19-Year-Olds As Sedentary As 60-Year-Olds, Study Suggests - 2017 - News Releases - Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health
Physical activity among children and teens is lower than previously thought, and, in another surprise finding, young adults after the age of 20 show the only increases in activity over the lifespan.
10 hours ago
Email Provider ProtonMail Says It Hacked Back, Then Walks Claim Back - Slashdot
An anonymous reader shares a report: On Wednesday, encrypted email provider ProtonMail claimed it had hacked someone who was impersonating its service in phishing emails, and the company then swiftly deleted the tweet. Early Wednesday morning, the security researcher known as x0rz tweeted out a seri...
security  cloud  mail 
10 hours ago
Cloudflare Kicking 'Daily Stormer' is Bad News For Pirate Sites - TorrentFreak
For several years CloudFlare has stood up to pressure from copyright holders, both in and out of court. The entertainment industry repeatedly urged the company to take action against the Pirate Bays of this world, and Cloudflare refused time and again, stressing that it doesn't "monitor, evaluate or judge" content on its clients' websites. That argument is now dead.
piracy  freedom  censorship  internet 
10 hours ago
Behind the Hype of 'Lab-Grown' Meat - Slashdot
In an exclusive report via Gizmodo, Ryan F. Mandelbaum discusses the hype surrounding "lab-grown" meat: Some folks have big plans for your future. They want you -- a burger-eatin', chicken-finger-dippin' American -- to buy their burgers and nuggets grown from stem cells. One day, meat eaters and ve...
food  health  hype 
269 People Joined An Age Discrimination Class Action Suit Against Google - Slashdot
Slashdot reader #9,119 BrookHarty writes:

"269 people have joined a class-action lawsuit against Google claiming they were discriminated against in the workplace based on their age..." reports BizJournals. "The lawsuit originated in 2015 with plaintiff Robert Heath and was certified as a class-acti...
google  feminism  jobs 
La France et l’Italie rattrapées par leurs dettes publiques | Contrepoints
Toute créance, privée ou publique, que l’État accepte de détenteurs pour les décharger de leurs obligations fiscales, soit sous la forme d’une remise d’impôt ou pour régler (payer) l’État.

La monnaie fiscale n’est pas une monnaie à cours légal et peut ne pas être convertie comme monnaie à cours légal par l’État.
taxes  fr  money  finance  europe 
Study Finds Stark Increase in Opioid-Related Admissions, Deaths in Nation's ICUs - SoylentNews
Study Finds Stark Increase in Opioid-Related Admissions, Deaths in Nation's ICUs -- article related to The Main Page and News.
drugs  healthcare  usa 
Ukrainian Lawmakers Disclose $45 Million In Bitcoin Holdings | Zero Hedge
As Ukraine's crackdown on corruption continues, three lawmakers from Ukraine’s ruling party revealed this week that they own a combined $45 million in bitcoin...
bitcoin  corruption  ukraine 
Piracy Narrative Isn't About Ethics Anymore, It's About "Danger" - TorrentFreak
The MPAA's former VP of Worldwide Internet Enforcement says that the industry narrative on piracy is no longer based on trying to get people to act ethically. Hemanshu Nigam says the discussion today is based around the dangers that pirate sites can pose to those who visit them. Few listened before, will they listen now?
piracy  copyright  propaganda 
5 days ago
It is good to be human | Old Disgruntled Bastard
It’s become a fashion among people happily ensconced in their miserable middle class lives to advocate antinatalism and to wish the annihilation of the human species for all the harm it causes the earth and its other animal inhabitants. The harm done is indisputable, but the comic irony in that formulation is that only we humans are in a position to quantify that harm done.
psychology  philosophy  environment 
5 days ago
Save Error Code 418
I think you’re doing a great thing, trying to save something of the old whimsical Internet from the ravages of the Overly Professional
http  rfc  humor  funny 
6 days ago
Google Cancels Town Hall To Discuss Diversity In Its Ranks - Slashdot
NBC News originally reported: Google employees will gather for a town hall meeting Thursday afternoon to discuss the tensions ignited by a memo circulated inside the company that claimed to explain why more women are not engineers. Town hall meetings are nothing new at Google, but this one will like...
google  feminism  privacy 
6 days ago
[H]ardOCP: Apple Staffers Reportedly Rebelling against Open Office Plan at New $5 Billion HQ
Apple Park may have been meticulously designed, but there seems to have been a tremendous oversight: none of the architects or managers realized that the company’s employees hate open office arrangements. Engineers are being asked to work at long tables with co-workers instead of cubicles or separate areas, which is a terrible idea for the easily distracted. The vice president of Hardware Technologies, Johny Srouji, said "f--- you" when he was shown the plans.
apple  business 
7 days ago
Mazda Announces Breakthrough in Long-Coveted Engine Technology - SoylentNews
Mazda Announces Breakthrough in Long-Coveted Engine Technology -- article related to Hardware and The Main Page.
cars  energy 
7 days ago
Google au service du nouveau puritanisme progressiste ? | Contrepoints
Google licencie un de ses ingénieurs pour un mémo qui ne convient pas aux dogmes de l'idéologie progressiste des élites. Ce n'est qu'une petite partie de l'Iceberg qui menace la liberté de penser et d'expression.
fr  politics  usa  google  feminism  science 
7 days ago
Class-action suit started by Cheryl Fillekes against Google grows to 269 plaintiffs - Bizwomen
The population of those alleging Google discriminates based on age has grown and more are expected to join, says judge.
google  feminism 
7 days ago
Why Github can't host the Linux Kernel Community
A while back at the awesome maintainerati Ichatted with a few great fellow maintainers about how to scale really big opensource projects, and how github forc...
opensource  linux 
8 days ago
Turkey starts building wall on Iran border — RT News
Turkey has begun construction of a wall along the border with Iran in a bid to crack down on smuggling and terrorism, following the building of a similar barrier already standing on the border with Syria.
turkey  iran  war  terrorism 
8 days ago
Venezuela : la descente aux enfers politique | Contrepoints
Pourtant, les pénuries ont commencé en 2012, alors que le prix du pétrole était toujours à 100 $ le baril.
socialism  economics  fr  venezuela 
8 days ago
The Man Who Wrote the Password Rules Regrets Doing So - Slashdot
New submitter cdreimer writes: According to a report in The Wall Street Journal (Warning: source may be paywalled, alternative source), the author behind the U.S. government's password requirements regrets wasting our time on changing passwords so often. From the report: "The man who wrote the boo...
security  passwords 
8 days ago
Google Diversity Memo
Internal memo written by Google employee titled Google's Ideological Echo Chamber: How bias clouds our thinking about diversity and inclusion
google  feminism 
8 days ago
FAKE NEWS: 4 Things The Google Manifesto DOESN’T Say That The Media Claim It Says | Daily Wire
On Monday evening, news broke of a memo regarding Google’s Leftist bias and their perverse attempts to impose diversity quotas at the company.
google  feminism  medias  journalists 
8 days ago
More than 60 women consider suing Google, claiming sexism and a pay gap | Technology | The Guardian
Scandal over discrimination at the company deepens as dozens of current and former staff say they earned less than men despite equal qualifications
google  feminism 
8 days ago
Contravention -Il est interdit de stationner devant son propre garage | service-public.fr
La Cour de cassation a considéré au contraire que l'infraction de stationnement gênant devant les entrées carrossables des immeubles, était également applicable aux véhicules utilisés par une personne ayant l'usage exclusif de cet accès.
stupid  france  justice  fr 
8 days ago
Google's Other Ugly Secret: Some Managers Keep Blacklists - Slashdot
The blacklists are based on personal experiences of others' behavior, including views expressed on politics, social justice issues, and Google's diversity efforts.
feminism  usa  jobs  censorship 
9 days ago
German police shortages ′threaten rule of law′ | Germany | DW | 02.08.2017
More security with less police? Ahead of Germany's upcoming elections, the judges' and police unions warn of an erosion of the rule of law. The acute shortage of staff is made worse by a huge retirement wave.
germany  police 
9 days ago
Moscow to cut dependence on U.S. payment systems: RIA
Russia will speed up work on reducing dependency on U.S. payment systems and the dollar as a settling currency
money  russia  usa 
9 days ago
China says aims to banish superstition, promote knowledge
China is struggling to get its estimated 100 million religious believers to banish superstitious beliefs about things like sickness and death, the country's top religious affairs official told a state-run newspaper.
religion  china  education 
10 days ago
China's Ageing Solar Panels Are Going to be a Big Environmental Problem - SoylentNews
Gosh, so you're saying that these "renewable" techs aren't all that renewable and every 20-30 years we have to throw all the stuff away or expend a lot of energy to remove it, recycle *some* parts of it, and then reinstall it, generating waste in the process, and using up more of the natural resources used to create them in the first place?
energy  china  globalwarming  environment 
10 days ago
Al Gore's Home Energy Use Surges up from 20 to 34 Times the National Average - SoylentNews
Al Gore's Home Energy Use Surges up from 20 to 34 Times the National Average -- article related to News and The Main Page.
environment  politics  usa  globalwarming 
10 days ago
So, about this Googler’s manifesto. – Yonatan Zunger – Medium
I’m writing this here, in this message, because I’m no longer at the company and can say this sort of thing openly. But I want to make it very clear: if you were in my reporting chain, all of part (3) would have been replaced with a short “this is not acceptable” and maybe that last paragraph above. You would have heard part (3) in a much smaller meeting, including you, me, your manager, your HRBP, and someone from legal. And it would have ended with you being escorted from the building by secur...
google  feminism  politics 
11 days ago
Wealthy borrowers use home loans to bet on stock market
Wealthy homeowners are borrowing against their property to invest in bonds, equities, alternative investments or commercial property as the low cost of debt creates opportunities for “mortgage arbitrage”.
finance  banks 
11 days ago
Slight Street Sign Modifications Can Completely Fool Machine Learning Algorithms - SoylentNews
Slight Street Sign Modifications Can Completely Fool Machine Learning Algorithms -- article related to The Main Page and Science.
ai  cars  images 
11 days ago
The NSA Intercepted Microsoft's Windows Bug Reports - Slashdot
Bruce Schneier writes on his security blog:
Back in 2013, Der Spiegel reported that the NSA intercepts and collects Windows bug reports... "When Tailored Access Operations selects a computer somewhere in the world as a target and enters its unique identifiers (an IP address, for example) into the c...
microsoft  privacy  usa 
11 days ago
Facebook Fighting US Privacy Laws via Proxy State by State - SoylentNews
Facebook Fighting US Privacy Laws via Proxy State by State -- article related to Digital Liberty and The Main Page.
social  privacy  usa 
11 days ago
Engineering Education: Social Engineering Rather than Actual Engineering  — The James G. Martin Center for Academic Renewal
Even as an undergraduate many years ago, my engineering classmates and I noticed that fact, and we were proud to have a major that valued only the quality of one’s work. In that sense, engineering was like athletics, or music, or the military: there were strict and impersonal standards.
engineering  feminism  education  usa 
11 days ago
Study: U.S. "Losing Ground" To Russia And China On Nuclear Power | The National Interest Blog
Russia plans to complete one new large reactor per year, on average, until at least 2028.
energy  china  russia  usa 
12 days ago
Michelle Carter Sentenced to 15 Months Prison for Encouraging Suicide by Text - SoylentNews
Michelle Carter Sentenced to 15 Months Prison for Encouraging Suicide by Text -- article related to The Main Page and Digital Liberty.
justice  usa  suicide  women 
12 days ago
Popular Password Manager LastPass Doubles Price of Its Premium Plan, Removes features From Its Free Service Tier - Slashdot
An anonymous reader shares a report: In November, LastPass made a big change to its service, allowing users to keep track of their passwords across all their internet-enabled mobile and desktop devices, free of charge. In addition to the free tier, the cross-platform password manager - available on ...
13 days ago
Apple Owns $52.6 Billion In US Treasury Securities, More Than Mexico, Turkey or Norway - Slashdot
randomErr shares a report from CNBC: If Apple were a foreign country, CEO Tim Cook might have considerable political clout in the United States. That's because the tech giant owns $52.6 billion in U.S. Treasury securities, which would rank it among the top 25 major foreign holders, according to esti...
apple  usa  government 
13 days ago
Media Outlet Fooled By Hoax Calling For End T | The Daily Caller
Affinity Magazine falls for a hoax calling for white men to be stripped of their voting rights.
medias  journalists  hoax  democracy 
13 days ago
Gender Imbalances Are Mostly Not Due To Offensive Attitudes | Slate Star Codex
And if you accept the implict assumption that good opinions = gender balance and sexism = gender imbalance, then forever and always the crystal healers and Trump supporters will have a clear badge of being good people and responsible citizens, and the utilitarians and economists will be, on a collective level, sexist jerks. And it sure seems like this is a point in favor of the crystal healers and Trump supporters if you’re trying to figure out who to trust.
feminism  libertarianism  statistics  community 
13 days ago
Data Breach as Office 365 Admin Center Displays Usage Data from Other Tenants - Petri
The Office 365 Admin Center experienced a problem on August 3 when it began to include data from other tenants in its usage reports.
microsoft  cloud  security 
13 days ago
China Is Perfecting a New Method For Suppressing Dissent On the Internet - Slashdot
An anonymous reader quotes a report from Vox: The art of suppressing dissent has been perfected over the years by authoritarian governments. For most of human history, the solution was simple: force. Punish people severely enough when they step out of line and you deter potential protesters. But in ...
propaganda  medias  china 
13 days ago
Polish parliament mulls demand for Germany to pay WWII reparations - The Local
Eight years after the fall of the Nazi regime, Poland decided to forego further reparations from Germany. But now there are renewed calls for those reparations to be paid.
poland  germany  war  europe 
13 days ago
Have Smartphones Destroyed a Generation? - The Atlantic
More comfortable online than out partying, post-Millennials are safer, physically, than adolescents have ever been. But they’re on the brink of a mental-health crisis.

psychology  children  sex  health 
13 days ago
Brain 'Switch' Tells Body to Burn Fat After a Meal - SoylentNews
Brain 'Switch' Tells Body to Burn Fat After a Meal -- article related to The Main Page and Science.
food  health  science 
13 days ago
Why It’s Time To Unfriend Your Racist Relatives – The Establishment
Contrary to increasingly and troublingly popular belief, your racist relatives on Facebook aren’t funny. They’re racists, which means they probably think less of people who look like me. So why do so…
feminism  religion  racism 
13 days ago
Piracy Brings a New Young Audience to Def Leppard, Guitarist Says - TorrentFreak
While many artists have stepped up to demonize piracy over the years, Def Leppard guitarist Vivian Campbell prefers to see the upside. Describing the effects as "fantastic", Campbell says there's a whole new audience coming to the band's shows, bringing fresh energy to the performance. But how much of this can be attributed to piracy in 2017?
music  piracy  marketing  copyright 
14 days ago
RedHat Gets Serious With Deprecation Process of Btrfs With RHEL 7.4 - SoylentNews
RedHat Gets Serious With Deprecation Process of Btrfs With RHEL 7.4 -- article related to Software and The Main Page.
linux  filesystem 
14 days ago
EDF et renouvelables : pour qui sonne le glas ? | Contrepoints
La dérive suicidaire de la politique industrielle d’EDF n’est pas prête d’être enrayée.
fr  france  energy  environment 
14 days ago
BrickerBot Dev Claims Cyber-Attack that Affected Over 60,000 Indian Modems - SoylentNews
BrickerBot Dev Claims Cyber-Attack that Affected Over 60,000 Indian Modems -- article related to The Main Page and Security.
india  security  iot 
14 days ago
Creepy Canadian App Gives Citizens Points for Making Government-Approved Choices - Foundation for Economic Education - Working for a free and prosperous world
In order to use the app, users are giving Carrot Insights and the federal government permission to “access and collect information from your mobile device, including but not limited to, geo-location data, accelerometer/gyroscope data, your mobile device’s camera, microphone, contacts, calendar and Bluetooth connectivity in order to operate additional functionalities of the Services.”
privacy  government  canada  propaganda 
15 days ago
Important QTS Update for Potential Silent Data Corruption on NAS Using RAID 5/6 - Technical Advisory - QNAP
Silent data corruption might have occurred on NAS devices with affected QTS builds and RAID 5 or RAID 6 configurations. The latest QTS builds already address this issue and users can recover corrupted data by installing a recent build and then performing RAID scrubbing. However, RAID scrubbing cannot recover corrupted data if the RAID is degraded.
15 days ago
'Chronic Fatigue Syndrome' Severity Linked to Several Proteins of Inflammation - SoylentNews
'Chronic Fatigue Syndrome' Severity Linked to Several Proteins of Inflammation -- article related to The Main Page and Science.
15 days ago
La haine du monde, de Chantal Delsol | Contrepoints
Ce que les totalitarismes n'ont pu obtenir par la terreur, la postmodernité compte l'obtenir par la dérision. Sur le dernier livre de Chantal Delsol.
politics  philosophy  fr 
15 days ago
Smart Pistol Locking System Foiled by Magnets Worth Only $15 - SoylentNews
Smart Pistol Locking System Foiled by Magnets Worth Only $15 -- article related to The Main Page and Security.
guns  security 
15 days ago
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