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Permission troubles with WordPress on Synology DSM5 : Simplicate.info
NEW 20161021
1. ssh as admin.
2. sudo su -
Now you'll be the root. THEN:
chown -R http:http /volume1/web/[wordpress site]
chmod -R 775 /volume1/web/[wordpress site]
diskstation  wordpress  permissions  synology  terminal  ssh  plugin  install  update 
october 2014 by outkast
DVBLogic • View topic - DVBLink Synology tuners for USA customers
I got this working using two HDHomerun tuners (1 Unit).

Steps were:
Install the server DVBLink server
Install the DVBLink TVSource
Activate the TVSource Trial (I actually bought the license too)
Click on the Sources tab - Added two sources since I have t
Synology  NAS  tv  tuner  Diskstation  hdhomerun 
august 2014 by outkast
SQUID proxy on a Synology NAS how-to - www.robdehoog.nl
If you want to hide that your are browsing via a proxy (shows up in www.whatismyip.com) you will need to add the following information to your config file
synology  diskstation  nas  proxy  tinyproxy 
may 2014 by outkast
Squid as ad blocker - LinuxMCE
acl ads dstdom_regex -i "/etc/squid/squid.adservers.regex"
http_access deny ads
adblock  squid  synology  diskstation  ads 
may 2014 by outkast

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