Could a Single Copyright Complaint Kill Your Domain? - TorrentFreak
Earlier this week we reported how a Canada-based mashup site had its domain suspended following a copyright complaint filed by music group IFPI. Today we can put some meat on the bones, revealing how a single unproven allegation disabled an entire site, without its operators even having a chance to respond.
censorship  uk  copyright  canada 
2 days ago
I’ll Take That – BitMEX Blog
Bitcoin is less than a decade old, and is still very much an experiment. But if you possess a sum of wealth, it is prudent to diversify the networks used to secure it. Many people believe if they follow the “law”, they will be alright. However, laws change to serve the growth and power of the government writing them.
bitcoin  freedom  finance 
2 days ago
A Psychological Analysis of How and Why Corporations Become SJW-Converged
But in the age of social media, the story gets worse. Not only can an organization sic these righteous little foot-soldiers on their internal critics, they have learned to sic them on external critics as well. Thanks to mob strongholds like Twitter and Facebook, an effectively world-wide network of SJW miscreants can be spontaneously compelled to form outrage mobs against a corporation’s external critics. In a way, you have to respect the efficacy of such a potent and adaptive force.
business  feminism  social 
3 days ago
The U.S. Media Yesterday Suffered its Most Humiliating Debacle in Ages: Now Refuses All Transparency Over What Happened
How did "multiple sources" all innocently feed the same false information to multiple media outlets? The refusal of CNN and MSNBC to say only compounds the damage they caused.
usa  journalists  propaganda  medias  russia  politics 
4 days ago
UV: Fairbanks man gets 45 year sentence in child abuse case | Local News
A 37-year-old Fairbanks man who was sentenced Monday to 45 years in prison for sexually abusing a young girl under his care told the judge he was a “feminist and pacifist” who had “earnest conversations” with the girl “about gender equality and how she should be able to expect the same respect as any man.”
feminism  rape  pedophilia 
5 days ago
Jean-Luc Mélenchon invente le Front national d'extrême-gauche | La Chronique Agora
A la rhétorique anticapitaliste de Jean-Luc Mélenchon s’ajoute désormais un culte tout à fait assumé de l’Etat-nation autoritaire...
politics  fr  france 
7 days ago
Porn Star August Ames Kills Herself After Being Called 'Homophobic' For Not Wanting HIV/AIDS
Porn star August Ames was bullycided by LGBT activists after stating earlier this week that she did not want to have sex with a gay porn star due to the health risks involv.
suicide  porn  feminism 
7 days ago
CryptoKitties : le succès des « crypto-chats » fait bugger la blockchain Ethereum - Journal du Coin
Les chats virtuels CryptoKitties occupent désormais 14% des flux sur le réseau Ethereum alors qu’il n'était encore qu'à 4% il y a quelques jours.
bitcoin  fr  stupid 
7 days ago
Power9 To The People
The server race is really afoot now that IBM has finally gotten off the starting blocks with its first Power9 system, based on its “Nimbus” variant of that
hardware  server  cpu 
8 days ago
The Empress Has No Clothes: The Dark Underbelly of Women Who Code and Google Women Techmakers
In a letter from 1796, George Washington, First President of the United States, stated that “to speak evil of any one, unless there is unequivocal proofs of their deserving it, is an injury for which…
feminism  technology  programming  google 
10 days ago
The Riot Act – Jill Carlson – Medium
The former biotech company pivoted in October to “Blockchain.” Since then, the share price has risen from $5 to over $20. Upon learning this, I went to Riot’s website to see what exactly they are…
scam  bitcoin 
14 days ago
The Big Vitamin D Mistake. - PubMed - NCBI
J Prev Med Public Health. 2017 Jul;50(4):278-281. doi: 10.3961/jpmph.16.111. Epub 2017 May 10.
health  food 
20 days ago
Linky, Gazpar : la CNIL revient sur la collecte des données par les compteurs communicants
La CNIL détaille les conditions de collecte de données et de transmission au gestionnaire de distribution par les compteurs communicants Linky et Gazpar. Si certaines informations sont envoyées par défaut, d'autres nécessitent l'accord explicite de l'abonné en amont.
fr  france  energy  privacy 
21 days ago
En appel, Jamendo s'oppose à la redevance sur la musique « libre de droits »
Voilà un an, presque jour pour jour, un dossier épineux a été tranché par le tribunal de grande instance de Paris. Il concerne le paiement de la « rémunération équitable » par les enseignes qui diffusent de la musique dite libre de droits. L’affaire est désormais portée en appel à la demande de Jamendo et MusicMatic. 
copyright  fr  france  mafiaa  music 
22 days ago
The Truth Behind the "Kodi Boxes Can Kill Their Owners" Headlines - TorrentFreak
This week, tabloid headlines screamed that so-called "Kodi Boxes" are a threat not only to the entertainment industries, but also to life itself. Claiming that devices could kill their owners due to electrical safety standards failures, we took a look at the actual report. Forget just throwing set-top boxes in the trash, it looks like anything electrical without a brand name needs to be discarded immediately.
propaganda  uk  copyright  medias  journalists 
24 days ago
Magnesium Supplementation in Vitamin D Deficiency. - PubMed - NCBI
Am J Ther. 2017 May 3. doi: 10.1097/MJT.0000000000000538. [Epub ahead of print]
health  food 
25 days ago
Pirate Site Owner Found Guilty, But He Can Keep The Profits - TorrentFreak
The 47-year-old operator of Filmfix, a site that offered paid access to torrent links, has been found guilty of facilitating copyright infringement by a District Court in Lund, Sweden. The man was sentenced to 120 hours of community service but can keep the site's profits, as there was no hard proof that users paid for pirated content directly.
piracy  justice  sweden 
25 days ago
Facebook Founding President Sounds Alarm, Criticizes Facebook - SoylentNews
Facebook Founding President Sounds Alarm, Criticizes Facebook -- article related to News and The Main Page.
social  psychology 
27 days ago
» La fin de l’empire, par Chris Hedges
Malgré l’aura souvent projetée par la toute-puissance des empires, la plupart sont étonnamment fragiles et manquent de la force inhérente d’un État-nation, même modeste. En effet, un coup d’œil à leur histoire devrait nous rappeler que les plus grands d’entre eux sont susceptibles de s’effondrer pour des causes diverses, les pressions budgétaires constituant généralement un facteur primordial.
history  fr  usa  war  government 
27 days ago
Amazon Key Flaw Could Let Rogue Deliverymen Disable Your Camera - Slashdot
Security researchers claim to have discovered a flaw in Amazon's Key Service, which if exploited, could let a driver re-enter your house after dropping off a delivery. From a report: When Amazon launched its Amazon Key service last month, it also offered a remedy for anyone who might be creeped out ...
iot  security  amazon 
27 days ago
L’écriture pas très inclusive | Le blog d'un odieux connard
Au vu du titre de cet article, je sens déjà des yeux se plisser, des sourcils se froncer, voire des couteaux être tirés. Mais, puisque le débat fait rage en ce moment, permettez-moi humblement d'y prendre part en énonçant ce fait tout simple : L'écriture n'est pas faite pour se sentir bien. Voilà. Du calme.…
language  fr  france  feminism 
29 days ago
Renseignement : la surveillance par boite noire a débuté
À l’occasion d’une conférence organisée par le Grenoble Alpes Data Institute, le président de la Commission nationale de contrôle des techniques du renseignement a indiqué que le dispositif des boites noires était activé depuis début octobre.
france  fr  privacy  internet 
29 days ago
Group invites white people to Come Meet a Black Person | WSB-TV
ATLANTA (AP) - A professional group near Atlanta is inviting white people to "Come Meet a Black Person."
racism  usa  feminism 
29 days ago
People for sale: Where lives are auctioned for $400 - CNN
Smugglers in Libya are auctioning migrants off as slaves. At a property outside Tripoli, CNN witnessed a dozen men go under the hammer in the space of minutes.
immigration  slavery  europe 
4 weeks ago
Transracial? Florida man, born white, says he feels Filipino
“Whenever I’m around the music, around the food, I feel like I’m in my own skin,” he said. But after Rachel Dolezal, he's concerned about criticism.
usa  racism 
4 weeks ago
Derrière les plantages d'OVH, la question de la transparence dans la communication
Que faire lorsque vous êtes un hébergeur français d'importance, et que des milliers de sites ne sont plus accessibles en raison d'une série de pannes ? OVH a décidé de répondre par le détail et la technique, quand d'autres sociétés sont plus opaques en cas de souci.
business  fr  hosting 
4 weeks ago
The Computer Scientist Who Prefers Voting With Paper - Slashdot
Geoffrey.landis writes: The Atlantic profiles a computer scientist: Barbara Simons, who has been on the forefront of the pushback against electronic voting as a technology susceptible to fraud and hacking. When she first started writing articles about the dangers of electronic voting with no paper ...
democracy  security 
4 weeks ago
Sex Toy Company Admits To Recording Users' Remote Sex Sessions, Calls It a 'Minor Bug' - Slashdot
According to Reddit user jolioshmolio, Hong Kong-based sex toy company Lovense's remote control vibrator app (Lovense Remote) recorded a use session without their knowledge. "An audio file lasting six minutes was stored in the app's local folder," reports The Verge. "The user says he or she gave th...
sex  iot  privacy 
4 weeks ago
Tesla Approaches Terminal Decline - Tesla Motors (NASDAQ:TSLA) | Seeking Alpha
Financial performance deteriorates - structural unprofitability likely. Most cash raised recently is already burnt - next equity sale looms. Institutional owner
finance  cars  hype 
4 weeks ago
Mercedes is quietly becoming Tesla’s biggest rival
Daimler, Mercedes' parent company, has made it clear it plans to rival Tesla on everything from electric cars to residential energy products.
hype  cars  energy 
4 weeks ago
Harvey Weinstein: Polanski has served his time and must be freed | The Independent
Roman Polanski is a man who cares deeply about his art and its place in this world. What happened to him on his incredible path is filled with tragedy, and most men would have collapsed. Instead, he became a great artist and continues to make great films. I was with him the day he won the Legion of Honour in France, which was a spectacular day. I remember the incredible love and affection that people have for him.
rape  crime  pedophilia  censorship 
4 weeks ago
The Reason Hate Hoaxes Continue To Be Promote | The Daily Caller
Air Force Academy false report reveals the motivation in believing dubious claims
politics  medias  journalists  hoax  racism 
4 weeks ago
Italy probes deaths of 26 Nigerian women from migrant boats - BBC News
There are suspicions that the migrants - mostly teenagers - may have been abused and murdered.
immigration  rape  murder 
4 weeks ago
My Younger Brother Can Access My iPhone X: Face ID Is Not Secure
I’ve had my iPhone X since November 3rd and so far it has been an interesting experience. As much as I do not like the Orwellian aspects of Face ID, as I’ve written about before, my curiosity…
security  apple  ai 
4 weeks ago
Economics of Bitcoin as a Settlement Network | Satoshi Nakamoto Institute
An interesting thought experiment is to imagine the shape of a global economic system built around settlement in Bitcoin. Bitcoin’s current capacity is to verify around 350,000 transactions per day. This number of transactions can allow a global network of 850 banks to each have one daily transaction with every other bank on the network. (The number of unique connections in a network equals n(n-1)/2, where n is the number of nodes.)
banks  bitcoin  economics  finance 
4 weeks ago
European Parliament plans election campaign against Euroskeptics – POLITICO
Proposed campaign would focus on people who ‘look favorably’ on the EU but don’t vote in European elections.
propaganda  europe  politics 
4 weeks ago
Bray New World :: SteynOnline
He merely invoked Article 48 of the Weimar Republic's constitution, allowing the state, in the interests of the greater good, to set — what's the phrase? — "reasonable limits" on freedom of the press, freedom of expression, freedom of association, freedom from unlawful search and seizure and surveillance of postal and electronic communications. The Nazis didn't invent a dictatorship out of whole cloth. They merely took advantage of the illiberal provisions of a supposedly liberal constitution.
censorship  germany  history  nazi 
4 weeks ago
Intel Management Engine Hacked Using USB - SoylentNews
Intel Management Engine Hacked Using USB -- article related to Hardware and The Main Page.
intel  cpu  security 
4 weeks ago
Germany to pay 16% extra to EU budget after Brexit
Without the British, there is a hole in the EU budget of some 10.2 billion euros, German newspapers reported Friday, citing a study from the European Parliament. Germany would need to pay 3.8 billion euro to cover the gap, which corresponds to an increase in the annual contribution of 16 percent.
uk  europe  germany  taxes 
4 weeks ago
Radnor commissioners president Philip Ahr charged in child porn case
His resumé is robust: Graduate of the University of Notre Dame, former Navy hospital corpsman, a leader in his Bryn Mawr Catholic parish, and Radnor Township commissioners president. A successful marketing director, he has lived in the affluent Main Line community for 22 years.
usa  politics  pedophilia  porn  crime 
4 weeks ago
Electric cars’ green image blackens beneath the bonnet
Research into the lifecycle of electric vehicles is a wake-up call for an industry geared up to promote ‘zero emission cars’
hype  cars  energy  environment 
4 weeks ago
Sleep Deprivation Disrupts Brain-Cell Communication, Study Finds - Slashdot
A new study published in the journal Nature Medicine found that sleep deprivation causes the bursts of electrical activity that brain cells use to communicate to become slower and weaker. "The finding could help explain why a lack of sleep impairs a range of mental functions, says Dr. Itzhak Fried, ...
sleep  health 
5 weeks ago
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