Highlights of Xi's report to 19th CPC National Congress - China Underground
No matter what stage of development it reaches, China will never seek hegemony or engage in expansion.
china  politics 
13 hours ago
Italian auctioneers to accept bids in Bitcoin - The Local
Italian auction house Sant'Agostino said on Wednesday that bidders at its next sale will be able to settle up in Bitcoin, a world first according to the auctioneers.
13 hours ago
Google Maps Ditches Walking Calorie Counter After Backlash - Slashdot
Following online backlash, Google is removing a planned feature in Maps that shows you how many calories you'd burn when in walking mode. Google's attempt to promote a healthy lifestyle caused a number of people to lambast the feature on Twitter, claiming it would "shame" and even "trigger" those wi...
feminism  google  usa  health  food 
16 hours ago
Tycoon George Soros transfers $18bn to his Open Society Foundations — RT News
Billionaire investor George Soros has given away nearly $18 billion to his Open Society Foundations, transforming it into the “second largest” charity in the US after the Bill and Melinda Gates’ Foundation.
21 hours ago
Court records: Man charged with spray-painting swastika at UMD is African American - Story | WTTG
Court records show the man accused of spray-painting a swastika inside a residence hall at the University of Maryland in September is African American.
hoax  racism  usa 
2 days ago
Tesla firings: former and current employees allege layoffs
Tesla employees claim they were fired with almost no warning, and that the cuts targeted those who were paid most not just "performance" issues.
hype  cars 
2 days ago
America Gets Even Fatter From 2015-2016 - SoylentNews
70.7% of Americans are overweight or obese, according to the CDC's data for 2015-2016.

The Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development expects the U.S. obesity rate to reach 47% in 2030.
health  food  usa 
2 days ago
Toshiba's Fast-Charging Battery Could Triple the Range of Electric Vehicles - Slashdot
Big Hairy Ian quotes New Atlas: A key focus of electric vehicle (EV) makers is maximizing the range users can get from each charge, and for that reason new battery technologies are poised to play a huge part in driving their adoption. Toshiba has developed a new fast-charging battery it claims could...
energy  cars 
3 days ago
Linux Kernel Community Enforcement Statement - Linux Kernel Monkey Log
By Greg Kroah-Hartman, Chris Mason, Rik van Riel, and Shuah Khan The Linux kernel ecosystem of developers, companies and users has been
wildly …
linux  opensource  copyright  license 
3 days ago
Unpatched Exploit Lets You Clone Key Fobs and Open Subaru Cars - Slashdot
An anonymous reader writes:
Tom Wimmenhove, a Dutch electronics designer, has discovered a flaw in the key fob system used by several Subaru models, a vulnerability the vendor has not patched and could be abused to hijack cars. The issue is that key fobs for some Subaru cars use sequential codes for...
security  cars  iot 
3 days ago
BREAKING: Russia Issuing ‘CryptoRuble’
Russian Bitcoin ban makes sense with the announcement of the CryptoRuble.
russia  bitcoin  taxes 
4 days ago
Bitcoin isn't money — it's a 'censorship-resistant asset class'
The cryptocurrency, which is hovering around the $4,800 mark, is more like an economy run by its users rather than a threat to mainstream money.
bitcoin  finance  freedom  money 
6 days ago
PCSpecialist arrive en France avec ses PC fixes et portables personnalisables
Vous avez envie d'un ordinateur (fixe ou portable) sur mesure ? C'est la promesse de PCSpecialist, un assembleur anglais qui se lance en France. Dans la pratique, la personnalisation a tout de même quelques limites du côté des marques et des options, qui peuvent rapidement faire grimper l'addition.
hardware  fr  france 
7 days ago
Environmentalists damage environment as much as anyone else – study — RT UK
Environmentalists who urge others to “go green” to save the planet actually have a carbon footprint as big as anyone else, new research shows.
environment  study 
8 days ago
Man accused of deliberately infecting lovers sent text saying 'I have HIV LOL'
An alleged victim of a hairdresser accused of deliberately infecting his lovers with HIV received a text from him saying:
sex  crime 
8 days ago
Lingots, pièces, ETF… Le surprenant profil des Français qui possèdent de l’or - Challenges.fr
EXCLUSIF Pratiquement un Français sur trois détient de l'or, que ce soit sous la forme de pièces de monnaie, de lingots ou de bijoux. Un bas de laine qui rassure… en particulier chez les jeunes.
gold  fr  finance 
8 days ago
End of the Nation-State; Return of the City-State - SoylentNews
End of the Nation-State; Return of the City-State -- article related to News and The Main Page.
politics  law  government  cities 
12 days ago
How Security Pros Look at Encryption Backdoors - Slashdot
An anonymous reader shares a report: The majority of IT security professionals believe encryption backdoors are ineffective and potentially dangerous, with 91 percent saying cybercriminals could take advantage of government-mandated encryption backdoors. 72 percent of the respondents do not believe ...
privacy  security  encryption  government 
12 days ago
Do Code Bootcamps Work? - Slashdot
"Computer programming is highly specialized work; it can't be effectively taught in an intensive program," writes Inc. magazine's contributing editor:

Last month, two of the country's largest and most well-regarded coding bootcamps closed. While there are still over 90 such camps in the U.S. and Ca...
programming  jobsearch  jobs  hype 
12 days ago
Dual Studies Suggest High-Fat, Low-Carb Diet Improves Memory and Lifespan - SoylentNews
Dual Studies Suggest High-Fat, Low-Carb Diet Improves Memory and Lifespan -- article related to Science and The Main Page.
health  food 
12 days ago
Half of Americans Can't Afford More Than $100 a Month on Health Insurance Premiums
Premiums for Obamacare health care plans increased from 15 to 22 percent in 2017 and concern has been mounting as to the amount they will rise to in 2018.
healthcare  usa  socialism 
12 days ago
Thanks to the DEA and Drug War, Your Prescription Records Have Zero Expectation of Privacy - SoylentNews
Thanks to the DEA and Drug War, Your Prescription Records Have Zero Expectation of Privacy -- article related to The Main Page and Digital Liberty.
privacy  usa  healthcare  drugs 
13 days ago
Nearly 4 Million People In US Still Subscribe To Netflix DVDs By Mail - Slashdot
The biggest Netflix-related news today is that the company is raising its streaming videos prices, from $9.99 a month to $10.99. But there is another interesting nugget of information to consider: Netflix still has 3.7 million DVD subscribers in the U.S. who get their discs delivered through the mai...
movies  streaming 
13 days ago
Music Piracy On Increase Worldwide: Industry Group - SoylentNews
Music Piracy On Increase Worldwide: Industry Group -- article related to Digital Liberty, Techonomics, and The Main Page.
music  copyright  piracy 
14 days ago
Kids Praised for Being Smart are More Likely to Cheat - Slashdot
An anonymous reader quotes the University of California:
An international team of researchers reports that when children are praised for being smart not only are they quicker to give up in the face of obstacles, they are also more likely to be dishonest and cheat. Kids as young as age 3 appear to be...
education  children  psychology 
14 days ago
Un vent de désinformation souffle sur Le Monde 2.0 - Les Econoclastes
Si 34 centrales à charbon et lignite (5,9 GW) ont  bien été fermées de 2011 à 2015, les Décodeurs du Monde oublient de préciser que 12 nouvelles centrales à charbon et lignite d’une capacité totale de 9,8 GW ont été ouvertes sur la même période, soit plus que pendant les deux décennies qui ont suivi la chute du mur de Berlin.
germany  energy  environment  journalists  lies  fr 
14 days ago
Expert Says You're Deluding Yourself If You Think You're Productive On Six Hours of Sleep - Slashdot
An anonymous reader quotes a report from Chicago Tribune: Getting through the workday on little sleep is a point of pride for some. But skimping on shuteye could be shortening your life and making you a less than stellar employee, according to Matthew Walker, founder and director of the Center for H...
health  sleep  productivity 
14 days ago
In a 'Plot Twist', Wikileaks Releases Documents It Claims Detail Russia Mass Surveillance Apparatus - Slashdot
WikiLeaks, believed by many to be a Kremlin front, surprised some observers Tuesday morning (Snowden called it a "plot twist") when it released documents linking a Russian tech company with access to thousands of citizens' telephone and internet communications with Moscow. From a report: Writing a s...
wikileaks  propaganda  russia  usa  privacy 
14 days ago
Apple's 'Shoddy' Beats Headphones Get Slammed In Lawsuit - Slashdot
A lawsuit (PDF) filed Tuesday in U.S. District Court in Oakland, California, recounts the frustrations of five plaintiffs who found that Apple's Powerbeats 2 and Powerbeats 3 headphones did not perform as advertised. They are also claiming the company is refusing to honor warranty commitments to rep...
apple  audio  hardware 
15 days ago
The Only Safe Email is Text-Only Email - Slashdot
Sergey Bratus, Research Associate Professor of Computer Science, Dartmouth College, and Anna Shubina, Post-doctoral Associate in Computer Science, Dartmouth College write: The real issue is that today's web-based email systems are electronic minefields filled with demands and enticements to click an...
email  security  html 
15 days ago
Obesity Surges to 13.6% in Ghana - SoylentNews
But KFC's expansion here comes as obesity and related health problems have been surging. Public health officials see fried chicken, french fries and pizza as spurring and intensifying a global obesity epidemic that has hit hard in Ghana — one of 73 countries where obesity has at least doubled since 1980.
health  food 
15 days ago
La résurgence du lobby des ondes | Contrepoints
Très actif dans les années 90, 2000, les militants anti-ondes avaient fini par perdre en visibilité avec le temps. C’était sans compter sur l’arrivée du compteur communicant Linky, sur le dos duquel les militants entendent bien se refaire une santé.
fr  science  politics 
16 days ago
What is #Comicgate? and why are Marvel's Sales Slumping? — Steemit
Not too long ago I was looking at Marvel's sales and thought: "Oh that's pretty good for a week I guess" and then the… by jmillerworks
comics  usa  feminism 
16 days ago
How one hacker stole thousands of dollars worth of cryptocurrency with a classic code injection…
The attack detailed in this post has already been fixed by the EtherDelta team. I share this as a cautionary tale for Dapp developers and cryptocurrency users. On September 24, 2017 I learned about a…
17 days ago
'Daily Stormer' Termination Haunts Cloudflare in Online Piracy Case - TorrentFreak
Adult entertainment publisher ALS Scan wants to depose Cloudflare CEO Matthew Prince. The company is involved in a piracy liability battle with the CDN provider and brought up the recent decision to terminate the account of neo-Nazi site Daily Stormer as key evidence in the case.
censorship  copyright  internet  cloud  freedom 
17 days ago
Bell Canada Calls for Adding Obligatory Website Blocking to NAFTA - SoylentNews
Bell Canada Calls for Adding Obligatory Website Blocking to NAFTA -- article related to The Main Page, Techonomics, and Digital Liberty.
copyright  censorship  freedom  internet 
18 days ago
EU Paid For Report That Said Piracy Isn't Harmful -- And Tried To Hide Findings - Slashdot
According to Julia Reda's blog, the only Pirate in the EU Parliament, the European Commission in 2014 paid the Dutch consulting firm Ecorys 360,000 euros (about $428,000) to research the effect piracy had on sales of copyrighted content. The final report was finished in May 2015, but was never publi...
copyright  europe  corruption  mafiaa 
19 days ago
Passwords For 540,000 Car Tracking Devices Leaked Online - Slashdot
An anonymous reader quotes a report from The Hacker News: Login credentials of more than half a million records belonging to vehicle tracking device company SVR Tracking have leaked online, potentially exposing the personal data and vehicle details of drivers and businesses using its service. Just t...
privacy  security  iot 
19 days ago
Governments Turn Tables By Suing Public Records Requesters - Slashdot
schwit1 quotes the AP:
Government bodies are increasingly turning the tables on citizens who seek public records that might be embarrassing or legally sensitive. Instead of granting or denying their requests, a growing number of school districts, municipalities and state agencies have filed lawsuits...
government  corruption 
19 days ago
How Central Banking Increased Inequality | Mises Institute
Although today high levels of inequality in the United States remain a pressing concern for a large swath of the population, monetary policy and credit expansion are rarely mentioned as a likely source of rising wealth and income inequality.
economics  banks 
20 days ago
Someone Published a List of Telnet Credentials For Thousands of IoT Devices - Slashdot
An anonymous reader writes: A list of thousands of fully working Telnet credentials has been sitting online on Pastebin since June 11, credentials that can be used by botnet herders to increase the size of their DDoS cannons. The list includes an IP address, device username, and a password, and is m...
iot  security 
20 days ago
New Zealand High Court Rules Operation Against Kim Dotcom Was Illegal - Slashdot
Mashiki writes: The New Zealand High Court ruled that spying against Kim Dotcom was illegal and that the GCSB spy agency violated the law, including the observation of citizens and residents within the country. It was also determined by the courts that the operation had gone on longer than was stat...
corruption  police  abuse  copyright 
20 days ago
Facebook Has Mapped the Entire Human Population of Earth - Slashdot
Facebook doesn't only know what its 2 billion users "Like." It now knows where 7.5 billion humans live, everywhere on earth, to within 15 feet. From a report: The company has created a data map of the planet's entire human population by combining government census numbers with information it's obtai...
privacy  social 
20 days ago
Oreo Means No Going Back - SoylentNews
Oreo Means No Going Back -- article related to Digital Liberty and The Main Page.
google  freedom  android 
20 days ago
ARM TrustZone Hacked By Abusing Power Management - Slashdot
"This is brilliant and terrifying in equal measure," writes the Morning Paper. Long-time Slashdot reader phantomfive writes: Many CPUs these days have DVFS (Dynamic Voltage and Frequency Scaling), which allows the CPU's clockspeed and voltage to vary dynamically depending on whether the CPU is idli...
security  cpu 
20 days ago
Megaherbivorous Dinosaurs Were Not Strict Vegetarians - SoylentNews
Megaherbivorous Dinosaurs Were Not Strict Vegetarians -- article related to Science and The Main Page.
food  science 
21 days ago
Cash Investigation : les représentants du personnel de Free répondent à l’émission
Suite à la diffusion de l’émission Cash Investigation ce mardi, nous avons souhaité avoir la réaction aussi bien des représentants des salariés de Free, (...)
television  isp  france  fr 
21 days ago
Internet Explorer Bug Leaks Whatever You Type In the Address Bar - Slashdot
The latest version of Internet Explorer has a bug that leaks the addresses, search terms, or any other text typed into the address bar. The flaw was disclosed Tuesday by security researcher Manual Caballero. Ars Technica reports: The bug allows any currently visited website to view any text entered...
privacy  microsoft  security 
21 days ago
What Is Wrong With Silver: Are Cryptocurrencies Killing Demand For The White Metal? | Seeking Alpha
Despite gold's rally which saw it briefly rise about $1,300 silver continues to perform poorly. There are signs that supply and demand fundamentals have decoupl
gold  finance  bitcoin 
21 days ago
Twitter shuts down user's account over mosquito death threat
A Japanese Twitter user has had his account flagged and frozen after he contravened the service's rules by making a death threat - against a mosquito.
censorship  ai  social 
23 days ago
NodeJS leadership is a toxic mess – W. Brian Gourlie – Medium
In this article, I’m going to be calling out toxic behavior exhibited by certain high-profile members of the NodeJS community. As is the nature of such things, some people will use this as…
opensource  feminism  javascript 
23 days ago
A SoylentNews Reader Reviews Firefox Developer Edition 57.0b1 - SoylentNews
A SoylentNews Reader Reviews Firefox Developer Edition 57.0b1 -- article related to Community Reviews and Software.
mozilla  browsers  firefox 
23 days ago
UK banks to check 70m bank accounts in search for illegal immigrants | UK news | The Guardian
Exclusive: From January banks will be enrolled in Theresa May’s plans to create ‘hostile environment’ for illegal migrants
privacy  banks  uk 
23 days ago
China to bring back gold in international settlement with new oil futures | Business Standard News
Read more about China to bring back gold in international settlement with new oil futures on Business Standard. China is working on crude oil settlement in yuan backed by gold to circumvent US dollar settlement
gold  china  oil  finance 
23 days ago
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