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This Week in Fandom, Volume 101
This week in fandom: New works enter the public domain, the culture of k-pop stans, a look at the issues surrounding esports, and more.
This_Week_in_Fandom  Fanfiction  Fannish-Practices  Gaming  Intellectual-Property 
6 weeks ago by otw_news
This Week in Fandom, Volume 100
This Week in Fandom: The Tumblr Purge continues, two gaming wiki companies merge, the state of fandom in 2018, and more.
This_Week_in_Fandom  Tumblr  Fannish-Histories  Gaming  Fanart 
9 weeks ago by otw_news
OTW Guest Post: Josué Cardona
Josué Cardona founded Geek Therapy when he saw how fandom was useful for connecting with those he was trying to help. After events in Puerto Rico last year, he also found it could be a way to stay connected in the aftermath of a crisis.
Guest-Post  Television  Comics  Gaming 
november 2018 by otw_news
This Week in Fandom, Volume 96
This Week in Fandom: Halloween cosplay; a divided reaction to Bohemian Rhapsody; the most important part of BlizzCon 2018; and more.
This_Week_in_Fandom  Gaming  Movies  Music  Fanfiction  Cosplay 
november 2018 by otw_news
This Week in Fandom, Volume 92
This Week in Fandom: Highlights from Gamescom, concerns about the future of Star Trek 4, tropes from fanfiction that should get their own movies, and more!
This_Week_in_Fandom  Movies  Fan-conventions  Fanfiction  Gaming  Fannish-communities 
august 2018 by otw_news
This Week in Fandom, Volume 90
This Week in Fandom: Angry fans and how they're portrayed in media, from recent developments in World of Warcraft, to trends in movie villains, to a new Star Wars parody of the movie Brick
This_Week_in_Fandom  Movies  Gaming  Fannish-Practices  Fanfilms 
august 2018 by otw_news
This Week in Fandom, Volume 81
This Week in Fandom: An introduction to kpop terms, Overwatch shipping, how to download fanworks from AO3, and So. Much. Marvel. Follow the link to read all about it!
This_Week_in_Fandom  Movies  Gaming  Fannish-Practices  Music 
april 2018 by otw_news
This Week in Fandom, Volume 66
This Week in Fandom: A new Harry Potter augmented reality game is on the way, Doctor Who reveals 13's costume, what the heck is Fandom 250, and more!
This_Week_in_Fandom  Sports  Television  Gaming 
november 2017 by otw_news
This Week in Fandom, Volume 57
This week in fandom: Hype for Dream Daddy, the psychological benefits of being a fan, and the bad & good of Fandom Fest
This_Week_in_Fandom  Television  Gender-and-Sexuality  Fan-conventions  Fannish-communities  Gaming 
august 2017 by otw_news
This Week in Fandom, Volume 54
This Week in Fandom: Harry Potter's 20th anniversary, a legal victory for fair use, an academic survey on fanfiction, and more!
This_Week_in_Fandom  Books  Fanfiction  Movies  Intellectual-Property  Survey-Research  Academia  Gaming  Gender-and-Sexuality 
june 2017 by otw_news
This Week in Fandom, Volume 50
This week in fandom: Syfy rebrand, Overwatch shipwars, UK polifandom, and more!
This_Week_in_Fandom  Gaming  Music  Fannish-Practices 
may 2017 by otw_news
This Week in Fandom, Volume 36
This Week in Fandom: Overwatch Winter Wonderland, Outlander season 3 controversy, Yuri on Ice ep 12 talk & more!
This_Week_in_Fandom  Books  Television  Anime-and-Manga  Gaming 
december 2016 by otw_news
This Week in Fandom, Volume 33
Canons don't always deliver what we want & sometimes the magic is gone. But for some the magic is also now back https://goo.gl/2JD83I
This_Week_in_Fandom  Gaming  Television  Movies  Books 
november 2016 by otw_news
This Week in Fandom, Volume 25 – Organization for Transformative Works
This week in fandom, we're talking about representation in Overwatch, the women who love Star Trek, and Leslie Jones's contagious joy!
Fannish-Histories  Television  Gaming  This_Week_in_Fandom 
september 2016 by otw_news
This Week in Fandom, Volume 22 – Organization for Transformative Works
This Week in Fandom, we want to know who's reading The Fifth Season & when you first saw the word 'shipping'
books  gaming  Fannish-Histories 
august 2016 by otw_news
This Week in Fandom Volume 21
Problematic fandoms, the death of radioactive pokemon, and The Economist talks Kirk/Spock.
Fannish-Practices  Movies  Television  Gaming  This_Week_in_Fandom 
august 2016 by otw_news
This Week in Fandom, Volume 17
The Digital Economy Bill raises concerns in the UK, a fan film 10 years in the making tells 2 stories, plus Pokemon Go and Star Trek debates about Sulu: http://goo.gl/mX835k
Activism  Fanfilms  Intellectual-Property  Movies  Gaming  This_Week_in_Fandom 
july 2016 by otw_news
Five Things Ryan Smith Said
Ryan Smith explains what it's like to fundraise for OTW, what he learned from volunteering + fun with Pokemon.
Development-&-Membership-Committee  Gaming  Anime-and-Manga  Five-Things 
july 2016 by otw_news
OTW Fannews: Fandom in Motion
Fan films & art can convey a fandom’s enthusiasm for characters & storylines, but fans can also change loyalties http://bit.ly/21MqDbq
Fan-art  Fan-films  Anime-and-Manga  Sports  Gaming  OTW_Fannews 
december 2015 by otw_news
OTW Fannews: Costs and Benefits
OTW Legal helps to spread the word about fanworks & fairuse while some companies prove to be it-getters.
Anime-and-Manga  Gaming  Legal-Committee  Education-and-Curriculum  Intellectual-Property  Audio-Fanworks  Fan-films  OTW_Fannews 
november 2015 by otw_news
OTW Fannews: Fandom Influence
Fandom endures but also spreads in interesting ways & fanworks can be the most significant part
Gaming  Books  Television  Fanfiction  OTW_Fannews 
september 2015 by otw_news
OTW Fannews: Altering Reality
Did gaming create genderswapping? Do their petitions help? Plus, fandom demographics can be surprising.
OTW_Fannews  Music  Fan-conventions  Gaming  Gender-and-Sexuality 
july 2015 by otw_news
OTW Fannews: Paying Court
Fandom documentaries are piling up. And, who has naming rights for fan groups?
fanart  music  gaming  Entertainment-Industries  Fandoms  OTW-Sightings  Fannish-communities  OTW_Fannews 
july 2015 by otw_news
OTW Fannews: Giving Some Credit
Fans have decided they don't want to be paying for fanworks, but they would like a little credit & respect.
Gaming  Fan-videos  Fanfiction  OTW_Fannews  Commercialization-of-Fans  Television  Fan-art 
may 2015 by otw_news
OTW Fannews: For the Benjamins
Whether projects about fans or projects by fans, is everyone going commercial?
Television  Commercial-Works-Authors  Commercialization-of-Fans  Gaming  Fanfiction  Fan-films  Fan-conventions 
april 2015 by otw_news
OTW Fannews: The Mirror Writers
Fanfic writers have pro counterparts who are getting profiled by the media, but where’s the diversity?
Books  Commercial-Works-Authors  Business-models  Gaming  Fanfiction  Race-Ethnicity-and-Nationality  You-Tube 
april 2015 by otw_news
OTW Fannews: It's Your Fault
The media's shifting from 'discovering' fanworks to deciding they're 'over' or at fault for remakes.
OTW_Fannews  Entertainment-Industries  Fanfiction  Gaming  Movies  Fan-films 
april 2015 by otw_news
Events Calendar for April
Help out a researcher studying fan identity, and discover Big Bangs, fests, and cons galore! It’s all in this month’s Events Calendar!
Call-for-Papers  Studies  Books  Comics  Cosplay  Fan-conventions  Fan-art  Fanfiction  Gaming  Movies  Survey-Research  Television 
april 2015 by otw_news
OTW Fannews: For the Fun of It
How has your Minecraft fanfic been doing? Do you see your culture or gossip in fanworks?
Books  Commercial-Works-Authors  Fanfiction  Gaming  Gender-and-Sexuality  Television  OTW_Fannews 
march 2015 by otw_news
OTW Fannews: Asking for Fan Rights
Miss those old school games? Copyright law affects a lot of things, which is why reform is needed.
OTW_Fannews  DMCA  Fanfiction  Gaming  Intellectual-Property  Sports 
february 2015 by otw_news
OTW Guest Post: Sean Anderson
OTW talks with Sean Anderson about the Street Fighter Ryu X Chun-Li Project, a multinational fan art graphic novel.
Anime-and-Manga  Spotlight  Fan-art  Gaming  Guest-Post 
february 2015 by otw_news
OTW Reports On Davis v. Electronic Arts & Asks for Fans' Help
OTW Legal needs fans to send comments to the U.S. Copyright Office + they’ve filed a new amicus brief.
Spotlight  Activism  DMCA  Fan-videos  Gaming  Intellectual-Property  Legal-Committee 
february 2015 by otw_news
OTW Fannews: Using Fans
Fan websites & fanworks are becoming a product for marketers, but some also want fans to become professionals.
Sports  Fan-art  Movies  Commercialization-of-Fans  Gaming  OTW_Fannews 
january 2015 by otw_news
OTW Fannews: Learning from Fanfic | Organization for Transformative Works
Fanfic's always been for entertainment but now it's also profiling fandom & a source of media content
Fandoms  Fanfiction  Gaming  Gender-and-Sexuality  Technology  Television  OTW_Fannews  News-of-Note 
january 2015 by otw_news
OTW Fannews: Fandom Education
Who calls themselves a fan? About 40% of people surveyed, plus gamers get academic scholarships & fanfic is for families too.
OTW_Fannews  Academia  Education-and-Curriculum  Books  Business-models  Fanfiction  Gaming 
december 2014 by otw_news
OTW Fannews: Working For and Against Fans
Copyright struggles are taking place worldwide but some businesses are embracing fandom.
OTW_Fannews  Business-models  Race-Ethnicity-and-Nationality  Gaming  Intellectual-Property  Movies 
august 2014 by otw_news
OTW Fannews: Fandom Enabled
Will 3-D printing change fandom? Or will fans genderswapping literature change industries?
OTW_Fannews  Gender-and-Sexuality  Intellectual-Property  Fanfiction  Gaming  Television  Technology 
august 2014 by otw_news
OTW Fannews: The importance of fangirls
Does every woman have to be a fandom role model? Or is it important for women to be there for others?
OTW_Fannews  Gender-and-Sexuality  Music  Gaming  Comics  Fanfiction  Commercial-Works-Authors  Fannish-Histories 
may 2014 by otw_news
TWC's Top 10
Ever wondered what are the most read articles on Transformative Works and Cultures? Read about cosplay to chiptunes or Dr. Who to Supernatural
Anime-and-Manga  Gender-and-Sexuality  Commercialization-of-Fans  Spotlight  Studies  Gaming  Transformative-Works-and-Cultures  Fanfiction  Music  Television  Fan-videos  Academia  Public-and-Private-Identities  Fannish-Practices  Journal-Committee 
may 2014 by otw_news
Events Calendar for May 2014
Want a comic book? How about a rare M/M fic or a chance to learn new games? Maybe watch some vids? Try this out
Conferences  Fan-conventions  Comics  Gaming  Gender-and-Sexuality  Books  Television  Fanfiction  Fannish-communities  Fannish-Histories  Fan-videos 
may 2014 by otw_news
OTW Fannews: Fans taking the reins
Could you make your favorite content creator cry? Some fans have done it & created lots of great fanworks, too
Gaming  Movies  Music  Fan-art  Fan-films  Fan-videos  Television  OTW_Fannews 
april 2014 by otw_news
OTW Fannews: Fanwork wonders
There are wonderful fanworks being shared every day from all sorts of places: here are a few
OTW_Fannews  Audio-Fanworks  Fan-art  Gaming  Fanfiction  Television  Comics 
april 2014 by otw_news
OTW Fannews for 20 September 2012 | Organization for Transformative Works
The Links Roundup posts are getting a new name! The Communications Committee has been using the #OTWFannews hashtag for them at Twitter for a while as it's a more distinctive name for the series and a clearer name for their content. OTW Fannews is meant to be a selective look at discussions of fandom, and issues affecting fans, in both traditional and non-traditional media venues. It also includes interviews where OTW staffers and volunteers have taken part, or discussions of the organization appear.

Here's a roundup of women in fandom stories that might be of interest to fans:
Anime-and-Manga  Gender-and-Sexuality  Comics  Cosplay  Gaming  Sports  Entertainment-Industries  Fannish-Practices  OTW_Fannews 
september 2012 by otw_news
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