumors Come Home to Roost, a superman fanfic | FanFiction
Someone once told me that back during the Golden Age they handwaved Clark Kent's lack of Military service during WWII by having him being declared 4-F after he accidentally read the eye chart in the wrong room. What if the consequences of the misreading hadn't ended with the examination? What if Clark Kent had accidentally convinced someone who spread the word that he was "blind"?
fandom:dcu  author:lucilla 
september 2014
Frigga should just take the throne instead of one of her issue-ridden kids, I mean really.
Frigga should just take the throne instead of one of her issue-ridden kids, I mean really.
fandom:marvel  fandom:avengers  author:scifigrl47 
july 2014
DJ Makes Friends (Or Builds an Army)
ilovenotcamping said: Oooh! DJ & roomba army Team Up! :) <3

((Goddammit Sam, you make me cross my verses. I’m writing fanfic of my fanfic. 8) ))
fandom:marvel  fandom:avengers  author:scifigrl47 
june 2014
The Friendship Plan - Nicnac - Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman, Smallville [Archive of Our Own]
Lex wants to be Clark's friend again. So he's got a plan - a lot of plans. Because what he lacks in common sense and social skills he'll make up for in sheer determination
fandom:smallville  author:nicnac 
june 2014
hds_beltane | Never could get the hang of Thursdays - for the Comm
: Unnamed character deaths. Somebody has cancer but is still alive at the end of it. Divorce happened. The not-too-distant future awaits.
Word count: 13,000
Summary: Interdepartmental cooperation leads to the ongoing use of Muggle pens and the discovery of a serial killer. It's the latter of these that leads Harry to Draco Malfoy's doorstep.
fandom:HP  author:bakaknight 
june 2014
leave them stunned and stuttering - AlchemyAlice - Multifandom [Archive of Our Own]
Coming out as a billionaire playboy to your group of superhero friends is harder than Tony makes it out to be.

Or: Further glimpses of the ever-exasperating life of Bruce Wayne, childhood best friend of Tony Stark.


Some further superbros silliness. Much more incoherent than the last, but too substantial to leave languishing. Stand by for further chronological confusion and abuse of parentheses.
fandom:marvel  fandom:crossover  fandom:dcu  fandom:avengers  author:alchemyalice 
may 2014
I Do Not Speak Tumblr, PORTRAIT OF THE ARTIST AS A ROBOT knottahooker: ...

A 3D Printing system that can create forms without the hindrance of gravity.

Well fuck, someone taught Dummy to sculpt.
fandom:avengers  fandom:marvel  author:sam-storyteller  author:copperbadge 
december 2013
when the truth comes out - ingberry - Merlin (TV) [Archive of Our Own]

When Arthur wakes up from surgery, completely loopy from the anesthetics, he doesn’t recognise Merlin, but thinks he's really quite lovely.
fandom:merlin  pairing:merlin/arthur  type:modern!au  author:ingberry 
november 2013
Angry Genius White Noise - copperbadge - The Avengers (Marvel Movies), Marvel [Archive of Our Own]
One of Pepper’s favorite activities after a long day is putting on sci-fi movies and watching Tony dissect their bad science. He’ll happily spend two hours curled up against her and ranting about the flawed central plan in Armageddon and how REALLY, HE HOPES AN ASTEROID HEADS FOR EARTH, HE’LL SHOW HOLLYWOOD HOW TO REALISTICALLY AVOID AN EXTINCTION-LEVEL EVENT, DAMMIT. Pepper finds it oddly relaxing, like angry genius white noise. Add in Bruce, and she could sell tickets.
fandom:marvel  fandom:avengers  author:sam-storyteller  author:copperbadge 
november 2013
I Do Not Speak Tumblr, maskedfangirl: copperbadge: maskedfangirl: ...
Tony and Pepper for ohsweetcrepes.

Headcanon: One of Pepper’s favorite activities after a long day is putting on sci-fi movies and watching Tony dissect their bad science. He’ll happily spend two hours curled up against her and ranting about the flawed central plan in Armageddon and how REALLY, HE HOPES AN ASTEROID HEADS FOR EARTH, HE’LL SHOW HOLLYWOOD HOW TO REALISTICALLY AVOID AN EXTINCTION-LEVEL EVENT, DAMMIT. Pepper finds it oddly relaxing, like angry genius white noise.

NGL this is made of adorable. I bet when they invite Bruce over she considers selling tickets.

Oh dammit now I want fic of that.

Pepper likes to sit between them on the couch, sandwiched in with Tony (who always runs hot and keeps her warm) on her right and Bruce (who is considerably less wiry, god, Tony’s all sinew and bone) on her left.
fandom:avengers  fandom:marvel  author:sam-storyteller  author:copperbadge 
november 2013
Ambition and History - quigonejinn - Iron Man (Movies), Marvel Cinematic Universe [Archive of Our Own]

Christine is asked to help on the Maria Stark angle. Lots of pictures. That's what they have in mind.
fandom:marvel  fandom:avengers  fandom:ironman  author:quigonejinn 
november 2013
Steve Rogers & Tony Stark:
Steve Rogers & Tony Stark:
We Have Our Moments

(aka the Cap-Iron Man slashy moments list)
fandom:marvel  fandom:avengers 
october 2013
A Different Kind of Badass - TardisIsTheOnlyWayToTravel - Good Omens, Harry Potter - Fandom [Archive of Our Own]

"You know, I'm pretty certain that I asked for a bad-arse guardian angel."


For the prompt:

Good Omens/Any; Aziraphale/Any;
"I asked for a badass guardian angel. You're not badass, you haven't even got a sword."
"Don't, ah, judge a book by its' cover. There are lots of ways one can be ...'badass'"
fandom:crossover  fandom:HP  fandom:goodomens  author:tardisistheonlywaytotravel 
october 2013
The Archangel and the Antichrist - TardisIsTheOnlyWayToTravel - Good Omens, Supernatural [Archive of Our Own]
If you have the ability to destroy the world, then maybe you also have a responsibility to protect it. And in a world where the angels are trying to destroy everything, it probably makes sense that the Antichrist wants to save it.

Or, the encounters between Gabriel and Adam Young during the approach of the apocalypse, as Adam tries to fix everything.
fandom:crossover  fandom:spn  fandom:goodomens  author:tardisistheonlywaytotravel 
october 2013
Those Who Are Both - MarbleGlove - Superman - Fandom, Smallville [Archive of Our Own]
In worrying about the friendship with Lex that had been lost, Clark discovers that maybe it was always there, just screwed up beyond easy recognition.
author:marbleglove  fandom:dcu  fandom:smallville 
september 2013
A Slow Insurrection - icarus_chained - Good Omens - Neil Gaiman & Terry Pratchett, Christian Bible [Archive of Our Own]
Six moments in a galactic war of biblical proportions and the slow insurrection that is seeded through them, as an angel and a demon struggle to make sense of a universe at war and their places in it.

Prequel to Enemy Mine, the Apocalyptic Good Omens Space AU.
fandom:goodomens  author:icarus-chained 
september 2013
Genesis Apocalyptos - icarus_chained - Christian Bible, Good Omens - Neil Gaiman & Terry Pratchett [Archive of Our Own]
A massive and sprawling apocalyptic space opera AU of Good Omens and Christian Myth. Because I'm crazy that way.
fandom:goodomens  author:icarus-chained 
september 2013
curseofthefanartlords: I swear, I just want a...
I swear, I just want a Marvel series where everyone has nice happy flashbacks with their mothers. Because all we hear about is the shitty fathers club.
fandom:marvel  fandom:ironman  author:scifigrl47  fandom:avengers 
july 2013
KM Stories - The Rebirth of Bilbo Baggins
When Bilbo died in the Battle of the Five Armies, that was the last they thought they'd ever see of their burglar. Fortunately, Bilbo Baggins had other thoughts on the matter.

Author's Note: Written for this prompt on the HKM.
fandom:Tolkien  author:kmstories 
june 2013
KM Stories - Shelter from the Cold
: Gen, Alternate Universe, Pre-Slash

Rating: Everyone

Summary: The Company gets caught in an avalanche and it's up to Bilbo to secure shelter.
author:kmstories  fandom:Tolkien 
june 2013
The Hobbit Kink Meme - Prompt Post part 7
Five times one or more of the company had to cross dress to get out of a sticky situation, and one time it was just for the hell of it.
fandom:Tolkien  author:paranoid_fridge 
june 2013
It's Not A Rabbit Hat Chapter 62: The Godfather, HP&Norse Myth, a harry potter fanfic | FanFiction
Vixen Uchiha's prompt: We all know Harry has a godfather that James picked out and by all rights Lily would get to pick the other godparent. My friend's youngest son has two godfathers, so Lily does the one thing se can think of that will save her son. She summons a god, I ask that it be Loki as I think he is the cooler of the gods and asks him to raise her son should something happen to James and herself and if Padfoot can not take care of him. So Harry is raised by Loki and when his Hogwarts letter comes he is like I know all this why should I go?

(*snicker* okay, is it just me or is having a god for a godfather just a little funny? It's probably just me -also, implied incest, and homosexuality, which should surprise no one familiar with Norse mythology. Also, I'm adverting Ragnarök, just so you know.)
fandom:crossover  fandom:HP  author:abbyebon 
june 2013
Objects In the Rear View Mirror (are as hot as they appear) - gala_apples - Iron Man (Movies), The Avengers (2012) [Archive of Our Own]

Happy likes many things. He likes driving. He likes dirty jokes. He likes the thrill he gets when Tony and Pepper and Natasha make him do things that are really stupid.
fandom:avengers  fandom:marvel  author:gala_apples  fandom:ironman 
june 2013
KM Stories - To Be Thwarted by a King (Thorin/Bilbo)
After some soul searching, Bilbo decides to stay in Erebor. He expects everyone to be happy, but what he doesn't expect is to find out Thorin has been thwarting every potential suitor he has.
fandom:Tolkien  author:kmstories 
june 2013
Serenity's Fanfiction - LOTR: Father-Name - Thranduil Gen Fic
Thranduil's wife was a Silvan elf; Hissaeldir is the Crown Prince; Colfinnor is the middle son. My personal canon is that Oropher and Celeborn are first cousins, both descended from Elmo. I'm calling the "Woodland Tongue" Silvan since calling it Silvan Elvish sounds weird to me and Tolkien called it "Silvan" once in a note. I've played pretty fast and loose with the languages but then in reality, the elves probably don't really have a problem saying Thranduil's name and I wouldn't have a story :)

Over his long life, Thranduil had heard every permutation of his name possible.
fandom:Tolkien  author:serenity-fics 
june 2013
KM Stories - The Hobbit Who Would Be King
Summary: The Mountain decides that there is only one who is worthy to rule Erebor.

Author's Note: Based on this prompt from the HKM.
fandom:Tolkien  author:kmstories 
june 2013
KM Stories - A Little Wolf in a Big Pack (Thorin/Bilbo)
Werewolf AU, Intersex AU

Summary: It's Bilbo's first change with the Dwarves' Wolf-Pack, and he's unsure of his welcome.
fandom:Tolkien  author:kmstories 
june 2013
The Hobbit Kink Meme - Prompt Post 2 (Closed to new prompts)
protectiveness is my favorite kink & for my taste there's just not enough of that in this meme yet ... so i want 5 (or 13 *g*) times the dwarves (or just one of them) was protective of bilbo. and maybe one time where bilbo protects them all.

feel free to include any pairings you'd like, though i'm partial to bilbo/bofur or bilbo/thorin. no durincest please. feel free to leave it gen.

+ bonus points for making dwalin unexpectedly, ridiculously protective of the small burglar.
fandom:Tolkien  author:anonymous 
june 2013
All I Really Need to Know, I Learned in Kindergarten - Chapter 1 - Nicnac - Smallville [Archive of Our Own]
Lex has a little problem.


Similar sort of slightly AU for season 10 (and completely ignores the comics) as my last fic. Clark and Lois broke up rather than getting engaged, Conner and Clark lived on the farm together starting in 10x16 "Scion," but a few years have passed since then and they now have an apartment in Metropolis. Also the neurotoxin didn't take or they found a cure or whatever, point is Lex has his memories.
fandom:smallville  author:nicnac 
may 2013
The Hobbit Kink Meme - Prompt Post 11 [CLOSED TO NEW PROMPTS]
Reverse Hobbits. Basically, all the Hobbits are great adventurers except for the Tooks and Brandybucks, who are only respectable through their great wealth. Belladonna Took was considered almost insane by her quiet, Took relations for marrying the Wild Bungo Baggins of the Baggins clan.(Worse than the Tooks in the regular world)

Bilbo was a mix of his father and mother growing up, he loved going out and having "Adventures" but also loved quietly sitting and reading.

When the quest comes along the dwarves have next to no trouble convincing Bilbo to come along. "Oh, a dragon? Well that sounds like good fun, where do I sign up?"

Many shenanigans ensue.
wip  fandom:Tolkien  author:fannishminded 
may 2013
After Years of Listening (A Stone Comes To Life) - Novocaine - The Hobbit - All Media Types [Archive of Our Own]
He has considered it, many a lonely night. Always, always he decides against it, convinced that the hobbit would not appreciate the king who so quickly turned on him, so easily belittled him in the wake of all Bilbo had done for them. Surely the halfling would turn him away. It was easier, Thorin decided, to let his pain be his penance. He deserved little else for his treatment of the poor burglar.

“You cannot keep your heart broken forever,” she says after a lengthy silence.

And Thorin, not one to be challenged, answers; “Watch me.”
fandom:Tolkien  author:novocaine 
may 2013
The Tales of Merlin - yaoigirl22 - Merlin (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
The life of Merlin, Camelot's future Warlock, and Prince Arthur's biggest headache. Come and read all the things that the Legend didn't tell you about, like how everything is totally Arthur's fault.
fandom:merlin  pairing:general  pairing:merlin/arthur  type:canonperiod  author:yaoigirl 
may 2013
Like You (Only Sweeter) - silver_etoile - Merlin (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
With Arthur’s impending marriage to Elena, and Uther breathing down his neck about the upcoming company merger, the stress seems insurmountable, but then Arthur meets Merlin, a children’s party magician who throws a wrench in all his plans. Torn between duty and desire, Arthur is left with a choice to make, but will it be the right one?
fandom:merlin  pairing:merlin/arthur  type:modern!au  author:silver_etoile 
may 2013
Even Then - elirwen - Merlin (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
“You have no proof,” Arthur yells.

“I have a trustworthy witness,” Uther says, his stare cold and uncaring.

“You can’t do this,” Arthur shouts in his father’s face. “Merlin’s innocent.”

“Escort the prince to his chambers,” Uther says to the guards.

“She’s lying to you,” Arthur yells as the guards drag him from the throne room.
fandom:merlin  pairing:merlin/arthur  type:canonperiod  author:elirwen 
may 2013
One Simple Word - yaoigirl22 - Merlin (TV) [Archive of Our Own]

It wasn't Arthur's fault. Now, really it wasn't! Also there are flowers.
fandom:merlin  pairing:merlin/arthur  type:canonperiod  author:yaoigirl 
may 2013
All The Things I've Lost And Found - copperbadge - Torchwood [Archive of Our Own]

Jack is doubled-back on himself, leaving Ianto to arrange matters with his linear-time counterpart.


Having been linked by martyfan to a list of fics where Jack crosses his own timeline, I noticed that most if not all of them were terribly bittersweet. So I decided to write a funny one, and this is it. Originally it was posted as two separate stories, "Won't You Come Home To Me" and "All That I Ain't Got", which I've combined here into two chapters.

This was written prior to Children of Earth, and does not reflect canon after S2.

Jack's handwriting font, I think you all should know, is called "Attract More Women".
fandom:torchwood  author:sam-storyteller  author:copperbadge 
may 2013
The Hobbit Kink Meme - Prompt Post 11 - Fill: I lost my shoe and something else
So, Dwarrow/Hobbit A, is knocked for a loop, by method of your choice.

They start talking in this out of it state, and what they say is often nonsense. Until it really isn't. They're talking about things they couldn't/shouldn't know.

Either soul mates or Reincarnation, or whatever/however you want it to shake down that party A knows stuff that makes the listening Hobbit/Dwarrow(s)react STRONGLY.

How they react, is also up to you.

Mostly I just want to see some really good Surprised and flatfooted reactions here while the party causing the shocks is unaware. <3
That and sleep is an elusive enemy, so I am very punch drunk myself
fandom:Tolkien  author:elluvias 
may 2013
You Are Beary Stupid (But We Love You Anyway) - waketosleep - Star Trek: Alternate Original Series (Movies) [Archive of Our Own]
Jim does his best to take this recovery thing seriously. That's what he says, anyway, not that anyone believes a word of it.


A missing scene from the end of Into Darkness that I wrote yesterday afternoon when we got back from the movie. I haven't fully consolidated my feelings yet, this was just ripping the bandaid off and getting back into the fandom. This was 1500 words of working out my emotions about Kirk and the Enterprise crew. SORRY, NOT REMOTELY SORRY.
author:waketosleep  fandom:startrekxi 
may 2013
Bones a Brittle Cage of Weak Light - alice_pike - Star Trek: Alternate Original Series (Movies), Star Trek: Into Darkness - Fandom [Archive of Our Own]
He may be healthy, but that doesn't mean he's healed. Or, Kirk and Spock really needed to make out.

Spoilers for Into Darkness. Takes place in the year before the departure of the Enterprise.
fandom:startrekxi  author:alice_pike 
may 2013
Christmas Vacation - lexxorz - Iron Man (Movies), The Avengers (2012) [Archive of Our Own]
Takes place during Iron Man 3.

By the third week of December, Bruce hadn't heard from Tony in a while. When he finally did, he wished he hadn't.

Or, a story of how, on Christmas, Tony Stark saved the world and had a grand adventure and Bruce Banner took a crappy vacation.


This takes place during Iron Man 3. Which means this contains spoilers for Iron Man 3.

Thanks to my beta, irite, for helping me recover from IM3 enough to try to salvage the remnants of my canon
fandom:avengers  fandom:marvel  fandom:ironman  author:lexxorz 
may 2013
What Here Shall Miss - sheafrotherdon - Iron Man (Movies) [Archive of Our Own]

Tag to Iron Man 3: spoilers throughout. Warning for description of anxiety attacks and discussion of PTSD.


With thanks to dogeared for beta!
fandom:marvel  fandom:ironman  author:sheafrotherdon 
may 2013
babel, babel, look at me now - jumpfall - Iron Man (Movies), The Avengers (2012) [Archive of Our Own]

[IM3 Spoilers.] Fixing Extremis doesn't mean removing it. Tony Stark may in fact be dating a superhero. (There's a line in the budget for it.)


Two weeks later and the Extremis!Pepper and Tony/Pepper feelings have yet to fade, so here this is. My apologies for any egregious misuse of comics canon in tweaking the MCU to fit what is in part wish fulfillment.

Title credit goes to the song 'Babel' by Mumford and Sons.
fandom:avengers  author:jumpfall  fandom:ironman  fandom:marvel 
may 2013
An Inconvenient Time of Day - bevinkathryn - Merlin (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
Merlin and Arthur become roommates after Gwen and Lance move in together. The only problem is, Merlin is a Morning Person, and Arthur...really, really isn't.


Super fast and pointless fluff/smut written in between bouts of my Pole Dancing AU, unbeta-ed. Title is taken from a quote by Glen Cook: “Morning is wonderful. Its only drawback is that it comes at such an inconvenient time of day.”
fandom:merlin  pairing:merlin/arthur  type:modern!au  author:bevinkathryn 
may 2013
Better - Chapter 1 - Liviconnor - Merlin (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
Arthur's a widowed father, and he hasn't been interested in dating anyone since his wife died. Unfortunately, the single mums of Puzzletime Playgroup didn't get the memo. Enter Merlin, the barista/sociology student.

With side appearances by Gwaine, who does not help, Gwen and Lancelot, who do, and Gaius, who should have stuck to working on toothpaste.
fandom:merlin  pairing:merlin/arthur  type:modern!au  author:liviconnor 
may 2013
The Dirty Little Things You Say - bloodsongs - Merlin (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
When a conversation around the campfire with one night turns to the topic of dirty talk during sex, the knights proceed to try and outdo one another at it, yielding some truly hilarious attempts. Merlin's roped in after a fashion because the knights reckon it'd be golden to hear Merlin talking dirty, only Merlin turns out to have the filthiest mouth in their company, getting everyone squirming barely minutes into his session.

Arthur's more affected than he'd like to admit, and finds he can't stop thinking about it later even in the tent that he's sharing with Merlin...
fandom:merlin  pairing:merlin/arthur  type:canonperiod  author:bloodsongs 
may 2013
Faded Epitaphs (Marching Onwards) - patria_mori - Merlin (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
Immortality was never something Arthur Pendragon had wanted. Merlin didn't give him that choice. As the rest of the world reincarnates, blissfully oblivious, Arthur continues, waiting for the one man who never came back.


This started as a character study excerise after remembering a fanvideo by raselased ( Since I started writing with a broken memory of the clip, it doesn't follow it to frame, but it was a good starting place. Also, I only followed up to a certain point in the series cannon (read: before the Lancelot debacle) before substituting the more traditional narrative as backstory.

My beta seems to have fallen off the face of the earth, so I do apologise for any errors in advance.
fandom:merlin  pairing:merlin/arthur  type:reincarnation  author:patria_moru 
may 2013
Matters of State - cupcakery - Merlin (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
“The Prime Minister has arrived, Your Majesty.”

“Thank you George, I can see that.” Arthur says, gesturing to where Merlin is stood leaning casually against the fireplace, having barged unannounced into the room.


Based on the KMM prompt: Modern AU where they're both politicians/royals/ambassadors/etc.
fandom:merlin  pairing:merlin/arthur  type:modern!au  author:cupcakery 
may 2013
Of Faith and Hope and Love - versaphile - Merlin (TV) [Archive of Our Own]

To lose a manservant once may be regarded as a misfortune; to lose him twice looks like carelessness. When Merlin vanishes in the mines of Kemeray, Arthur's search for him uncovers decades of secrets and betrayals. But the sudden appearance of a baby white dragon bodes well for Albion, for Merlin and Arthur, and for the land that they will build together.
fandom:merlin  pairing:merlin/arthur  type:canon!au  author:versaphile 
may 2013
And Therefore I Have Sailed The Seas - versaphile - Merlin (TV), Thief of Bagdad (1940) [Archive of Our Own]

The one where Arthur and Merlin travel to Medieval Persia. What do you do after you've fulfilled your destiny? Merlin doesn't know, but he tries to find out despite a cranky High King, a powerful Shah and his Queen, and his own untameable magic.
fandom:merlin  pairing:merlin/arthur  type:canon!au  author:versaphile  fandom:crossover 
may 2013
One of the Wonders - versaphile - Merlin (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
No mortal has ever survived their touch. Arthur knows that if he asks how Merlin survived the Dorocha, Merlin will smile that cheeky grin that doesn't quite reach his eyes. Missing scene/Arthur study for 'The Darkest Hour'.
fandom:merlin  pairing:merlin/arthur  type:canonperiod  author:versaphile 
may 2013
merlinxarthur: fic: a persistent curiosity
Rating: NC-17
Warning: Teensy vague spoilers for several episodes, season 1. Blink and you’ll miss them.
Summary: Arthur knew his mouth was open. He knew it and was too affronted to care. “You can’t just put my hands anywhere, you know.”
Disclaimer: The realm of Merlin does not make me any money.
fandom:merlin  pairing:merlin/arthur  type:canonperiod  author:rurounihime 
may 2013
All my empty spaces - Anonymous - Merlin (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
They're doing it all wrong, moving too fast, but Merlin recognizes something in Arthur, and he can tell, from the way Arthur watches him, that he sees it too.


I fell in love with this prompt when I first saw it, so thanks to the prompter, and thanks so much to my beta lolzwatgrammerz (at tumblr). This would have been a much more painful writing process if I didn't know there was someone out there to read this over.

This fic's rating should fall somewhere between T and M, but just to be safe, I went with the higher rating.
fandom:merlin  pairing:merlin/arthur  type:reincarnation  author:anonymous  merlin:merlin_muses 
may 2013
That's His Name - Anonymous - Merlin (TV) [Archive of Our Own]

In a world where Arthur and Merlin never went to Ealdor, Merlin is home visiting his mum. People soon are getting annoyed about all his talk about this Arthur chap, they don't believe for a second that Merlin of all people could be close to the king. Until the king pays a visit.

Written for prompt #87 at Merlin Muses Prompt Fest


A wonderful person agreed to beta this for me on a very short notice and totally saved my arse – Thank you so much!

(See the end of the work for more notes)
fandom:merlin  merlin:merlin_muses  author:anonymous  type:canon!au  pairing:merlin/arthur 
may 2013
Read All About It - Chapter 1 - Anonymous - Merlin (TV) [Archive of Our Own]

Arthur is an antiques shop owner who spends most of his time worrying about how he’s going to stay in business. Until world-famous actor Merlin Emrys comes crashing into his shop and somehow Arthur ends up with a fake boyfriend.
fandom:merlin  pairing:merlin/arthur  type:modern!au  author:anonymous  merlin:merlin_muses 
may 2013
When the Clock Strikes Twelve - lamardeuse - Merlin (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
A modern AU in which Merlin agrees to help a friend and finds his destiny instead.


Based on this novel summary -

Do you want to know a secret? When Merlin Emrys agrees to do a favour for a friend he doesn’t think he’ll end up at Albion Hall. Stepping into a world dripping with old-school glamour, he and his knock-off Vivienne Westwood boots do not belong. Pretending to be his straight friend’s boyfriend he’s out of his depth enough in a world of champagne, chandeliers and chauffeur-driven cars, the last thing he needs is a crush on returning Royal Marine officer and heir apparent Arthur Pendragon. But scandal and secrets bubble under the surface of even the best champagne…and dark truths about the Pendragon dynasty are about to be revealed...
author:lamardeuse  fandom:merlin  pairing:merlin/arthur  type:modern!au 
may 2013
Welcome to Camelot Burger - RoughDraftHero - Merlin (TV) [Archive of Our Own]

From KMM prompt:
They're co-workers, in a fast food, who like to get it on when their turn it's over. It's not like they have much time for a relationship anyway, so no harm done.
And if it happens that they also eventually end up sleeping at each other's homes or that they generally look after each other it's all part of the deal.


Link to prompt:

I tried to make it sound -subtley- british, but probably embarrassed myself.
fandom:merlin  pairing:merlin/arthur  type:modern!au  author:roughdrafthero 
may 2013
So Fancy - RoughDraftHero - Merlin (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
From Prompt: Arthur/Merlin, modern AU

Merlin is a busboy or dishwasher at the fancy restaurant in the super fancy & luxurious hotel owned by the indescribably rich Uther Pendragon.


This was written for a prompt ( on the Merlin kink meme.
fandom:merlin  pairing:merlin/arthur  type:modern!au  author:roughdrafthero 
may 2013
Good dog, best friend - VileVenom - The Hobbit - All Media Types, The Hobbit - J. R. R. Tolkien [Archive of Our Own]
Kink Meme Prompt Fill
I just really, really would love to read a fic where Bilbo finds a baby warg (I'm imagining they're much more adorable when they're tiny and fluffy)and decides to raise it and take care of it.
+10 if Bilbo threatens to sic his warg on the dwarrows when they're being rude.
+100 if the warg follows one of the dwarrows around because that dwarf secretly gives it treats and belly rubs.
+1000 if Bilbo rides his warg to meet up with the dwarrows on their way out of the Shire.
+My soul if Bilbo and Lobelia are super-best friends and the warg behaves better for Lobelia than Bilbo (and whimpers and hides when she brings out the umbrella).
fandom:Tolkien  author:vilevenom 
may 2013
Looking Glass - sinnaidle (sinuous_curve) - Marvel, Marvel (Comics) [Archive of Our Own]

“Evil alternate dimension counterparts!” Tony yells back, sprinting for the suit as Steve’s shield flies two inches behind his head. “Evil twins, okay! Evil twins that want to take over the world, I will explain later just take them down!”
author:sinuous_curve  fandom:avengers  fandom:marvel 
may 2013
We Got You - greatbriton - Marvel Cinematic Universe, Marvel (Movies), Iron Man (Movies) [Archive of Our Own]

Iron Man 3 Spoilers! Almost Immediately Post IM3. Tony and Pepper crash at Rhodey’s since they no longer have a home. Pepper is horny because of Extremis
fandom:marvel  fandom:ironman  author:greatbriton 
may 2013
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