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Images not showing up in moments | Synology Community
This is indeed a permissions issue. I resolved it as follows:

Go to File Station > home > Drive > Moments
Context menu > Properties > General Tab
Owner: change to users
Check box for Apply to this folder, subfolders and files
Go to Permissions tab
Make sure the users group has Read and Write access.
OK / Apply.
synology  moments 
11 weeks ago by outkast
Problem with Moments - Synology Forum
I've been able to resolve the problem. Here are the steps.

You need to:
Launch File Station
Navigate to Homes -> Admin -> Drive -> Moments
Right click on the Moments folder and select Properties
From the Properties dialog then select the Permission tab (not the general tab).
Check the box that says "apply to this folder, sub-folders and files".
Select the OK button.
The think the part missing from the Synology instructions is selecting the Permission tab from within the Properties dialog and work from that area and not the general tab.
synology  moments 
11 weeks ago by outkast
Create a hyper backup to a remote synology – Synoguide
and then just fill in the details for your remote synology:

Server name: xxx.synology.me
Trasnfer encryption: on
Port: You need to open poer 6281 in your router
Username: the username of your remote synology
Password: the password of your remote synology
Shared folder: pick a shared folder from your remote synology
synology  hyper  backup  guide 
11 weeks ago by outkast
How do i get root access again, step by step? - Page 6 - Synology Forum
The admin password doesn't work to login as root on my DS216+ with firmware DSM 6. The instructions posted by Synology worked: SSH as admin, then enter command "sudo -i" and re-enter the admin password.
root  admin  synology  terminal 
march 2017 by outkast
iPCamera - High-End Network Camera on the App Store
I can also confirm that it works with Synology Surveillance station (use "/live" as the source path on setup). Wonderful app, very happy with intuitiveness and ease of use.
synology  ip  camera  app  surveillance  iPhone 
october 2015 by outkast
Permission troubles with WordPress on Synology DSM5 : Simplicate.info
NEW 20161021
1. ssh as admin.
2. sudo su -
Now you'll be the root. THEN:
chown -R http:http /volume1/web/[wordpress site]
chmod -R 775 /volume1/web/[wordpress site]
diskstation  wordpress  permissions  synology  terminal  ssh  plugin  install  update 
october 2014 by outkast
Speeding Up Wordpress on Synology | JesseWeb
Here are some quick tips:
Enable page, minify, database, object, and browser cache
Select “OpCode: Alternative PHP Cache (APC)” as your cache method (if not “Disk: Enhanced”, “Disk: Basic” or just “Disk”)
Uncheck all items within the “Debug” section
Enable “Late Initialization” on the “Page Cache” options page
Update “Pages Per Interval” to 15 on the “Page Cache” options page
wordpress  optimization  speed  synology 
october 2014 by outkast
DVBLogic • View topic - DVBLink Synology tuners for USA customers
I got this working using two HDHomerun tuners (1 Unit).

Steps were:
Install the server DVBLink server
Install the DVBLink TVSource
Activate the TVSource Trial (I actually bought the license too)
Click on the Sources tab - Added two sources since I have t
Synology  NAS  tv  tuner  Diskstation  hdhomerun 
august 2014 by outkast
DVBLogic • View topic - DVBLink Synology tuners for USA customers
At the moment 950Q, 810e and HDHomeRun are the only available options
Synology  hdtv  roku  hdhomerun  streaming  tv 
august 2014 by outkast
Synology Inc. Online Community Forum • View topic - Can the app access Personal Photo Station?
In the app try touching the little picture in the top left before logging in.

You will see an extra box appear to allow you to enter your personal name.
synology  nas  photo  station  app  ds 
july 2014 by outkast
SQUID proxy on a Synology NAS how-to - www.robdehoog.nl
If you want to hide that your are browsing via a proxy (shows up in www.whatismyip.com) you will need to add the following information to your config file
synology  diskstation  nas  proxy  tinyproxy 
may 2014 by outkast
Squid as ad blocker - LinuxMCE
acl ads dstdom_regex -i "/etc/squid/squid.adservers.regex"
http_access deny ads
adblock  squid  synology  diskstation  ads 
may 2014 by outkast
DS713+ Products Specifications - Synology Inc. Network Attached Storage - NEW NAS Experience
About $500 on both Amazon (buy from Amazon if you can) - and Newegg. This is the one to get. It can expand the RAID natively to their expansion unit (not a separate drive).
synology  nas 
october 2013 by outkast

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