Bug #1777415 “Local authorization bypass by using suspend mode” : Bugs : unity package : Ubuntu
Version: Ubuntu 16.04.04 LTS Desktop, all packets are updated at 15.06.2018
Affects: access to latest user opened applications, that can contain sensitive information (documents, private information, passwords, etc.)
How to reproduce:
1. open some applications (LibreOffice, browsers, editors, ...)
2. go to suspend mode
3. extract hard drive
4. wake up
5. after that can be several behaviors:
* Ubuntu show lock screen. Enter ANY password -> access granted.
* Ubuntu show lock screen. Enter ANY...
security  linux  ubuntu  stupid 
10 hours ago
France: billets et pièces en euros toujours très demandés en 2017 (Banque de France) - Boursorama
Cette progression représente la demande en monnaie fiduciaire (pièces et billets) adressée à la Banque de France, non seulement par les résidents français mais également par des non-résidents (touristes, par exemple), explique la BdF.

france  fr  money  banks 
16 hours ago
Russia Hackers Had Targets Worldwide, Beyond US Election - Slashdot
Raphael Satter, Jeff Donn, and Justin Myers, reporting for Associated Press: The hackers who disrupted the U.S. presidential election had ambitions well beyond Hillary Clinton's campaign, targeting the emails of Ukrainian officers, Russian opposition figures, U.S. defense contractors and thousands o...
russia  security 
4 days ago
White Woman Tells Conservative Black Man What Bumper Stickers To Have
White Woman Tells Conservative Black Man What Bumper Stickers To Have
racism  usa  journalists 
11 days ago
BLS signatures: better than Schnorr – Stepan – Medium
In the previous post I wrote about Schnorr signatures and how awesome they are. This one is about Boneh-Lynn-Shacham signatures and their extremely nice features that are not possible with Schnorr…
bitcoin  security  cryptography 
13 days ago
Prevalence-induced concept change in human judgment | Science
This phenomenon has broad implications that may help explain why people whose job is to find and eliminate problems in the world often cannot tell when their work is done.
feminism  psychology  science  study 
16 days ago
Feminism and the problem of supertoxic masculinity
A serious feminist challenge is what to do with hyper-dominant males who are not domesticated by any amount of moral or legal constraint; in fact, excessive social constraints on average males may help explain why supertoxic masculinity is now a fast-track to the heights of political power.
feminism  psychology 
18 days ago
Apple Engineers Its Own Downfall With the Macbook Pro Keyboard | iFixit
Why is Apple seemingly unable to fix their MacBook Pro keyboards? Here's our two cents.
apple  hardware 
18 days ago
Choose Omega-3s from Fish Over Flax for Cancer Prevention, Study Finds - SoylentNews
Choose Omega-3s from Fish Over Flax for Cancer Prevention, Study Finds -- article related to Science and The Main Page.
health  food 
22 days ago
"Don't be Evil" Disappearing From Google's Code of Conduct - SoylentNews
"Don't be Evil" Disappearing From Google's Code of Conduct -- article related to News and The Main Page.
google  evil  usa 
24 days ago
Understanding Unicorn and unicorn-worker-killer | GitLab
To make these memory leaks manageable, GitLab comes with the unicorn-worker-killer gem. This gem monkey-patches the Unicorn workers to do a memory self-check after every 16 requests. If the memory of the Unicorn worker exceeds a pre-set limit then the worker process exits. The Unicorn master then automatically replaces the worker process.
programming  stupid 
24 days ago
Study: Normalization of Plus-Size Culture Carries Health Risk | Health Care News | US News
A new study found that people underestimate their body weight. And the rise in the normalization of 'plus-size' may not be helping.
usa  health  food 
24 days ago
Netflix FIRES CCO, Jonathan Friedland for using n-word during a meeting
Netflix has fired their Chief Communications Officer, Jonathan Friedland, after he reportedly used the n-word during a meeting.
stupid  feminism  racism  streaming 
24 days ago
Twitter ‘smytes’ customers | TechCrunch
Twitter today announced it was acquiring the “trust and safety as a service” startup Smyte to help it better address issues related to online abuse, harassment, spam, and security on its platform. But it also decided to immediately shut down access to Smyte’s API without warning, leaving Smyte’s existing customers no time to transition to a new service provider.
cloud  api 
25 days ago
10 New VM Escape Vulnerabilities Discovered in VirtualBox - SoylentNews
10 New VM Escape Vulnerabilities Discovered in VirtualBox -- article related to The Main Page and Security.
security  virtualization 
26 days ago
Let's Encrypt est-il en train de passer de sauveur à single point of failure (SPOF) ?
Let's Encrypt continue de gagner en puissance et serait à l'origine de la moitié des certificats gérant les connexions chiffrées des sites que nous visitons chaque jour. Une évolution bienvenue et fulgurante, qui soulève néanmoins la question de la dépendance du web à cette autorité.
security  encryption  http  fr  freedom  internet 
26 days ago
La Commission européenne sonne le glas du diesel - Les Econoclastes
Subventionner avec l’argent du contribuable des dizaines de milliers de morts prématurés chaque année dans son propre pays pour soi-disant sauver la Planète, on peut difficilement fait pire en terme de politiques publiques.
environment  health  taxes  government  cars  energy  europe  fr 
26 days ago
OpenBSD Disables Intel CPU Hyper-Threading Due to Security Concerns
The OpenBSD project announced today plans to disable support for Intel CPU hyper-threading due to security concerns regarding the theoretical threat of more
cpu  intel  security  openbsd 
27 days ago
Why Women Don't Code - Quillette
They concluded that women may choose non-STEM careers because they have academic strengths that many men lack. They found that individuals with high math ability but only moderate verbal ability were the most likely to choose a career in STEM (49 percent) and that this group included more men than women (70 percent men). By contrast, individuals with both high math ability and high verbal ability were less likely to pursue a career in STEM (34 percent) and this group had more women than men (63 ...
women  science  programming  feminism 
28 days ago
Reminder: macOS still leaks secrets stored on encrypted drives | Ars Technica
Thumbnails from encrypted drives live on long after the drives are disconnected.
apple  security  encryption 
28 days ago
Hackers built a ‘master key’ for millions of hotel rooms
Related Posts:Austrian hotel pays ransomware demand to unlock…Former hotel clerk arrested for profiting from…Customers for more than a hundred...
4 weeks ago
[H]ardOCP: Internal Documents Show Apple Knew the iPhone 6 Would Bend
A court filing obtained by Motherboard suggests that Apple released the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus despite knowing that they were susceptible to bending even under normal use. The company insisted that there were no defects after complaints began, but internal reviews showed that engineering changes were necessary.

Soon after the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus were released in September 2014, several customers said that their phones bent easily. Those cases went viral, which caused Apple to relea...
apple  hardware  phone  ipod 
4 weeks ago
[H]ardOCP: Two Unicode Symbols Found to Crash Mac and iOS Apps
Two unicodes have been found that will crash almost any app running on a Mac or iOS device. The symbol just has to be displayed and then the software crashes. In some cases the app can't reopen and must be reinstalled. This is pretty nasty and Apple needs to get this one patched quickly.

The bug crashes apps including Mail, Twitter, Messages, Slack, Instagram and Facebook. From our testing, it also crashed Jumpcut, a copy and paste plugin for Mac. While it initially appeared that the Chrom...
apple  security  unicode 
4 weeks ago
We May Not Have Enough Minerals to Even Meet Electric Car Demand - SoylentNews
We May Not Have Enough Minerals to Even Meet Electric Car Demand -- article related to News and The Main Page.
energy  cars 
4 weeks ago
French Data Protection Authority Imposes a Record 250,000 € Fine to Optical Center for a Security Breach on its Website
Related Posts:CNIL Fines Optical Center for Data Security ViolationsUK: Personal registrant data leaked by General…French Data Protection Authority...
france  security  justice 
4 weeks ago
Calls Intensify for FOSS Program Names to Be More Family Friendly
In an increasingly PC-era, your favourite FOSS program might just be the next in line to receive a new name. Amidst fears that users will be “triggered beyond recognition”, certain advocacy groups have called for increased pressure on FOSS creators and maintainers to change their program names in the name of inclusiveness.
opensource  linux  funny  humor  feminism 
5 weeks ago
Veganism and the politics of purity | Food | spiked
The rise of militant veganism reflects our misanthropic age.
politics  food 
5 weeks ago
Vegan Activists Target ... Vegetarian Restaurant - The Post Millennial
Rather than considering this as a step in the right direction, the vegans saw in her a vulnerable target.
5 weeks ago
Thieves fry Kenya's power grid to cook fast food | Reuters
By X.N. IrakiNAIROBI, Dec 24 (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - The morningscene is increasingly routine for Kenyans. When it's time tostart the day, the power is already out. Somewhere nearby, theshell of a wrecked electrical transformer lies on its sideunderneath the pole where it had been fixed 20 feet off theground.The culprit is an unusual one: A vandal who is selling thetoxic oil, drawn from the transformer, to chefs who use it forfrying food in roadside stalls. Five liters of the viscous,PCB...
africa  energy  stupid 
5 weeks ago
Google’s Salad Emoji Is Going Vegan and Removing the Egg - Eater
The Android’s new salad emoji is nothing but lettuce and tomato
google  food  health  propaganda 
5 weeks ago
The Stifling Uniformity of Literary Theory - Quillette
In this article, I will argue that this unwillingness to engage with the ‘other side’ is not only endemic in the radical intellectual schools that have overtaken literary studies, but also that it is symptomatic of their entire way of thinking which, being hermetically sealed and basically circular in its argumentation, has no language to deal with critics beyond reactive moral condemnation.
socialism  politics  psychology  education 
6 weeks ago
The Ethereum-blockchain size has exceeded 1TB, and yes, it’s an issue
This is an indirect response to the following article by Afri Schoedon, a developer for the Parity Ethereum client, written less than a year ago: I want to make it clear that I have respect for…
6 weeks ago
Cyclist filmed in terrifying 'zombie-killer' knife attack on motorist in broad daylight in South London | London Evening Standard
This is the terrifying moment a cyclist pulled an enormous 'zombie-killer' knife on a driver in broad daylight in south London. The terrifying dashcam footage shows a blue Volkswagen drive out into London Road, Croydon, forcing a cyclist to swerve to avoid being hit. With the car stuck in a line of traffic and unable to move, the enraged cyclist pulls a massive blade out and launches a frenzied attack. Brandishing the knife, he kicks the vehicle and slashes at the windows while the driver cowers...
uk  crime 
6 weeks ago
Ninth Circuit Doubles Down: Violating a Website’s Terms of Service Is Not a Crime | Electronic Frontier Foundation
Good news out of the Ninth Circuit: the federal court of appeals heeded EFF’s advice and rejected an attempt by Oracle to hold a company criminally liable for accessing Oracle’s website in a manner it didn’t like. The court ruled back in 2012 that merely violating a website’s terms of use is not a...
law  justice  usa  freedom  internet 
6 weeks ago
Europe - BBC News
"Syrian migrant dies in German blast"
propaganda  terrorism  journalists  medias 
6 weeks ago
Italy: Pro-EU President Faces Impeachment Over Coalition Killing Veto | Qntra
Fun fact: Paolo Savona was the former CEO of Euklid; he resigned just a few days after his name began to circulate.
From their About page:

"Euklid is the new way to manage savings and investments through thousands of different algorithms with the following characteristics:

• objective, because they are based on concrete data processed with Artificial Intelligence technologies;

• transparent and secure, because it’s based on blockchain a technology which lies at the heart of Bitcoin time stamp...
bitcoin  italy  europe  politics 
6 weeks ago
The Shocking Truth About Jordan Peterson – Tablet Magazine
It is easy to make anyone look moronic or sinister when you control the means of their representation. It is trivially easy to hang someone by their own words when you control where the sentences begin and end. You decide whether to seek clarification if someone speaks in an ambiguous or ungainly manner. You decide whether to print or broadcast the clarification. You place the words into a sequence that confers meaning onto them, or strips them of their intended meanings. You can use free indire...
propaganda  journalists  feminism  medias  psychology 
7 weeks ago
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