Se disant ulcéré par le racisme de sa cliente, le banquier a siphonné ses comptes - Le Point
INFO LE POINT. Interpellé mercredi 21 juin, ce gestionnaire de patrimoine de LCL a reconnu avoir "craqué" et détourné près de 400 000 euros.
banks  fr  politics 
17 hours ago
The Strange Secret History of Operation Goldfinger | The New Yorker
In the sixties, the U.S. government launched Operation Goldfinger, a secret project to look for gold in the oddest places, James Ledbetter writes.

fr  history  gold  usa  money  government  science 
3 days ago
5,000 criminals in Sweden's vulnerable areas: police - The Local
Sweden's national police chief has presented a new report about the country's problem areas, increasing the number of districts classified as vulnerable or especially vulnerable.
sweden  immigration 
3 days ago
Pourquoi l’indice des prix à la consommation n’est pas crédible | Contrepoints
Il y a quatre bonnes raisons de douter de la pertinence de l'indice des prix à la consommation.
fr  statistics  money  finance 
3 days ago
Scientists Discover How To Stop Luggage From Toppling On the Race Through the Airport - Slashdot
An anonymous reader quotes a report from The Guardian: Scientists have worked out why suitcases tend to to rock violently from one wheel to the other until they overturn on the race through the airport. This most pressing of modern mysteries was taken on by physicists in Paris, who devised a scale m...
3 days ago
US Embassy Threatens to Close Domain Registry Over 'Pirate Bay' Domain - TorrentFreak
The US Embassy in Costa Rica has threatened to have the country's domain registry shut down unless it suspends ThePirateBay.cr. The registry says it won't comply without a court order and has written to the ICANN organization to complain about harassment and personal insults.
censorship  internet  piracy  dns 
5 days ago
Keys, tokens and too much trust found in container images - Help Net Security
Do you trust container images? To protect your containers, make sure that your images only have the necessary packages and configurations.
hype  cloud  virtualization  sysadmin  security 
6 days ago
198 Million Americans Hit By 'Largest Ever' Voter Records Leak - Slashdot
Political data gathered on more than 198 million US citizens was exposed this month after a marketing firm contracted by the Republican National Committee stored internal documents on a publicly accessible Amazon server, reports say. From a ZDNet article: It's believed to be the largest ever known e...
privacy  usa  democracy  security 
6 days ago
Bancor Is Flawed
Bancor just raised $144M through the biggest ICO in history. We describe why their approach is flawed.
bitcoin  finance  security 
7 days ago
The Pirate Bay Isn't Affected By Adverse Court Rulings - Everyone Else Is - TorrentFreak
In common with every ruling, legal defeat, and legislative restriction put in place due to the site’s activities, this week’s decision from the ECJ will have zero effect on the Pirate Bay’s availability. For right or wrong, the site was breaking the law long before this ruling and will continue to do so until it decides otherwise.

What we have instead is a further tightened legal landscape that will have a lasting effect on everything BUT the site, including weaker torrent sites, Internet users...
law  justice  piracy  freedom  internet  copyright 
7 days ago
Facebook Exposes Employee Data To Terrorists - Slashdot
An anonymous reader writes: The Guardian is reporting that Facebook accidentally exposed the personal information of the moderators that remove terrorist content to the groups that posted that very content. From the article it looks like 6 of them actually had their profiles viewed. From the article...
security  privacy  terrorism  social 
9 days ago
CIA Created 'CherryBlossom' Toolkit For Hacking Hundreds of Routers Models - Slashdot
An anonymous reader writes: After a two-week hiatus, WikiLeaks dumped new files as part of the Vault 7 series -- documents about a CIA tool named CherryBlossom, a multi-purpose framework developed for hacking hundreds of home router models. The tool is by far one of the most sophisticated CIA malwar...
security  router  usa  government  privacy 
10 days ago
US Internet Company Refused To Participate In NSA Surveillance, Documents Reveal - Slashdot
Zack Whittaker reports via ZDNet: A U.S. company refused to comply with a top-secret order that compelled it to facilitate government surveillance, according to newly declassified documents. According to the document, the unnamed company's refusal to participate in the surveillance program was tied ...
usa  privacy  isp  internet  government 
11 days ago
Soros's Native Hungary Approves Crackdown on Foreign-Funded NGOs - Bloomberg
Hungary’s parliament approved a law targeting foreign-funded non-governmental organizations, the latest step in Prime Minister Viktor Orban’s self-described rollback of liberal democracy that has put him on a collision course with the European Union.
europe  immigration 
11 days ago
We Need More Cobalt - SoylentNews
We Need More Cobalt -- article related to The Main Page and Business.
12 days ago
ECB to extend QE into 2019, says SocGen
The European Central Bank could be expected to continue its quantitative easing (QE) program into 2019 despite announcing at its most recent policy meeting that the region’s growth prospects now look “broadly balanced”, Societe Generale has suggested.
europe  finance  money 
12 days ago
Pirate Bay Facilitates Piracy and Can be Blocked, Top EU Court Rules - TorrentFreak
Internet providers in Europe can be ordered to block access to The Pirate Bay, even though the site itself doesn't store any infringing material. This is the conclusion of the EU Court of Justice in what has proven to be a landmark case. According to the Court, The Pirate Bay and similar sites commit an "act of communication" by helping their users to share infringing content.
piracy  censorship  europe 
12 days ago
Des agriculteurs organisent un barbecue devant le tribunal où sont jugés des militants végans — RT en français
Deux militants de l'association végane L214 étaient convoqués au tribunal de Versailles, le 12 juin, pour avoir pénétré par effraction dans un abattoir. Des agriculteurs ont manifesté à proximité du bâtiment pour promouvoir la consommation de viande.
food  funny  humor  justice 
12 days ago
Researchers conclude, "No correlation between headphone frequency response and retail price." | InnerFidelity
Just a few days ago in my Sony MDR-Z1R review I said: When I'd rather listen to the Audio Technica ATH-M50x we've got problems. I don't want to misslead here, it's an okay sounding headphone, but 'okay' just doesn't cut it at $2299. (Please note this is a statement of preference not performance.)
science  audio  quality 
12 days ago
Travailler le dimanche, c’est permis, ça rapporte et ça crée de l’emploi | Contrepoints
Contrairement aux prévisions alarmistes des syndicats, l'ouverture du dimanche ravit les patrons, les employés, les clients et les finances publiques !
jobs  economics  fr  france 
12 days ago
8 more areas in Sweden added to list of so-called 'no-go zones’ — RT News
A new report from the Swedish police lists eight additional areas as being “especially vulnerable," where it is more difficult for law enforcement and other emergency services to do their job.
sweden  immigration  crime 
12 days ago
Man Sentenced to Death For Blasphemous Facebook Comments In Pakistan - Slashdot
after playing blasphemous and hate speech material on his phone on a bus stop in Bahawalpur, where a counter-terrorism officer arrested him and confiscated his phone
terrorism  religion  social  privacy 
13 days ago
Oops. Tata dev accidentally leaked banks’ code on public GitHub repo
Related Posts:US jury fines Tata Consultancy Services $940m for…Almost 6,000 online shops hit by hackers8 million GitHub profiles were leaked...
opensource  india  banks  programming  business 
13 days ago
Enquête : The eSport Academy - Team-aAa.com
L’esport a pris son envol ces dernières années, le petit microcosme est devenu un secteur important du numérique et a permis à d’innombrables personnes de vivre de leur passion. C’
fr  scam  gaming 
13 days ago
Soupçonnez, déclarez, ou… gare à TRACFIN. Le billet d’Hubert !! | Insolentiae
CE QUE L’ON VOIT Nommé le 17 mai dernier au poste de ministre de l’action et des comptes publics, Gérald Darmanin a pris la suite de Michel Sapin,
fr  banks  privacy  france  taxes 
14 days ago
ECB drops reference to a future rate cut, says ready to extend QE
The bank removes reference to further rate cuts and says it will extend its quantitative easing (QE) program if required.
europe  money  finance 
14 days ago
602,000 Nigerians migrated to Europe in 2016, says UN ex-envoy — News — Nigeria News, Headlines and Opinions – The Guardian Nigeria Newspaper
“You can imagine that trend! We are not at war like Syria or Iraq. Why are we migrating as if there is war?” he queried.
europe  immigration 
14 days ago
Sortie de l’Accord de Paris : un acte refondateur de la démocratie américaine ? | Contrepoints
Les Américains auraient-ils compris avant les autres que les Accords de Paris consistent à redistribuer les richesses de l’Occident au reste du monde ?
fr  democracy  globalwarming  usa  environment 
14 days ago
Microsoft To Shut Down Its Docs.com File-Sharing Site December 15 - Slashdot
Microsoft will close its file storage and sharing service Docs.com Dec. 15, it said today. As a result of its $26 billion acquisition of LinkedIn, Microsoft also got SlideShare, a more popular place for sharing presentations infographics and other materials with an audience of 70 million. SlideShare...
cloud  microsoft 
14 days ago
'Especially vulnerable areas' increase in Sweden: report - The Local
Eight new districts in Sweden have been added to a high-profile police list of 'especially vulnerable areas', where crime rates and poverty levels are often high, reports Swedish newspaper DN.
sweden  police 
14 days ago
US Tech Companies Start To Become Copycats of Chinese Peers - Slashdot
hackingbear quotes Dow Jones Newswire: Chinese technology companies have long had a reputation of being copycats of Western peers, but U.S. companies have recently begun to return the favor, said a partner at prominent venture-capital firm Andreessen Horowitz... China's internet titans such as Tence...
technology  china 
14 days ago
Cloudflare Fails to Limit Scope of Piracy Lawsuit - TorrentFreak
The lawsuit is a crucial matter for Cloudflare, and not only because of the potential damages it faces in this case. If Cloudflare loses, other rightsholders are likely to make similar demands, forcing the company to actively police potential pirate sites.
cloud  piracy 
14 days ago
Ukraine targets Nato membership despite Russian warnings
Moscow believes Nato’s growth threatens its security, vows to take necessary measures
europe  russia  war  ukraine 
17 days ago
Prédire la note d'un journal sur LinuxFr.org - LinuxFr.org
L'actualité du Logiciel Libre et de Linux, sur un site francophone contributif géré par une équipe bénévole par et pour des libristes enthousiastes
fr  statistics 
17 days ago
Malware Uses Obscure Intel CPU Feature To Steal Data and Avoid Firewalls - Slashdot
An anonymous reader writes: Microsoft's security team has come across a malware family that uses Intel's Active Management Technology (AMT) Serial-over-LAN (SOL) interface as a file transfer tool. The problem with Intel AMT SOL is that it's part of Intel's ME, a separate chip inside Intel CPUs that ...
intel  cpu  security 
17 days ago
Cash for Math: The Erdős Prizes Live On - SoylentNews
In offering small prizes, Erdős was continuing a tradition that flourished in Poland in the early 20th century in cafés where young mathematicians gathered to match wits and push against the frontiers of mathematics.
[...] In that culture, it was also common for mathematicians to back a newly posed problem with a prize — a bottle of wine or a nice meal to whoever could pull the sword from the stone.
history  math  alcohol 
17 days ago
Assessing Child Abusers Using VR - SoylentNews
Assessing Child Abusers Using VR -- article related to The Main Page, Science, and /dev/random.
pedophilia  prison  abuse 
17 days ago
Ligne par ligne, l’avant-projet de loi sur l’état d’urgence permanent
Le projet de loi renforçant la lutte contre le terrorisme et la sécurité intérieure annoncé par le gouvernement vient d’être dévoilé par le Monde. Next INpact vous propose une analyse ligne par ligne et librement accessible de ce nouveau texte sécuritaire.
fr  france  freedom  privacy  terrorism  law 
17 days ago
Qatar may be Russia’s trump card to boost gas supplies to Europe — RT Business
The world's biggest liquefied natural gas (LNG) exporter Qatar is facing supply problems with the Saudi-led alliance isolating the country’s trade. This may help Russia on the European gas market.
russia  energy 
18 days ago
Fat Tony contre Dr. John : le défi de la rationalité en incertitude | Contrepoints
Dr. John est fragile, c’est-à-dire qu’il est facilement victime de cygnes noirs, ces événements de faible probabilité et de fort impact. Tant que le cadre est solide, tant que l’extérieur n’influe pas sur l’intérieur, tant que les règles qu’on lui a données sont exactes, son approche ‘rationnelle’ est supérieure en termes de performance.
fr  psychology 
19 days ago
"On s'est barricadés": le désarroi d'un capitaine face aux migrants
Média suisse fondé en 1997 - Toute l'information en temps réel
europe  immigration  fr 
19 days ago
Death Metal Underground: Veganism
Returning to veganism, it is ridiculous not because it is merely a social pose and cry for attention — although surely that makes it idiotic — but because it rejects the idea of hierarchy and order. We all have a place in this order, sometimes as predators and sometimes as prey. In the meantime, if we get off the hook of factory farming which produces mass cheap food because everyone is equal and so we cannot deny anyone their “right” to breed and feed, we can treat animals with respect and give...
hipsters  food  metal  music 
20 days ago
Dozens of Recent Clinical Trials May Contain Wrong or Falsified Data, Claims Study - Slashdot
John Carlisle, a consultant anesthetist at Torbay Hospital, used statistical tools to conduct a review of thousands of papers published in leading medical journals. While a vast majority of the clinical trials he reviewed were accurate, 90 of the 5,067 published trials had underlying patterns that w...
20 days ago
US Insurer Hikes Tesla Premiums Due To 'Higher-Than-Average' Claim Rates - Slashdot
An anonymous reader writes: "National insurer AAA is raising its prices for Tesla's Model S and Model X, citing higher-than-average claim rates and repair costs for the two cars," reports The Verge. "According to a report from Automotive News, AAA said it could raise its premiums by as much as 30 pe...
hype  cars 
20 days ago
Underground turned Funderground, and the Obscurantist Elite | Praefuscus Ferrum
In the past, those who were interested in the real core of metal music interacted with that now-gone underground as an organic part of it, sharing in its culture, rather than invading or imposing mainstream values on it.
music  culture  history  metal 
20 days ago
WikiLeaks - Sony Archives
In order to more fully evaluate our position if Bill Murray again declines to engage on “Ghostbusters”, AG requested that we identify “aggressive” litigation counsel with whom we can consult to evaluate our alternatives and strategize.  [Harkening back to his prior employer, of course, raised the name of David Boies.]
21 days ago
New Threat To Traditional Sports Leagues: Millennials Prefer Watching eSports - Slashdot
Professional sports leagues "officially have a millennial problem," writes VentureBeat, citing some interesting findings from L.E.K. Consulting.
40% of millennials prefer watching esports to traditional sports26% of millennial eSports enthusiasts reported a significant uptick in eSports viewing ove...
sport  gaming  tv 
21 days ago
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