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12 hours ago
Scimago Journal & Country Rank
The SCImago Journal & Country Rank is a portal that includes the journals and country scientific indicators developed from the information contained in the Scopus® database (Elsevier B.V.). These indicators can be used to assess and analyze scientific domains.

This platform takes its name from the SCImago Journal Rank (SJR) indicatorpdf, developed by SCImago from the widely known algorithm Google PageRank™. This indicator shows the visibility of the journals contained in the Scopus® database from 1996.
science  research  ranking  magazine  tools 
13 days ago
A simple, powerful & intuitive tool curated perfectly for mobile photography
photos  app  iOS  Android 
19 days ago
iOS  app  photos 
19 days ago
Festival Playlister
Expedia presents the Festival Playlister - create hit-filled or obscure Spotify playlists for your festival of choice, past or present!

Thanks to Spotify and Songkick for the use of their APIs to help create the Expedia Festival Playlister.
music  playlist  Spotify  festival  generator 
4 weeks ago
Visit our forum at: turbohud.freeforums.net

for Diablo 3
Blizzard  tools  software  Windows  game 
6 weeks ago
Blizzard  CN  tools 
7 weeks ago
Hillydilly.com is a website dedicated to unearthing new music, pushing only the best, and ultimately, connecting the average music fan to all good music out.
music  discover  streaming 
8 weeks ago
BehavioSec - Embracing biometrics to tackle banking fraud
At BehavioSec we believe that great security can be achieved without sacrificing the user experience.
The security is in the unique way that the user enters information, similar to a digital fingerprint. The unique identifier is your behavior.

/via 密码疲劳 http://www.ruanyifeng.com/blog/2015/08/password-fatigue.html
password  security 
12 weeks ago
archive - webpage capture
.is allows you to create a copy of a webpage that will always be up even if the original link is down
archive  website  screenshot 
august 2015
game  CN  tools  software 
june 2015
FishWatch provides easy-to-understand science-based facts to help consumers make smart sustainable seafood choices.

FishWatch delivers the most up-to-date information on popular seafood harvested - or farmed - in the United States. It is not a buyer's guide designed to discriminate against one fishery or advocate for another, nor is it an ecolabel or certification. Rather, FishWatch helps you understand the complex science, laws, and management process actively sustaining our seafood supply.
biology  reference  USA  food 
may 2015
利用云IDE平台实现websocket tunnel
试了试这个新翻墙工具看 youtube 1080p 很流畅:利用云 IDE 平台 Cloud9 实现 websocket tunnel -
from twitter_favs
may 2015
Luxembourg Prime Minister Xavier Bettel marries same-sex partner | MSNBC
Luxembourg's prime minister becomes 1st European Union leader to wed a same-sex partner: (AP)
from twitter_favs
may 2015
We are absolutely sure, you are going to love it. Alternote is designed to be the most convenient and natural way to make notes, collect information, write down your ideas, feelings and memories.
Evernote  notepad  Mac  software  markdown 
april 2015
小书匠(编),markdown编辑器, evernote
/via http://www.v2ex.com/t/180063
markdown  editor  CN  webapp  Windows  Mac  Linux  software 
april 2015
Markdown Plus
/via http://www.v2ex.com/t/178712

在线演示: http://mdp.tylingsoft.com/index.zh_CN.html
项目主页: https://tylingsoft.com/mdp
GitHub 地址: https://github.com/tylingsoft/markdown-plus
Markdown Plus 除了支持通用 markdown, GitHub markdown之外,还支持:

Emoji 图标
Font Awesome 图标
Ionicons 图标
markdown  editor  CN 
march 2015
EPUB to MOBI (Kindle) online converter for eBooks
EPUB to MOBI online convert. Free. No download required and it's simple to use. Works on all platforms: Mac, Linux and Windows
Kindle  converter  webapp  eBook 
march 2015
Download userscripts to enhance your browser.
march 2015
Yeti Bots
Professionally Designed Bots and Programs for World of Warcraft
WoW  tools 
march 2015
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