Sur Le Bon Coin, le maire s’appelait Doudou31 et revendait le matériel de la commune
L’ancien maire de Ponlat-Taillebourg, une commune de Haute-Garonne, a été condamné récemment à six mois de prison avec sursis pour avoir revendu du matériel de sa commune sur le site de petites annonces Le Bon Coin. Matériel de chantier ou d’entretien des espaces verts, il avait vendu pour plus de 20 000 € de biens.
corruption  fr  france 
8 hours ago
SSC Survey Results: Sexual Harassment Levels By Field | Slate Star Codex
But a final possibility is that the media coverage is inaccurate. The minimal amount of previous research in this area has all shown that the highest rates of sexual harassment are in the retail and restaurant industries. The media has ignored this. Before last year, the media almost never mentioned sexual harassment in Hollywood; now they hardly mention anything else. Given that already know media coverage here is generally inaccurate, maybe the data don’t need to be squared with it. Maybe the ...
media  feminism  rape  statistics 
6 days ago
Vegan diet to blame for leaving baby 'malnourished'
A couple who allegedly kept their baby daughter on a strict diet, which left her malnourished and suffering rickets, have pleaded not guilty to child neglect.
food  health  children 
7 days ago
Tether – BitMEX Blog
History has shown that centralised systems with certain characteristics (censorship resistance or anonymous transactions) tend to get shut down by the authorities. Tether shares some of the same characteristics as these extinguished services so it may also attract criminals and ultimately suffer the same fate.
bitcoin  freedom  money  finance  government 
9 days ago
Fintech Startup Report Concludes Bitcoin Is ‘Generally Permissible’ Under Sharia Law
A report by Mufti Muhammad Abu Bakar argues that Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are generally permitted under Sharia law.
bitcoin  islam  religion  finance 
10 days ago
GitHub is where people build software. More than 27 million people use GitHub to discover, fork, and contribute to over 80 million projects.
funny  humor  javascript  programming 
11 days ago
[Vegetarian Diets in Children? - An Assessment from Pediatrics and Nutrition Science]. - PubMed - NCBI
Children on pure vegan diet need ongoing elaborate dietary strategies and continuous supplementation at any age, similar to nutritional management in children with metabolic disorders. A vegan diet is disadvised during all periods with intense growth and development.
food  health  children 
15 days ago
Bug #1714107 “Python 2 is retiring” : Bugs : calibre
Python 2 is retiring in thirty months. Calibre needs to convert to Python 3.
opensource  python  funny 
18 days ago
Venezuela's Education Minister: Eat Less If You Want To See Food In Supermarkets | Qntra
Meanwhile the "right to eat" won by the Bolivarian Revolution has resulted in a net drop in Venezuela's per capita human mass of 11 kilograms. This resembles the manner in which Obamacare substantially reduced access to healthcare in the United States.
venezuela  socialism 
19 days ago
[H]ardOCP: Latest MacOS Update Disables DisplayLink
While the latest version of MacOS may give external GPU support, it has apparently also broke DiaplayLink protocol support, rendering thousands of monitors dead. DisplayLink themselves have stated that High Sierra 10.13,4 will cause DisplayLink connected displays to go blank, and they have alerted Apple of the issue, and are working to find a resolution. More worrying though is a post on the DisplayLink forums, where the user of a "Pluggable Triple Display Docking Station" posted a message from ...
apple  hardware  freedom 
19 days ago
Doing Nothing - Dilbert Comic Strip on 2018-03-29 | Dilbert by Scott Adams
The Official Dilbert Website featuring Scott Adams Dilbert strips, animation, mashups and more starring Dilbert, Dogbert, Wally, The Pointy Haired Boss, Alice, Asok, Dogberts New Ruling Class and more.
comics  funny  humor 
25 days ago
Association Between Gun Law Reforms and Intentional Firearm Deaths in Australia, 1979-2013 | Firearms | JAMA | JAMA Network
This population epidemiology study uses government statistics to compare the number of mass fatal shootings, firearm deaths, and firearm-related and all-cause h
guns  statistics  australia 
25 days ago
Électro-hypersensibilité et ondes : il n'existe aucun lien scientifiquement démontrable
Pourtant, et d’autre part, l’Anses n’est pas parvenue à établir le moindre lien de cause à effet entre l’exposition aux ondes et les symptômes ressentis. Dans le cadre d’une démarche scientifique rigoureuse, les études menées en double aveugle n’ont pas permis de mettre en relation de manière fiable l’exposition aux ondes et l’apparition de symptômes connus chez les sujets, qu’ils soient atteints d’EHS ou non.
health  science  fr  study  psychology 
27 days ago
The Billionaires vs. BrandonM – Zed A. Shaw
Recently Dropbox became one of the latest companies to be worth billions of dollars without turning a profit, and Drew Houston became a billionaire.  I worked for Drew for a bit, and decided he was not the leader for me.  If you'd like to see why, take a look at this: What's the post he's…
hipsters  development  business  social 
27 days ago
Prisons as a Haven for Elderly Japanese Women - SoylentNews
Prisons as a Haven for Elderly Japanese Women -- article related to News and The Main Page.
japan  crime  demography 
28 days ago
Redevance Copie privée : au tour des clés USB et cartes mémoires d’être réévaluées
Le ministère de la Culture prépare le renouvellement des barèmes frappant les clés USB et les cartes mémoires. Un appel d’offres a été lancé pour un montant maximal de 143 999 euros.
fr  france  corruption  copyright  taxes 
28 days ago
Attentats de Paris et Nice. 13 fausses victimes condamnées, une 14e jugée
Une femme de 48 ans a été arrêtée mardi. Elle s’était fait passer pour une victime des attentats du 13 novembre 2015 à Paris. Salariée par l’association d’aide aux victimes Life for Paris, elle avait déjà été condamnée à trois reprises pour des faits d’escroquerie. Cette fausse victime n’est pas la première. Au total, 13 personnes ont déjà été condamnées, entre le 21 novembre 2016 et le 1er décembre 2017, pour des faits similaires.
4 weeks ago
Update: SegWit transaction capacity increase compared to Bitcoin Cash – BitMEX Blog
Since the launch of Bitcoin Cash, 6.1 million SegWit transactions have taken place, only 20.1% more than the cumulative number of Bitcoin Cash transactions.
4 weeks ago
Coinbase bug made it possible to reward yourself with unlimited Ethereum
You might missed a one-off opportunity to become a cryptocurrency billionaire: Coinbase had a bug that made it possible to credit yourself with unlimited Ethereum.
4 weeks ago
Lone resource officer's quick action stopped the Maryland school shooter within seconds - CNN
Blaine Gaskill was instrumental in bringing the tragic incident at Great Mills High School to a quick end.
4 weeks ago
Nazi Germany pursued 'Hitler salute' Finnish dog - BBC News
Rediscovered documents show Nazi Germany was so angry by a Finnish dog which gave Hitler salutes it launched a campaign against its owner.
4 weeks ago
Breaking the Ledger Security Model | Saleem Rashid
In this post, I’m going to discuss a vulnerability I discovered in Ledger hardware wallets. The vulnerability arose due to Ledger’s use of a custom architecture to work around many of the limitations of their Secure Element.
5 weeks ago
Did JFK really win because he looked better on television?
Fifty years ago, on Sept. 26, 1960, John F. Kennedy and Richard Nixon squared off in the first-ever televised general-election presidential debate. Wit ...
politics  usa  history  medias  television 
5 weeks ago
Opkode - Blog
True to form, you can only read their announcement if you already have a Slack account and are logged in to a workspace.
chat  cloud  hipster  irc 
6 weeks ago
Hipsters Ruined Ruby, But It's Fine Now: TIOBE
Ruby, the language made popular by the Rails framework, is bouncing back after being ditched by hipsters in the aughts. New data shows it's seeing wider usage.
ruby  programming  hipsters 
6 weeks ago
Slack Is Shutting Down Its IRC Gateway - Slashdot
Slack, a team collaboration communication service, has updated its IRC support page to note that it is ending support for IRC on its platform: Unfortunately, support for gateways is ending. Starting on May 15th, it will no longer be possible to connect to Slack using the IRC and XMPP gateways. In an...
cloud  irc  scam  freedom 
6 weeks ago
Bitcoin roundabout :: Andrej Trček
City authorities of Kranj (Slovenia) placed a statue shaped as Bitcoin logo at the roundabout near the city center.
6 weeks ago
Soe Gschwind-Penski on Twitter: "Ive gotten death threats and hundreds of hate messages the past 20 minutes because I thanked men for treating me as their equal, on a day which is all about womens struggle for equality. Hate, because I am grateful for the
Ive gotten death threats and hundreds of hate messages the past 20 minutes because I thanked men for treating me as their equal, on a day which is all about womens struggle for equality. Hate, because I am grateful for the men in our lives who fight alongside us for our rights...
feminism  gaming 
6 weeks ago
Mistakes happen for a reason | Bloody shovel
Speaking as a linguist, most instances of the string “I just don’t get it” are not meant to state a lack of understanding; they are a way of signaling a political position.
psychology  politics 
6 weeks ago
Spotify Emails Warning to 'Pirates' Using Hacked Apps - TorrentFreak
People who access Spotify using hacked apps that remove some of the restrictions placed on free accounts are receiving warning emails from the company. Noting that "abnormal activity" has been observed from the user's software, Spotify warns that future breaches could result in suspension or even termination of a user's account.
piracy  streaming  freedom  music 
6 weeks ago
MIT librarian: Tech workplaces plastered with Star Trek posters, other geeky stuff is non-inclusive to women - The College Fix
The top librarian at MIT recently argued that to make tech workplaces more inclusive and welcoming to women, ditch “Star Trek” posters and other geeky stuff cluttering office walls.
feminism  usa  education 
7 weeks ago
Is vegetarianism healthy for children?: Critical Reviews in Food Science and Nutrition: Vol 0, No 0
According to the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics' influential position statement on vegetarianism, meat and seafood can be replaced with milk, soy/legumes, and eggs without any negative effects in children. The United States Department of Agriculture endorses a similar view. The present paper argues that the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics ignores or gives short shrift to direct and indirect evidence that vegetarianism may be associated with serious risks for brain and body development in fetuses and children. Regular supplementation with iron, zinc, and B12 will not mitigate all of these risks. Consequently, we cannot say decisively that vegetarianism or veganism is safe for children.
health  science  food 
7 weeks ago
Comic Book Writer Calls Out Industry | The Daily Caller
Veteran comic book writer Christopher Priest called out the industry for labeling him a "black writer" and questioning why he could no longer write for a white
usa  culture  racism  feminism 
7 weeks ago
The Probability of US recession just gone from 60% to 70% over next 12 months ... - Les Econoclastes
Get ready for the next recession: China Credit Impulse collapsed, US same going down and now "trade flow" will come to a full stop with a massive tax on US consumers! Navarro claims this is a "a good day for America" - the opposite most likely. Steen Jakobsen's analysis on ... the next recession ?
usa  economics  freedom 
7 weeks ago
Is Apache httpd really a dependency for PHP? · Issue #24654 · Homebrew/homebrew-core
As maybe I wasn't explicit enough here: please any of my comments on this issue (including this one!) to indicate that you'd like to be blocked from the Homebrew organisation on GitHub. If I mentioned you previously and you'd like to not be blocked: it's simple: just undo your reaction.
opensource  feminism  stupid 
7 weeks ago
YouTube Hiring For Some Positions Excluded White and Asian Males, Lawsuit says - WSJ
YouTube last year stopped hiring white and Asian males for technical positions because they didn’t help the company achieve its goals for improving diversity, according to a civil complaint filed by a former employee.
google  racism  usa  feminism 
7 weeks ago
Putin touts new 'invincible' missile capable of piercing US defenses - CNN
Vladimir Putin boasted Thursday of new weaponry that will render NATO defenses "completely useless," delivering a warning to the world about Russia's resurgent military might.
russia  usa  war 
7 weeks ago
Twitter Scammers Use Verified Accounts to Trick Crypto Holders - CoinDesk
And while Twitter rules mandate that accounts lose their verified status when they change their names, several fraudulent accounts have managed to maintain their verification badges, which are signified by a blue check mark next to the account's handle.
social  scam  bitcoin 
7 weeks ago
Blog Stéphane Bortzmeyer: Les fake news n'existent pas (et c'est vrai)
Deux jours après la publication de cet article, la ministre de la Culture Officielle a donné un interview où elle confirme que le gouvernement compte bien pouvoir censurer plus rapidement les contenus qui lui déplaisent, et se sert de la censure effectuée par Facebook pour justifier une censure décidée par l'État.
censorship  fr  france  journalists  medias 
7 weeks ago
UK: Hackers break into schools’ CCTV system and stream footage of pupils live on the internet
Related Posts:Poor security blamed after school surveillance…Home security camera feeds posted to webFTC Charges D-Link Put Consumers’ Privacy at...
privacy  uk  security 
8 weeks ago
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