Patriarchal Sexual Law | Bloody shovel
This alone is a sign that the patriarchy doesn’t exist anymore. Patriarchies are systems in which all women belong to a man; the husband after marriage, the father before that, or the head of the household if she’s a servant of some sort. Women have this uncanny ability to make men want to have sex with them, and at the same time prefer to have exclusivity in that matter. Not to mention the potential for disease or childbirth. So naturally their legal guardians had to take care that women, i.e. their property, was not captured by other men to have sex with them without proper compensation. As such, law regulating sex in the pre-modern period where every bit as complicated, and as harsh, as laws regulating finance and property in our day.
china  history  sex  women  feminism 
10 days ago
Speakerphones - Dilbert Comic Strip on 2018-11-06 | Dilbert by Scott Adams
The Official Dilbert Website featuring Scott Adams Dilbert strips, animation, mashups and more starring Dilbert, Dogbert, Wally, The Pointy Haired Boss, Alice, Asok, Dogberts New Ruling Class and more.
jobs  productivity  comics 
11 days ago
Important Announcement : subredditcancer
It is with a great deal of reluctance and disappointment that we have decided to close r/SubredditCancer from this point forward. The moderators...
censorship  social 
12 days ago
Christie Blatchford: Fired UBC professor Steven Galloway suing woman who accused him of sexual assault | National Post
In total, more than 20 people are named in the lawsuit, including two UBC professors and a group of former students who 'recklessly repeated' the allegation
rape  feminism  justice 
18 days ago
Waitrose Food: Editor William Sitwell resigns over 'killing vegans' row - BBC News
The company said his suggested series on "killing vegans one by one" had "gone too far".
18 days ago
LILLEY UNCENSORED: Big Brother Liberal government wants your private banking info | Toronto Sun
It sounds like a conspiracy theory, something Justin Trudeau’s most unhinged critics would dream up.And yet it is true.Not only is it true but on Monday, Trudeau gave a full defence of an idea most would consider crazy.
privacy  banks  canada 
19 days ago
IBM Acquires Red Hat - SoylentNews
IBM Acquires Red Hat -- article related to Business, OS, The Main Page, Software, and Techonomics.
opensource  business 
20 days ago
IBM To Buy Red Hat, the Top Linux Distributor, For $34 Billion - Slashdot
International Business Machines (IBM) is acquiring software maker Red Hat in a deal valued at $34 billion, the companies said Sunday. From a report: The purchase, announced on Sunday afternoon, is the latest competitive step among large business software companies to gain an edge in the fast-growing...
opensource  business 
20 days ago
SQLite - Regarding CoC | Page 3
[Page 3] Regarding CoC. Hi! I found code of conduct in documentation and I was wondering if it were true. Checking the version history it appears to have been added...
opensource  feminism 
21 days ago
Linus Torvalds is Back in Charge of Linux - SoylentNews
Inserting the CoC into a technical project has proven by-the-by to be a very successful way of setting up arbitrary control over a project under the guise of professionalism and courtesy.

The CoC that was thrust into the Linux repo was taken from a rabidly feminist source, and it replaced an awesome, practical, virtuous statement about the importance of technical excellence.
linux  opensource  feminism 
24 days ago
Richard Stallman Announces GNU Kind Communication Guidelines - Slashdot
AmiMoJo writes: Richard Stallman has announced the GNU Kind Communication Guidelines, an effort "to start guiding people towards kinder communication." The Guidelines differ from a Code of Conduct in that it's trying to be proactive about kindness around free software development over being rules w...
opensource  feminism 
24 days ago
The Great Endumbening -- IQ Scores are Decreasing - SoylentNews
The Great Endumbening -- IQ Scores are Decreasing -- article related to The Main Page and Career & Education.
health  science  intelligence 
24 days ago
Prélèvement à la source : le plus dur est devant nous | Contrepoints
Il ne faut pas s’y méprendre. En réalité, il n’en est rien : la base de calcul du nouveau système est complètement différente. Jusqu’à aujourd’hui, l’impôt sur le revenu est calculé sur la base des revenus desquels sont soustraites les charges déductibles. A contrario, le nouveau prélèvement à la source calculera l’impôt avant réductions.
france  fr  taxes 
25 days ago
Why the Google Pixel 3 Charges Faster On a Pixel Stand Than Other Wireless Chargers - Slashdot
An anonymous reader quotes a report from Ars Technica: Google's Pixel 3 smartphone is shipping out to the masses, and people hoping to take advantage of the new Qi wireless charging capabilities have run into a big surprise. For some unexplained reason, Google is locking out third-party Qi chargers ...
google  evil  freedom  phone 
25 days ago
Hackers Breach HealthCare.Gov System, Threatening the Data of 75,000 People - SoylentNews
Hackers Breach HealthCare.Gov System, Threatening the Data of 75,000 People -- article related to The Main Page and Security.
usa  government  healthcare  security 
26 days ago
Rapport de transparence : la bourde de Copie France
Lorsque l’on publie pour la première fois son rapport de transparence, il peut arriver que l’empressement conduise à la sortie de route. Le document mis en ligne par Copie France sent un peu la tôle froissée. La société civile a en effet oublié d'expurger les commentaires laissés en marge.
corruption  copyright  taxes  fr  france  mafiaa 
26 days ago
SQLite Adopts 'Monastic' Code of Conduct - Slashdot
An anonymous reader writes: Undoubtedly in response to this politically motivated sort of claptrap, SQLite has released their own Code of Conduct. From the preamble: Having been encouraged by clients to adopt a written code of conduct, the SQLite developers elected to govern their interactions wit...
opensource  feminism  funny  humor 
26 days ago
Are avocados vegan? That may now be up for debate. - The Washington Post
There's a moral debate over the labor of pollinators, but PETA says veganism "shouldn't be about adhering to rigid dogma for dogma's sake."
food  politics 
26 days ago
Créteil : il braque sa prof en classe pour qu’elle le note «présent»
Le lycéen en question et l’un de ses camarades qui apparaît également dans la vidéo ont été interpellés.
fr  france  education  crime  guns 
29 days ago
La fake news de Mounir Mahjoubi sur la loi contre les fausses informations
Le secrétaire d’État a démultiplié les déclarations pour adoucir la proposition de loi contre la manipulation de l’information (ou « infox »). Selon lui, elle ne s'appliquerait qu'en période électorale. Seul hic, ses propos ne décrivent pas l’exacte réalité du texte. 
censorship  fr  france 
4 weeks ago
Netflix Burns More Cash, Set to Spend $8 Billion on Original Content in 2018 - SoylentNews
Netflix Burns More Cash, Set to Spend $8 Billion on Original Content in 2018 -- article related to Techonomics and The Main Page.
streaming  business 
4 weeks ago
Microsoft Tackles 'Horrifying' Bing Search Results - Slashdot
Microsoft has "taken action" to change its Bing search engine after it was found to give "horrifying" results for some terms. From a report: Journalist Chris Hoffman discovered Bing suggested racist topics when he looked up words such as "Jews", "Muslims" and "black people". Bing also ranked widely ...
censorship  racism 
4 weeks ago
Sept questions-réponses pour comprendre la loi contre les fausses informations
En nouvelle lecture, les députés ont adopté mardi soir la proposition de loi contre les « infox » ou fausses informations par 45 voix contre 20. Le texte part maintenant au Sénat où il devrait être rejeté une nouvelle fois. Les députés auront en toute hypothèse le dernier mot suite à cette navette.
fr  france  democracy  censorship  social 
4 weeks ago
The Breach That Killed Google+ Wasn't a Breach At All - Slashdot
The bigger problem for Google isn't the crime, but the cover-up. The vulnerability was fixed in March, but Google didn't come clean until seven months later when The Wall Street Journal got hold of some of the memos discussing the bug.
google  security  privacy 
4 weeks ago
Trivial Authentication Bypass In Libssh Leaves Servers Wide Open - Slashdot
Ars Technica reports of "a four-year-old bug in the Secure Shell implementation known as libssh that makes it trivial for just about anyone to gain unfettered administrative control of a vulnerable server." It's not clear how many sites or devices may be vulnerable since neither the widely used Open...
security  ssh 
4 weeks ago
More EU Nations Flock to Gold
Yesterday, the Hungarian central bank announced it recently boosted its gold reserves 10-fold.
gold  finance  europe 
4 weeks ago
Professional Videogamers Are Working Out - Slashdot
Hoping to avoid injuries, gamers get physical training; squat jumps, ginger smoothies and yoga. From a report: Esports, the world of professional videogaming, is looking more and more like other sports, with big sponsors, prize money, fan bases -- and player injuries. In response, teams are educatin...
gaming  sport  health 
4 weeks ago
MongoDB Switches Up Its Open-Source License - Slashdot
MongoDB is taking action against cloud giants who are taking its open-source code and offering a hosted commercial version of its database to their users without playing by the open-source rules. The company announced today that it has issued a new software license, the Server Side Public License (S...
opensource  license  cloud  database 
4 weeks ago
Slack Doesn't Have End-to-End Encryption Because Your Boss Doesn't Want It - Slashdot
Business communications service Slack, which has more than three million paying customers, offers a bouquet of features that has made it popular (so popular that is worth as much as $9 billion), but it lacks a crucial feature that some of its rivals don't: end-to-end encryption. It's a feature that ...
privacy  chat  hype 
4 weeks ago
Battle of Google Pixel Headphone Dongles | Audio Science Review (ASR) Forum
This is a review and detailed measurements of three adapters to give your Pixel phone an analog output to drive headphones. Taking a lead from Apple...
audio  quality  usb  phone  hardware 
4 weeks ago
Internet Relay Chat Turns 30—and We Remember How It Changed Our Lives - SoylentNews
Internet Relay Chat Turns 30—and We Remember How It Changed Our Lives -- article related to /dev/random and The Main Page.
irc  chat  internet  history 
4 weeks ago
Why liberals would rather be 1% American Indian than 99% white
But in general, that label of "oppressed" gives minorities a patina of virtuousness.  "People of Color" says it all – all who are not white, despite widely differing backgrounds, are identical in their virtuousness due to their oppression (past, present, and future) at the hands of white people.
usa  racism  politics 
4 weeks ago
Private Torrent Site Operators Ordered to Pay $440k Damages - TorrentFreak
Acting on a criminal complaint filed three years earlier, in 2016 police took down Rarat, a private torrent site based in Sweden. Using information handed over by PayPal, police subsequently made arrests. This week two men were ordered to pay around $440k in damages, a sentence described as "a scandal" by a writer whose movie was leaked on the site.
piracy  justice  copyright  bittorrent 
4 weeks ago
Tech Suffers From Lack of Humanities, Says Mozilla Head - Slashdot
The head of the Mozilla Foundation, Mitchell Baker, is warning that companies need to diversify their hiring practices to include more people from backgrounds in philosophy and psychology if they want to tackle the problem of misinformation online. He also "warned that hiring employees who mainly co...
mozilla  feminism  opensource 
4 weeks ago
The New and Improved MacBook Keyboards Have the Same Old Problems - Slashdot
Casey Johnston, writing for The Outline: Apple never actually caved to user complaints that its top-of-the-line computers developed sticky or dead keyboards very easily, despite having now been served with several keyboard-related class action lawsuits. In June, the company offered to repair compute...
apple  hardware 
4 weeks ago
Software Freedom Conservancy Shares Thoughts on Microsoft Joining Open Invention Network's Patent Non-Aggression Pact - Slashdot
Earlier this week, Microsoft announced that it was joining the open-source patent consortium Open Invention Network (OIN). The press release the two shared this week was short on details on how the two organizations intend to work together and what does the move mean to, for instance, the billions o...
patents  linux  opensource  microsoft 
4 weeks ago
ComicBook.com Writer Chase Magnett Threatens "Consequences" After Marvel Fired Chuck Wendig - Bounding Into Comics
After Marvel fired Chuck Wendig, ComicBook.com writer Chase Magnett threatened anyone who might replace Wendig on the Shadow of Vader series.
comics  conspiracy  feminism 
4 weeks ago
Ukraine Is Dangerously Close to a Religious War - Bloomberg
To avoid bloodshed, all sides will have to act wisely.
russia  ukraine  war  religion 
4 weeks ago
Cops Aren't Just Submitting DNA Samples To Genealogy Services; They're Also Obtaining Customer Info | Techdirt
Police created a fake account to submit the sample they had and received matches that allowed them to narrow down the list of suspects.
police  crime  privacy  usa 
4 weeks ago
Sorry Vegans: Here's How Meat-Eating Made Us Human | Time
If you want a big brain, you'll need more than vegetables
health  food  evolution 
5 weeks ago
Poop-Covered Sidewalks: Racially Insensitive to Clean Them Says Seattle Councilman | National Review
A city councilman in Seattle is reportedly opposed to hosing sidewalks that reek of excrement near a local courthouse because he fears that it might be racially insensitive.
usa  feminism  racism  stupid 
5 weeks ago
Thoughts on Microsoft Joining OIN's Patent Non-Aggression Pact - Conservancy Blog - Software Freedom Conservancy
The Software Freedom Conservancy provides a non-profit home and services to Free, Libre and Open Source Software (FLOSS) projects.
microsoft  patents  linux  opensource  android 
5 weeks ago
HATE CRIME HOAX: Ohio University Student Charged After Claiming She Received Death Threats. She Sent Them To Herself. | Daily Wire
The latest in a long string of hate-crime hoaxes comes from Ohio, where a woman claimed she received death threats — only for police to discover she sent the threats to herself.
usa  education  hoax 
5 weeks ago
A Problematic Guide to the Social Justice Left – Brad Glasgow – Medium
What the Social Justice Left believes, how they put those beliefs into practice, and how their unwillingness to communicate have set back public discourse. Online movements tend to be amorphous…
gaming  feminism  politics  censorship 
5 weeks ago
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