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OTW Guest Post: TyphoidMeri
December's OTW Guest Post author, fan artist/crafter TyphoidMeri, talks about developing a belief in herself & how fandom has helped her.
Guest-Post  Fannish-Practices  Fanfiction  Fanart  Fan-Crafts 
29 days ago by otw_news
OTW Guest Post: Catherine Coker
This month’s guest Cait Coker talks about women’s writing, book history & finding an entry to fandom at WalMart
Academia  Books  Fannish-Histories  Fanfiction  Guest-Post 
8 weeks ago by otw_news
OTW Guest Post: Betsy Craig
OTW guest Betsy Craig talks Hannibal fandom & the learning curve involved in launching a fan run convention: https://goo.gl/3wuKYP
Fan-conventions  Television  Fandoms  Guest-Post 
october 2017 by otw_news
OTW Guest Post: Henry Jenkins
For our anniversary Henry Jenkins talks fan studies, students, fandom changes over the years & why it's worth fighting for: http://goo.gl/fm19m5
Guest-Post  Academia  Anniversary  Transformative-Works-and-Cultures 
september 2017 by otw_news
OTW Guest Post: Mel Stanfill
Mel Stanfill wrote about fan labor in 2014 and about femslash in 2017. We take a look at fandom then & now https://goo.gl/qiUhYL
Transformative-Works-and-Cultures  Academia  Fannish-Histories  Fannish-Practices  Guest-Post 
august 2017 by otw_news
OTW Guest Post: UsedKarma
Fan artist/writer Usedkarma tells us about her fandom history, the Darcyland network, & what sets it apart
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july 2017 by otw_news
OTW Guest Post: Marina Cano
In 2015, researcher Marina Cano asked fans to help with a survey of Jane Austen fandom. She has now published the results & has a further request for OTW followers: https://goo.gl/VvnWJA
Guest-Post  Books  Studies 
june 2017 by otw_news
OTW Guest Post: Euclase
May's OTW guest Euclase talks fanart, the power of fandom & importance of community
Fanart  Guest-Post 
may 2017 by otw_news
OTW Guest Post: Ann McClellan
Ann McClellan writes about Sherlock Holmes fandom in the latest issue of Transformative Works & Cultures, and tells us how fandom history was shaped. https://goo.gl/jZLjB5
Academia  Fannish-Histories  Books  Studies  Transformative-Works-and-Cultures  Guest-Post 
april 2017 by otw_news
OTW Guest Post: Alice Huzar
In this month's guest post, Alice Huzar is working on a fanfiction documentary & tells us how it all started with a book https://goo.gl/9njU0t
Guest-Post  Fanfiction  Fandoms 
march 2017 by otw_news
OTW Guest Post: Jackson Bird
In today’s OTW Guest Post Jackson Bird discusses the mission & projects of the Harry Potter Alliance and what grabs him about fan conventions https://goo.gl/cVglol
Guest-Post  Fan-conventions  Books  Activism 
february 2017 by otw_news
OTW Guest Post: Smitha Milli
Smitha Milli tells us what she found when she analyzed fanfic feedback, plus how characters get depicted in fanfic as opposed to canon https://goo.gl/rVNOcS
Guest-Post  Academia  Studies  Fanfiction 
january 2017 by otw_news
OTW Guest Post: Antonia
Comiket volunteer Antonia does a Guest Post with OTW this month. She tells us what that role's been like and why she started http://goo.gl/yUOSXY
Guest-Post  Anime-and-Manga  Fan-conventions  Volunteering  Race-Ethnicity-and-Nationality 
december 2016 by otw_news
OTW Guest Post: Nicole Saylor
Fanlore is preserved by the US Library of Congress' American Folklife Center. Their archive head tells us why
Guest-Post  Fanlore  Fannish-Histories  Fannish-communities  Fannish-Practices 
november 2016 by otw_news
OTW Guest Post: Sara Austin
Check out our Q&A with Sara Austin about her article in TWC studying queer identity in Monster High doll fandom
Academia  Television  Studies  Guest-Post 
october 2016 by otw_news
OTW Guest Post: Versaphile
Versaphile's guest post with the OTW discusses the import of several fan archives by Open Doors & has advice for other mods
Guest-Post  Open-Doors-Committee  Fanfiction  Fannish-Histories 
september 2016 by otw_news
OTW Guest Post: Malory Beazley
"I’ve been most inspired by the compassion and generosity of fan creators. I’ve read incredible fics that have shifted my view on what makes great storytelling and inspired me to be a better writer. I’ve seen fan art that has moved me on a profound level and ignited my creative spark. I’ve watched fan films and theatrical productions that remind me that joy is the best motivator, not “shoulds” or “oughts.” "

Malory Beazley discusses FAN/FIC Magazine plans, her fanfic trilogy, and the tag whose growth she’s followed at AO3: http://goo.gl/nMaFff
Books  Fannish-Histories  Media  Guest-Post  Academia 
august 2016 by otw_news
OTW Guest Post: Lynn Zubernis and Katherine Larsen
July's guest post is with Fangasm's Lynn Zubernis & Katherine Larsen. They discuss the surprises & difficulties of their academic projects, what they learned about fandom through Supernatural, and what's next on their agendas: http://goo.gl/aV95mm
Television  Academia  Studies  Guest-Post 
july 2016 by otw_news
OTW Guest Post: Keidra Chaney
Keidra Chaney discusses her start in fandom, The Learned Fangirl's early days, & what she'd like to see more of
Guest-Post  Academia  Race-Ethnicity-and-Nationality  Fannish-Histories 
june 2016 by otw_news
OTW Guest Post: Emmanuelle Debats
Emmanuelle Debats discusses her fandom documentaries & what moved her the most in making sure that stories go on
Fannish-Histories  Fannish-Practices  Academia  Race-Ethnicity-and-Nationality  Guest-Post  News-Media 
may 2016 by otw_news
OTW Guest Post: Fresca
Blogger & vidder Fresca talks old school #fandom, fanworks as inspiration & why editing #Wikipedia is important http://bit.ly/1W3SEsv
Guest-Post  Fannish-Histories  Vidding 
april 2016 by otw_news
OTW Guest Post: Julia Prescott
Today's guest writer Julia Prescott talks Simpsons, podcasts, VHS mixtapes, trivia shows & plans for field trips
Audio-Fanworks  Fannish-communities  Fannish-Histories  Television  Guest-Post 
march 2016 by otw_news
OTW Guest Post: Elizabeth Minkel
Elizabeth Minkel talks about falling in/out/back in love with fandom & the importance of fanworks in her life.
Fanworks  Fanfiction  Academia  Audio-Fanworks  Guest-Post  from notes
february 2016 by otw_news
OTW Guest Post: Olivia Riley
In today’s guest post, Olivia Riley talks about what she learned while writing her undergrad thesis on fanfic and the AO3
Fannish-Histories  Event  Academia  Studies  Guest-Post 
february 2016 by otw_news
OTW Guest Post: Earlgreytea68
In today's guest post, earlgreytea68 muses about what fanworks are and why it's important they be celebrated.
Fanfiction  Fanart  Fandoms  Fan-videos  Books  Guest-Post  from notes
january 2016 by otw_news
OTW Guest Post: Lisa Nichols
In today’s guest post, Lisa Nicholas discusses her Road to Damascus moment & why it was transformative!
books  Fanfiction  Fannish-Histories  Guest-Post 
january 2016 by otw_news
OTW Guest Post: Cosplay at its subtlest: Fan and creator discuss Disney Bounding
Cosplay at its subtlest: Jennifer Reck and Leslie Kay discuss Disney Bounding.
Spotlight  Cosplay  Movies  Guest-Post 
november 2015 by otw_news
OTW Guest Post: Donna Davies
Donna Davies, creator of Fanarchy documentary, talks fannish love, fair use, and Storm in a new guestpost.
Entertainment-Industries  Fan-films  Fan-conventions  OTW-Sightings  Technology  Guest-Post 
july 2015 by otw_news
OTW Guest Post: Sean Anderson
OTW talks with Sean Anderson about the Street Fighter Ryu X Chun-Li Project, a multinational fan art graphic novel.
Anime-and-Manga  Spotlight  Fan-art  Gaming  Guest-Post 
february 2015 by otw_news
OTW Guest Post: Cecilia Tan | Organization for Transformative Works
Award winning author Cecilia Tan writes about pro writers' relationship with fanfic & why OTW's work matters
Books  Commercial-Works-Authors  Fanfiction  Guest-Post 
january 2015 by otw_news
OTW Celebrates its 7th Anniversary | Organization for Transformative Works
The OTW turns 7 today! Guest writer Flourish Klink's guest post discusses why reaching this milestone matters
OTW-Sections  Announcement  Guest-Post  Anniversary 
september 2014 by otw_news

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